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BESHARAM - A typical below average masala film which features Ranbir, the big Star and not Ranbir, the visionary actor. (Review by Bobby Sing)

02 Oct, 2013 | Movie Reviews / 2013 Releases

Waking up in the morning to catch the first show, it just came to my mind that how ironical it was that a film titled BESHARAM was releasing on the birth anniversary of two most respected national icons, Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri. Anyway coming out of this sarcastic thought, I was there at the theater almost full in its first show itself and then came out with no pleasant surprises at all since the film was exactly similar to its unimpressive promos full of all forced content and lousy scenes. So in short, it is the most disappointing film of Ranbir Kapoor till date, pulling him down to that routine level of big stars who are very much afraid of trying something new and therefore keep playing safe serving the same old wine to their loyal viewers every year.
Actually films like BESHARAM become possible or get made only because of the confidence acquired by their makers due to the stupendous success achieved by their previous project. In this case, it’s director Abhinav Kashyap and his famous venture DABANGG featuring Salman Khan. Now just try to figure out, that what kind of a lesson, the director would have learned from such a huge success of his first project. Obviously the lesson has to be that here in India; we don’t need a story, screenplay or any novel idea to make a film on. But all we need is A Big Star to say yes and the rest gets arranged quite easily. That was the exact idea with which DABANGG was made and that is again the rule followed by Abhinav in his second venture called BESHARAM.
Hence please don’t look for any solid story idea here or anything exceptional in execution as clearly declared by the title of the film being BESHARAM. But regarding the direction I would like to add that even though Abhinav deliberately stages everything just around Ranbir, similar to what he earlier did with Salman. Yet, surprisingly I couldn’t find that sharpness or finesse in his scenes as seen in DABANGG and its few impressive sequences. And that forced me to think that was it the presence of Salman which actually worked there or it was some external hand contributing in the direction of DABANGG hidden behind the curtain?
Coming back to BESHARAM, it damn cares about any story progression in its first half and is only interested in giving you some cool, (irregular) entertaining sequences entirely written around Ranbir Kapoor alone. The so called plot is revealed just before the intermission and by the time its pretty clear that this is nothing but just another film made to en-cash the star value associated with an actor, by fooling the audience as usual (in a long 5 day weekend ensuring better returns). 3 songs each in both the halves ruin the pace further and the film drops badly post intermission only to recover in its last 30 minutes with a partially enjoyable climax. And that in fact is the only saving grace of the project, wherein both Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh jump in to rescue their Star child from a badly conceived film all together.
Putting it simply, this is the first time I found a bit of over-confidence as well as over-acting in Ranbir Kapoor’s carefree portrayal of a spoilt brat. He looks like overdoing the act, far away of being natural in many of his scenes and that was indeed a very painful sight for me as a viewer, who rates Ranbir Kapoor as a blessed exceptional actor with a vision. Plus, the film’s second half has many weird, illogical scenes which certainly make you wonder that who actually directed this. Like the silly chase sequence, where the goons are firing rocket launchers at people’s homes in Chandigarh’s local residential lanes & more. However, the moment Rishi-Neetu join in, they start providing those much required enjoyable (yet deliberate) moments in the end and try hard to save the film from sinking with their sincere efforts.
The inconsistent writing affecting the film from its first frame itself is accompanied by some feeble performances too led by the wrong casting of Pallavi Sharda in the female lead. The girl is no doubt confident and good looking too but honestly there is no chemistry to be found in the screen pair here. Moreover casting Pallavi in this role clearly proves the point that the makers strongly believe in the theory that when A Star is there in your film, then you don’t even need a well known face to feature in it as his heroine. Javed Jaafri looks good as the tough villain and Amitosh Nagpal just fills in the space as Ranbir’s friend. But sadly, I didn’t get what I was expecting from the real-life couple Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh playing the corrupt police officers together. Their act is very fine at times but also looks forced in and too loud in some scenes mainly due to the unimpressive writing. Yet it was truly great to see Neetu Singh in such an unconventional role like never before and I can only wish the couple was given some better scenes together by the makers. No doubt this was a golden opportunity wasted here unarguably.
Apart from the unconvincing performances, BESHARAM also has a routine background score and a very mediocre kind of soundtrack, which one simply forgets while walking out of the theater. Now we all know that Ranbir is a brilliant dancer. But even a fabulous dancer needs good beats and catchy compositions to perform better which are not there in its seven tracks, composed by Lalit Pandit. Further, the cinematography fails to impress majorly since the art director makes a very fake looking Punjabi Mohalla set in the first half and the action director hasn’t got anything new to offer in his fights.
Returning to the major spotlight of BESHARAM i.e. Ranbir Kapoor, it seems that the once visionary actor of WAKE UP SID, ROCKET SINGH, ROCKSTAR, BARFI & more, has lately made up his mind to make some quick loads of money instead of supporting good films and lost his creative vision in this wicked rat race. With a hope that he soon gets back on track with another gem of a film, I would like to conclude that there was only one dialogue in BESHARAM which could impress me, worthy of taking back home in those 2+ hours as a valuable life teaching lesson.
And it was that, “Life gives you back in reverse, what you give to others. So if you do “Bhala” it returns back to you becoming “Laabh” (if studied in reverse in Hindi) and similarly if you do “Daya”, it comes back to you as “Yaad”, since the person always remembers you for the help given.
But other than this one precious line, I found nothing in BESHARAM quite shamefully.
Rating : 1.5 / 5

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