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BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN - Such films make you wish that all cinematic liberties taken somehow become true and we forget our ugly past for the benefit of generations to come at the earliest. Go watch it. (Review By Bobby Sing)

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After seven years of Mehreen Jabbar’s Pakistani film titled RAMCHAND PAKISTANI (2008), revolving around an 8 year old kid and his father unintentionally crossing the border into Indian Territory, we now have our own BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN made on a similar kind of subject having an adorable kid girl from Pakistan lost in India, to be rescued by arguably the most popular Khan icon of the country, Salman Khan. Besides the film also has traces of GADAR (2001) and SHAHEED-E-MOHABBAT BOOTA SINGH (1999) too based on closely related story plots.
As a preview article written a day before the release (also published at IBNLive.com), I mentioned five additional USP’s of BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN other than its potential plot or Salman and expressed a personal viewpoint, that if the film is successfully able to exploit these five key points in particular in its 165 minutes of duration, then we certainly have a sure shot winner from the team, moving ahead than all those repetitive lackluster remakes featuring Salman Khan in the past. And these five unique special points were:
1. The Director – Kabir Khan
2. Harshali Malhotra (the cute little girl)
3. Journey to Pakistan (reminding you of Tara Singh of ‘Gadar: Ek Prem Katha’)
4. Nawazuddin Siddiqui (repeating his solid support as seen in ‘Kick’)
5. And above all Lord Hanuman (as the divine saviour helping in the heartfelt task invisibly)
Luckily as speculated, BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN intelligently exploits the above five points only as its major strength and delivers a largely entertaining film with a decent first and an electrifying second half ending on an exaggerated yet emotionally charged note leaving a positive impact on the viewers. And all this, without any typical item number, specially focused love affair, romantic songs or overdose of action quite surprisingly.
To give you the details how the above mentioned USPs are well incorporated in the film, it begins with the first 10-12 minutes completely focusing on the adorable little girl, who straight away wins your heart with her innocent looks, smile and effortless expressions.
With Salman Khan being introduced as a true Bajrang Bali devotee, the ‘selfie song’ raises the spirits superbly. And then the film keeps progressing till the next hour as a simple but sweetly executed social family drama with all clean entertainment focusing on the cute little girl and differently innocent, immensely likable Salman Khan that was missing in all his recent blockbusters since WANTED. So putting it honestly, the only minus to be mentioned in the first half remains a couple of average songs, particularly the ‘Chicken’ track that surely could have been edited out to keep the pace going.
Post interval, where the film offers much more entertainment though its various sequence in Pakistan, you lost the count of creative liberties taken right from the border crossing sequence to the ‘larger-than-life’ climax, portrayed with all good intentions. Nawazuddin once again makes his much awaited entry with a bang, enacting a lifted sequence from a real life viral-video of a Pakistani reporter (having a similar name) circulated a few years back on the social networks (here is the link). Nawazuddin simply takes over from here till the end, winning hearts with his fabulous act of a kind human helping Salman and the kid girl without any hidden motives.
If watched with a realistic mindset, the film does have many ‘impossible situations’ depicting the relationship between the neighboring countries and the way Pakistan’s police/military deals with the sensitive issue of catching a spy. But after few minutes of enjoying all the pleasant insertions post interval, one begins to think that ‘to hell with whether this is possible or not, lets enjoy the proceedings on screen with the trio (Salman-the Girl & Nawazuddin) taking us onto an emotional fun-filled ride full of positive energy’. And that’s the reason you get to hear loud cheers from the audience on every fresh entry on screen in its second half, be it Nawazuddin, Om Puri, Adnan Sami and even Rajesh Sharma.
