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Argo (2012) (Movies To See Before You Die - Historical / Thriller)

07 Mar, 2013 | Movies To See Before You Die / Historical

One of the most important films of the recent times made on a real life event of the late seventies, when the American Embassy in Iran was invaded by local revolutionaries who took all the people working in it as their hostages for many months. Luckily 6 out of them managed to escape and found shelter in the official residence of the Canadian Ambassador in the city. Now a daring and unheard kind of plan was adapted to get the 6 out of there by the Americans with the timely help offered by the Canadian Ambassador and his government.
Here without revealing the basic plot adapted for their narrow escape I would like to say that ARGO is in fact a very crucial film of the current times of World Terrorism which revolves around a very rare instance in the world history, where the governments of two countries mutually planned and made efforts to save the lives of their 6 employees. Undoubtedly the secret political affair is an admirable example of international co-operation for the whole world, which was eventually made public, years after the actual happening by the American Government.  
The film begins on a tense note with a completely realistic depiction of the terror and mob activity on that particular day of attacking the American Embassy. And then later on it becomes an exciting roller coaster ride showcasing the planned escape bringing you on to the edge of your seat towards the end. Interestingly ARGO has a very unusual mix of some diverse subjects involving political affairs of two major countries, White House, Pentagon, Terrorism, Hollywood and Film-making. And maybe that’s the reason why despite of being a tense revealer based on a real life historical terrorist activity, the film also turns out to be great entertaining thriller with many nail biting moments.
The brilliance of the film can also be judged by this fact that ARGO was the first film in the last 7 years to win the reputed Oscar for The Best Motion Picture without winning the award for The Best Director in 2013 (after CRASH). Moreover it also became the first movie to win The Oscar for Best Motion Picture without having its nomination in the Best Director category in the last 23 years (post DRIVING MISS DAISY). Though I personally feel the nomination should have been there for Ben Affleck since he really conceived it well enough to please all sections of viewers. Still moving ahead, if you wish to witness a rare and unique historical chapter of the World history, conceptualized in the form of an electrifying and engaging high paced thriller then do watch ARGO at the earliest and amaze yourself. But don’t forget to read all the informative captions in its end credits which would surely help you to realize the importance of this brave attempt made in the present current scenario of constant tension all over the globe.
Directed By Ben Affleck
Starring : Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston, John Goodman

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07 Mar 2013 / Comment ( 2 )
jithin matthew thomas

I also found the film to be very interesting and gripping. I would like to ask you something very important here. How much liberty can a filmmaker take while making a historical drama? It is said in the beginning that the film is based on actual events however none of the gripping events in the film have actually occurred. (Like the important scenes in the end at the airport.source wiki page - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argo_(2012_film))

So in actuality the victims had a smooth trip where they did not have to go through any tormentation.For the sake of dramatization the maker has exaggerated certain parts.The problem is that in doing so he has made the audience anti-iran by the end of the film.Is this a right thing to do so?Can actual events be manipulated for the sake of good cinema?

Bobby Sing

Hi Jithin,
The film is indeed very gripping and exciting. And it further adds to the impact when you are told in the end, that it was all real and not known to the world for many years.

Now about the question you asked that, How much liberty can a filmmaker take while making a historical drama?
The answer is that it all depends upon the pupose of making that film and the producers too.

1. In the first case if a Historical film is being made to enlighten the current generation about our passed years and its important events like a precious document then it has to be exactly like it happend with no distortion of facts whatsoever because thats exactly the purpose of its producers too.

2. But in the second case if it is being adapted to make an entertaining commercial venture which in turn should also inform the people of some exciting events of the past then it can take certain liberties as without them the commercial motive of the producers cannot be achieved.

However in doing so yes the anti-nation tactics should be avoided as you are not making a purely historical film, therefore such films are not really meant to offend anyone.

I hope I was able to explain it rightly.


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