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Are even the FANS watching films on Pirated DVDs and Torrents? - by Bobby Sing

21 Apr, 2016 | Articles on Cinema

Mobile-UsersKeeping the mixed reviews and public views apart, there is no denying to the fact that almost everyone watching ‘Fan’ was in mutual agreement over the fabulous portrayal of Gaurav by Shah Rukh Khan, raising the expectations from the film in the week ahead.
However the numbers did not confirm the same and its really confusing to see the results, keeping in mind the gigantic fan following supporting such major ventures right from the first day itself so enthusiastically. Even the social networks become so lively in the days before the ‘Big Friday’, raising a valid question that is everyone vouching for the film really watching it in the theaters too buying a ticket?
Supporting the confusion, even if we consider just 35-40% of our population in the age group of 15 to 50, then the evident euphoria around the star clearly allows us to assume a bare minimum of at least 2 crore individuals among them as the ‘True Fans’, who would certainly be there at the theaters on the very first day of the film’s release or at least in the first weekend. Further considering just Rs.100 spent by these 2 crore fans on their movie tickets in the first weekend on an average (the actual amount being much higher), the number should easily go beyond the figure of 200 crores (Gross) without any big calculations as such.
However the ground reality doesn’t agree to the above, simply raising a logical doubt that is everyone active on the social networks really watching these films in the theater spending the average amount or they are mostly watching them through the Pirated DVDs and Torrents files shared on their personal computers and mobile phones at just free or a much lesser cost compared to the costly multiplexes tickets.
The fact gets a visible confirmation when one finds almost every young individual hooked on to their mobile phones with the ear-phones plugged in during their daily travels on metros, local trains and buses. And in 7 out of 10 cases, you will find them watching the latest Hindi films downloaded either through pirated DVDs or torrent files widely shared over the net (including the fans too).
So the scenario really forces you to raise a much hard hitting and scary question that, “Are there not even 2 crore fans (among the population of more than 125 crores) watching these films in the theater in reality?
Certainly something alarming, worth giving a thought!
This article was published on News18.com (earlier IBNLIVE.com) on 20th April 2016 with these two titles :
“Are Torrent Downloads and Pirated Dvds the Reason Behind the Box Office Slump of 'FAN'?”
“Do Even Real Fans Now Prefer Watching Films on Pirated DVDs and Torrents?”

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21 Apr 2016 / Comment ( 2 )
Ajay Khatwani
For the two most popular films PK and Bajrangi Bhaijan, there was availability of excellent original prints on torrent on the day of the release itself. (By original I mean they were not camera prints but DVD quality digital prints meant for censor and reviews). But both these films did very well and had very good foot falls for more than a month resulting in them being highest grossers.

Interestingly, even FAN is available on torrent with excellent print at present.

The cost of movie experience in theater is increasing day by day. Both ticket prices and cost of refreshments have gone up heavily. If a film is accepted and has good feedback, people do go out and watch the movie in theater. But if the feedback is weak it affects the theater going public and usually more after initial 3-4 days.

Bobby Sing

Yes Ajay Ji,
The cost of movie tickets and other expenses in the theater is really playing a major part in less footfall nowadays and the makers would have to see into it at the earliest.

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