Bajrangi BhaijaanAs a director Kabir Khan brilliantly rediscovers himself from being an experimental director of KABUL EXPRESS to an entertaining commercial film-maker following the Raj Kumar Hirani school of thought wherein everyone in the script has a golden heart, willing to help each other for a social cause. And this should righty be considered as a strong comeback post a half-heartedly made film as EK THA TIGER. Kabir extracts an extremely lovable performance from the charming Harshali Malhotra and also thankfully presents Salman Khan as the same old, big hearted, honest, childlike person hugely loved by one and all for their various reasons. In other words Salman actually acts this time with an author backed role performed well, answering all questions raised upon his recent performances strongly. On the other hand, Harshali is a real delight to watch with all perfect emotions and her scenes together with Salman remain the highlight of the film throughout, right till the last frame.
So here we have a film that can easily be called as the best among Salman Khan starrers in the last decade with an equally important message for the ‘not so friendly’ nations along with many well-written & brightly enacted supporting acts coming from Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Om Puri, Sharat Saxena, Rajesh Sharma and more. However as far as the leading heroine of the film is concerned, Kareena Kapoor needs to be applauded for accepting this kind of (unimportant) miniscule role (almost not there in the entire second half) and making the best of her limited scenes given like a true professional.
Beautifully shot capturing the breathtaking locations of Kashmir, BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN has an impressive background score by Julius Packiam and enjoyable dialogues written by Kabir Khan & Kausan Munir together, that stay away from any standard jingoism or clichéd preaching. Also as a surprising fact, the film’s story has been written by V. Vijayendra Prasad, the story writer of BAHUBALI, setting Indian box office on fire since the last Friday. The well-crafted screenplay keeps delivering appealing sequences constantly and mentioning the key ‘stand-out’ scenes, we have the opening 10 minutes in the Samjhauta express, Harshaali praying in the mosque, first fight in the brothel, the second in the Pakistani police station, the entertaining as well as enlightening scenes with Om Puri and the fitting climax delivering the much required message to the political leaders more interested in maintaining the distance instead of reducing it.
Among the downers, the biggest one I could find was its lackluster music unexpectedly composed by the hit-machine Pritam returning from a long break. The songs no doubt have been shot well equipped with fine emotions (especially ‘Selfie Le Le’), but it’s the melody that’s missing here and the only track you feel like listening again is the one played along with the end credits. In fact even the hugely famous qawaali originally sung by Sabri Brothers (not sure whether the credits have been given to them or not) doesn’t turn out to be that impressive in Adnan Sami’s voice who is known to sing in much lower scales.
In all, BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN is a thoroughly entertaining film with its five USPs intact along with a clear message for the people of both India and Pakistan. Yes, it becomes too filmy with huge cinematic liberties taken in its border crossing sequences and the epic climax that is simply not possible in the actual scenario. But at times, such films seriously make you wish that may all the cinematic liberties taken on the screen somehow become true and we learn to forget our ugly past for the benefits of the generations to come at the earliest.
Because where people of my age might have only 20-30 years more to live on this beautiful planet (or even less), our millions of kids on both sides of the border have their complete lives to be lived in the coming decades. And it’s only WE who can leave a better peaceful world for them to cherish in the future with HIS BLESSINGS.
In the end for the readers who wish to know about its box office prospects, who can stop a film made with all noble intentions releasing on the auspicious occasion of EID along with the title remembering the most beloved Hindu deity LORD HANUMAN. So go for it at the earliest and a have good time with Harshali, Salman and Nawazuddin taking you along into Pakistan.
Ratings : 3.5 + 0.5 / 5 (With the additional 0.5 just for the valuable spirit of hope conveyed by its impossible climax that might become possible in the years to come.)

