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BAAGHI 2 – An interesting premise messed up with all typical filmy insertions and forced action. (Review By Bobby Sing)

30 Mar, 2018 | Movie Reviews / 2018 Releases / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / B

As the film began on a thrilling note introducing Tiger Shroff as a military officer, I thought probably this time we have a better remake in hand in comparison to the original Telugu film KSHANAM (2016), where the lead actor was shown to be a (more realistic) ‘non-gym freak’ businessman working abroad.

However the positive assumption got proved wrong in the very next scene itself, where our Hindi film hero began beating the inspector and every single policeman in the police station looking for the expected claps. And from here onwards BAAGHI 2 moved back to the same old typical insertions focusing on the other skills of its lead couple apart from ‘acting’. 

Based on an unpredictable and an engaging plot, it thankfully manages to put up a decent show till intermission featuring two veteran artists playing the superior cops. But unfortunately, seizes to continue doing the same in the second half and soon becomes a messy presentation, deliberately trying to bring in some explosive but unrequired action, satisfying the young icon's fan following. Particularly the bizarre action sequence taking you to a jungle kind of setting all of a sudden (out of nowhere) brings down the film to a below average level, forcibly inserted to show Tiger in the much publicized ‘Rambo’ avtaar.

On the other hand, an otherwise interesting plot of a missing kid girl loses all its potential impact (forgetting the logic) after a while, establishing no emotional connect with the viewer. And all you get to see is two well-toned beautiful bodies of the leading stars (Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani), two experienced actors (Manoj Bajpai and Randeep Hooda) seriously willing to excel their feebly written roles, two talented actors (Deepak Dobriyal & Darshan Kumaar) not given much to do and some overacting done by Prateik Babbar in a yet another chance given by the film fraternity.

Where the second part of the ‘franchise’ technically scores in cinematography, action and background music, the songs once again prove to be mostly duds with a brutally awful recreation of the cult “Ek Do Teen” from TEZAAB and Punjabi MC’s hugely famous “Mundeyan Ton Bach Ke Rahin”. 
Directed by Ahmed Khan, BAAGHI 2 is perhaps the fastest sequel released within 2 years and is a tailor made product, specifically designed to cater its target audience simply interested in action and typical filmy drama more than anything else. In fact that is the reason one finds many forced sequences reminding you of the cult scenes from films like GHAYAL and more added for bringing in the expected heroism. Besides the ‘kid-girl’ angle might also make you recall GHAYAL ONCE AGAIN and SHIVAAY too.
Reportedly an official remake of Telugu hit KSHANAM (2016), though it follows the source as it is in all the major sequences, the writer-director tweak it as per their own convenience bringing the fights in, turning it into a messy action thriller instead of an emotional suspense drama, quite different from what one appreciates in the original KSHANAM. 

Ironically the Telugu film too, took its clear visible inspirations from two English films namely GONE BABY GONE (2007) and the black & white classic BUNNY LAKE IS MISSING (1965) that is a highly recommended, must watch for all.
Summing up, BAAGHI 2 could have been a much impactful film focusing on its plot more than the hero and his actions skills. But since it chooses to go with the hero, therefore can strictly be seen if Tiger Shroff and the action are the only two key elements you are more interested in. However it does manage to gain some extra marks for both Randeep Hooda and Manoj Bajpai providing the entertainment in their scenes together. 
Rating : 2 + 0.5 / 5 (with the additional 0.5 just for the two veterans)

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