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BALAK PALAK (2013 - Marathi) (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama/Comedy)

26 Oct, 2014 | Movies To See Before You Die / Drama / Indian Regional language Gems (Other Than Hindi)

The three letter word SEX has always been a suppressed, lesser discussed and educationally ignored social taboo in our country, which still questionably has the same status even in this second decade of the new millennium despite all the awareness drives active through various communication sources. Moreover the most important part of this subject i.e. SEX EDUCATION among KIDS is still gravely ignored by not even the schools but also the parents in a very careless and irresponsible manner, resulting in many other serious issues reported in the recent times.

So within this strange scenario, if a team presents a brilliant film made on the subject of Sex Education mainly aiming at the parents and that too with a superb comical touch without going into that uninteresting preachy mode, then that is nothing less than a commendable achievement by its makers deserving all the praises.

BALAK PALAK is the Marathi film breaking new grounds in Indian Cinema venturing into that rarely explored territory and delivering the message in a simple yet quite engaging and entertaining manner like never seen before. In fact no other film has dealt with the issue or rather I should say problem in such a thoughtful, bold and comical style ever in the history of Indian cinema till date. And for that, hats off to its director Ravi Jadhav, producer Ritesh Deshmukh and all the young actors in the film giving highly believable & flawless performances forcing you to think differently at the earliest.
To inspire you further, its certainly not easy to shoot this kind of subject (and bold scenes) with the child actors in that crucial indecisive age. Its not easy to convey the life transforming message in such simple words to both the kids as well as the parents. Its not easy to depict the dilemmas faced by the adolescents in those tender years. And its definitely not easy to make a movie on Sex Education and keep it well within limits without going vulgar or obscene.
BALAK PALAK performs that difficult task admirably and comes to the point from the very first scene itself progressing well with a crisp editing. It has a great background score and apt soundtrack used well in its superbly written and performed sequences. Also the film connects the present times and the 80s with a highly interesting link of VCRs reminding you of those days of watching 3-4 films together on rent. Plus, despite being a film on SEX EDUCATION it can easily be rated as a delightful, educational as well as a wholesome, much watch entertainer for the young parents in particular since sooner or later they would be dealing with this issue in their homes too, undeniably.
Hence, whatever be the age (above 15), BALAK PALAK (meaning Children-Parents) needs to be seen by all as it reminds you of that ‘most important dialogue’ between the parents and their kids which should necessarily happen just at the right time before its too late.
Rightly rated as UA by the censors, this is an important social film and many thanks to Ritesh Deshmukh for being a celebrity with a vision to support such relevant projects feeling his creative responsibility towards the society. So do watch it as a must and teach the kids those essential lessons of life in time yourself, before they begin learning them all from numerous avoidable sources easily accessible to them just with the click of a mouse.

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26 Oct 2014 / Comment ( 2 )
Thanks for this review bobby. Looking forward for more Gems.
Bobby Sing

The pleasure is all mine Shripad and I will post more from our rich regional cinema soon.

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