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17 Jul 2015 / Comments ( 10 )

Dear Bobby,
Despite all the good review, I am not able to convince myself to see a Salman Movie after his current conviction and the way he made the mockery of the system by sheer brute force of his money and the popularity he has as superstar. Also the way he treated his personal bodyguard and victim of the accident, stops me to have a god time with him.
By watching his movie are we not giving some sort of acceptance to these rich people that they can take advantage of system?
Please enlighten me regarding my this dilemma.
This question is not to hurt anybody, but just a genuine query of a true movie lover and a member of this society.


Bobby Sing

Dear Sudhanshu,

Reading your comment I got reminded of a discourse by OSHO in which he said,

"Whenever you meet any creative artist you are a fan of, then just say HI, shake hands and move away. Don't stay there for long with him if you wish to remain a fan forever"

Now he said that, as he wished to convey that there are two personalities you are in touch here, one the artist and the other a normal human being. And if you assume that the normal human being will also have the same qualities as seen on the screen or in the song or in a painting or in a sculpture then you are going to get disappointed 9 out of 10 times............almost 10 times in the present scenario.

So at one end you are right in thinking so.
But on the other hand I will also like to ask that what happens to this same social thought when we go to choose our leaders.
Isn't that the same thing..............with several cases pending on them, taking a clear and visible advantage of the system.
We very well can think of such things when it comes to the Celebrity stars but forget about the same when it comes to choosing the leader or voting.

Anyway as a suggestion, I would like to say that don't consider or expect the artist and the person to be the same thing......as they cannot be and would never be......... However I seriously wish any one of them can show some spine as shown by the icons of the golden era like Balraj Sahni and more who could stand for a cause both in their films as well as real life together.

But returning to the film, its the cause and message here which works wonders than anything else as mentioned in my review.



Dear Bobby,
Thank you very-very much and specially for the leader analogy.
In my case, I take utmost care in choosing my leader even if it lands on pressing NOTA. So, now it is clear that it is better to skip this movie.

Also, one has to start from somewhere. We don\'t choose good leader so we will ignore inhumanity by a famous person and vice-verse makes a vicious circle and that creates a kind of "unconcerned- attitude" in us as a society. We need to break this vicious circle somewhere.

I understand that one can not be as good as shown on screen but killing people and even then taking tag of being human and thinking one self above all is too much for me.

I just want to quote lines by Rahat Indori

"jo log jurm karte haien itne bure nahi hote, saza na deke Adalat bigad deti hai "

So if audience has really some say in this film-business, I am doing my bit by raising voice against him and I believe there are and will be many more.
Anyways thanks for being here as I can think of only you, from whom I may have got a genuine answer.


Bobby Sing

Dear Sudhanshu,
Many thanks for considering me of that importance and though my answer might not have satisfied you completely, I very much respect your concerning opinion and have high regards for that too.

Keep Visiting and Writing in,

prakash wadhwani
bobby dont u think movie has traces of raj kapoors movie heena.
Bobby Sing

Dear Prakash Wadhwani,
Actually the film's storyline isn't anything new since we have seen similar things in HEENA, GADAR, SHAHEED-E-MOHABBAT BOOTA SINGH, RAMCHAND PAKISTANI, VEER ZAARA and many more. But here it was the treatment, the little angel and Nawazuddin that took the film to much higher status, loved by one and all.



Dear Mr singh
The movie is definitely a better film of salman khan,of recent times ( considering Kick , Jai Ho ready ek tha tiger ).For the record I am not a salman\'s fan & never was , i have always believed that his films are only for his films . But post Bajrangi bhaijaan , my belief is somewhat shaken as i quite enjoyed the movie though in parts only , but still i have few questions in mind.

1. Movie is definitely good with strong performances esp from the lil girl & nawazuddin, but my question to Non salman\'s fan: Can he really act ? as in many sequences you can clearly see that , he\'s delivering all different type of dialogues of different emotions in the same tone he used to talk OFF Screen or in interviews or in TV ads. If you have seen one of his detergent ad where he says " Hamari Biwi Star hai uski dhulaayi damdaar hai". Now be it Bajrangi bhaijaan or any other movie, most of the dialogues are being spoken in same accent of that detergent ad.

2.No wonder , its going blockbuster , or being considered best film of 2015 etc etc, but , can we really call it a performance worth remembering?? pl note that my complaint is from the performance only, the character of bajrangi bhaijaan has been written superbly in my view.

Apart from above i have small complaint from writing department for characterization of Mr Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi, he has been portrayed as a god fearing person , who can die but will never lie or do anything which is morally wrong , which was well portrayed in the border crossing scene , where he did not wanted to cross the border unless gets the proper valid permission, but on other hand , in earlier scenes he agreed to cross the border without any legal Visa formalities. as suggested by the travel agent (that Bina visa k jaane ka bhi hai raasta apne paas) . well i agree that writers s do take their cinematic liberties for progression of the story, but anything which is in contrary of the very characterization of the main lead is something hard to Digest.

Movie is enjoyable in parts , and rightly mentioned by you that some songs could have been easily avoided & movie could be easily shortened by 20 mins.without affecting any progression of the story.

