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BAAR BAAR DEKHO - Another unexciting, lengthy and feeble (read boring) inspired attempt to make a 'Time-Travel' film in Hindi cinema, missing the entertainment factor. (Review By Bobby Sing)

09 Sep, 2016 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / B / Movie Reviews / 2016 Releases

If a film is about ‘Time-Travel’ then it either has to be ‘a visually stunning project’ or ‘a highly engaging fun-filled one’ that doesn’t let you look for reasons and makes you enjoy the proceedings based on all fictional accounts. But surprisingly this week’s well publicized BAAR BAAR DEKHO scores quite low in both these important aspects and fails to impress despite having a reputed production house, a couple of big-shots as producers, a great looking young couple and a catchy (adapted) song too promoted heavily before the release.
Interestingly the first few minutes are the best moments of this lazy, lengthy film that actually hasn’t got even a single entertaining sequence right till the confusing climax. The execution falls flat, the moment you are introduced to Siddharth as a Maths professor and then the next 20 minutes offer nothing other than the typical Karan Johar kind of Punjabi wedding scenes making no impact whatsoever. And with this, the Hindi film-world should readily accept the fact that at present they cannot really afford a ‘Marriage Song’ in a project minus ‘Punjabi Music’, particularly when you talk about films from Johar or Chopra camps.
The time travel begins without any interesting build-up or any gadget/reason in the script and thus isn’t able to create any enjoyable tension that is a must in a film based on this particular theme. The mediocre songs and emotionally depthless writing keeps adding to the boredom in the first hour and only some light moments around the pregnancy bring some ‘awaited’ smiles in the theatre before the intermission.
In the second half a mostly Punjabi song (in a Hindi film) clearly reveals the confused mindset of the debutant director (maybe under a heavy influence of  the producers) and the boredom continues without any great twists and turns which ought to be the first requirement of a time travel film raising the expectations. However the narration moves into an absurdly laughable state when we get to see the straight faced, grey haired Siddharth and Katrina amateurishly trying to present themselves as two old, mature people. The missing comedy in the film actually begins from here with FAKE written all over the screen and highly sloppy or hilarious ‘old’ acts delivered by the ‘in-demand’ actors. In fact, I seriously did hear some laughter in the theatre during these particular scenes as the hero repetitively travels back in time returning to his young days.
In an otherwise completely lifeless, non-happening and dumb film, the cinematography successfully gives it a classy, high end look (as seen in all KJO produced movies) and background score keeps trying to compliment the rich feel making a decent effort. But not even a single person in the entire cast is able to give you anything in his or her individual performance to be honest. So it’s better not to discuss about them at all, blaming the writer and director together for the wrong choices made both in the cast as well as the script-writing to be specific.
Trying to be an insightful film giving some kind of life-teaching lessons to the viewers, BAAR BAAR DEKHO actually mocks all the family relationships instead of respecting or enriching them. Taking its clear clues and inspirations from similar foreign films like THE FAMILY MAN (2000), CLICK (2006), ABOUT TIME (2013) and more, the makers probably knew that they have got a bad film in hands and that is why asked Badshah to give them a promotional song adapted from a decade old Punjabi hit ‘Kala Chashma’ to fool the young viewers (used in the end credits).
Looking at it from a different angle, BAAR BAAR DEKHO can also be called a unique film as it truly needs some real talent to make such a boring and tiring movie revolving around a time-travel theme which is largely associated with lots of fun, excitement, entertainment and great humour. Hence its director Nitya Mehra and the producers certainly deserve to be praised for this rare feat of theirs arguably.
Hope with this film, Karan also realizes that you simply cannot go on adding a good 15-20 minutes of Punjabi theme wedding scenes and songs into any film whatsoever just for the sake of it. And to end with a general statement pointing towards the utterly silly vision of the film,
“We don’t really need to go into the future to know that all around us and we too are going to die one day.”

Rating : 1 / 5

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09 Sep 2016 / Comments ( 3 )
Hey Bobby - you missed It\'s a Wonderful Life (1946) from the inspiration list, its quite much inspired from that James Stewart flick, and i din\'t find the concept is unreasonable, it\'s just the execution which lacked somewhere created the disconnection with the audiences.
Bobby Sing

Hi Abhishek,
Thanks for visiting and writing in, but I honestly couldn't get your comment brother.

1. You wrote " Hey, you missed It's a Wonderful Life (1946) from the inspiration list, its quite much inspired from that James Stewart flick"
- Couldn't get this as "Its a Wonderful life' (1946) is itself a Jamed Stewart film.

2. The Inspiration list in the site is about the Hindi films inspired from the Indian as well as World Cinema, so couldn't find your comment fitting in there too.

3. This film is included in my "Movies To See Before You Die' list as I consider it as a classic masterpiece of Frank Capra in my personal opinion.

4. The one Hindi film inspired from this was NAUKRI featuring Raj Kapoor and Rajesh Khanna.

Sp please do let me know in details about your comment if possible as I was unable to get it

Gobindpreet Singh Gupta

Hi Bobby,
I watched the movie today and then read your review again ( although I had read that 2 years back) and found that the movie is a decent watch missing some required elements as you rightly mentioned in the review. However regarding your statement on the vision of the film my thoughts are contrary. The underlying message in the film is to enjoy the finer things in life rather than just focussing on the bigger things and missing the happiness present around you and not taking people/things for granted. Also stress was laid upon giving equal importance to family and work life.

Would like to know your views.

Gobindpreet Singh Gupta

Bobby Sing

Hi Gobindpreet,
As you mentioned the underlying message of film....... any such message only becomes a message when it reaches the end user, the viewers in an effective manner. A director or writer might be having a lot of ideas in their heads, but unless they get it on the paper as well as on the screen the message remains nothing.

And this films failed to give any message of such kind due to its completely flat execution.


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