In the climax , Bajrangi is being called as Bhaijaan ( completing the name and meaning of title ) by nawazuddin, and suddenly rest of the supporting crowd start shouting the same, well i could not feel any emotional impact of the scene ,The scene was very important as its main purpose was to give message that one single person can be loved by both countries, This could have been shot better , If , a scene could have been included in the movie prior to climax , where Nawazuddin or Ompuri aur anyother noble soul of pakistan , calls him bhaijaan, by seeing his golden heart and love for the lil girl, irrespective of the boundaries.I guess the message behind the title of the movie could have been more impact full.

well end of the day , its just a movie which is meant for enertaining the audiences,and if it can spread a strong message of Indo/Pak harmony in addition to the entertainment, BB has scored distinction.

Hoping to see your comments on above.


Bobby Sing

Dear Rahul
Actually I positively reply to each and every response at the site to keep in touch with the readers. But normally do it towards the weekend only to reply in details. Anyway thanks for your comment and here is my honest reply for the same.

1. Frankly speaking, its pretty tough particularly here in India to get away with your idol worship, so even when one likes a film, the question that gets raised is, "Does the hero really can act?" - the most contradictory question due to our own dislikes, biased working somewhere in the subconscious.
So my take is that if a movie entertains you well, keeps you engaged and manages to give you a good return of your money spent then everyone in the team has done well, especially the lead stars. Cause this looks like an highly biased and questionable statement that I did love the film but didnt like the acting of its lead star being on screen in almost 90% of the film's total timing.

2. Yes, Its not the performance worth remembering in awards or exceptional terms. Its the best performance from the star amongst all his mediocre last releases and thats it. Nothing to be compared with any body else in terms of quality.

Moreover there again is a contradiction your written statement  when you say "the character of Bajrangi Bhaijaan has been written superbly in my view.".......... Taking the same thought further, no writing on paper can do wonders alone unless they are portrayed properly on the screen when you are talking about a film.........So if you feel the character is well written........... that feeling comes when the character has been played well on screen too............though it may or may not be according to one's personal expectations......being a subjective thing.

3. As per my understanding as a writer, while opting for the other way to cross the border, since the man was not lying to somebody in person so that might be the reasoning in the mind of the film’s writer. However as you said these all can easily be included in the cinematic liberties taken for the story progression.
4. The climax was undoubtedly over the top, largely saved by Harshali by all means.

And as you said, all's well that ends well and that too with an appreciating message of harmony and peace.



Dear Bobby,
With respect to our previous discussion and yesterday decision of honorable court, I want to raise this question again with all my friends what stand we will have taken if some member of our family would have died in that accident. Will we be able to show same kind of indifference and continue to watch his movie. If not, then why are we waiting for the day when some celebrity\'s car harm our dear one. Nobody can deny this possibility as the incident shows that nobody can bring them into line of rule, made for common people and they can do whatever they want.
I don\'t find myself wise enough to suggest something to somebody. But please dwell on this question before watching his next movie what if it would have costed life of your dear one.


Bobby Sing

Dear Sudhanshu,
I completely understand your feelings after yesterday's verdict and would like to briefly explain how it can be dealt at two level differently.

At a personal level, one is free to take it as he wishes boycotting the actor and his films post the unclear verdict.
Because as I have always said, your being a fan of a person should not become a conflicting factor ever when it comes to considering the same icon on some SOCIAL or MORAL grounds. And if one decides to ignore all the negative points of a Celebrity just because he loves him as an actor then that's not the right definition of A FAN in my personal opinion.
As a true fan, one should strongly point out all the wrong moves too whenever needed for the betterment of his own icon willfully..........and should not try to become BLIND at such important decisive moments. Sadly this BLIND following is more in fashion today than ever before.
So at personal level you have all the rights to condemn it strongly.

However as a reviewer, I constantly have to keep these factors aside while watching a film of any particular artist, unaffected by his personal life and deeds. Cause keeping any such positive or negative factors in mind I will not be judging the film but the person only emoting on screen......messing it completely following a wrong vision.

Hope you will try to understand my position of a reviewer as explained above and agree.

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