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BHAJI IN PROBLEM (Punjabi) - If you loved their CARRY ON JATTA then you would largely enjoy this comic entertainer too made by the same team on a similar pattern. (Review By Bobby Sing)

16 Nov, 2013 | Movie Reviews / 2013 Releases

Watching the Punjabi Industry grow, here comes Akshay Kumar entering the scene to en-cash the current trend, producing yet another comedy of errors featuring the singing star Gippy Grewal in the lead. Expectedly following the on-going craze, Akshay too teams up with the ‘master director of such films’ Smeep Kang, investing in his routine squad and set pattern followed since CHAKK DE PHATTEY released in 2008. However the good news is that though based on exactly the same blueprint of creating a comedy through mistaken or hidden identities, director Smeep Kang yet again comes up with a winner, which mostly provides the entertainment factor throughout its 2 hours of duration smartly and gives you not much to complain while walking out of the theater.
Having nothing significantly new to offer in its script, the film purely focuses on giving only one thing to its audience right from the very first scene, which is Comedy. It basically scores because of its well-written, witty and hilarious dialogues rendered in a punching style by the entire cast. And since Punjabi comedy largely or rather solely depends upon its comic dialogues only written in a raunchy style, BHAJI IN PROBLEM delivers the goods and you mostly feel satisfied with the content served.
Another major achievement of director Smeep Kang in this latest venture remains that the master is able to generate almost the same impact of his previous hits, even without two big veterans in the team namely Jaswinder Bhalla and Binnu Dhillon. And considering the name, fame & comic timing of these two actors, its nothing short of a big triumph to deliver such a product without their ‘much desired’ presence & contribution. Having said that, a few still might feel that the film could have reached much greater heights with the complete team performing together, as seen & enjoyed in their last hit CARRY ON JATTA.
Among the downers we can count its unimpressive & not-required songs, poor cameos of both cricketer Harbhanjan Singh and Bollywood’s Akshay Kumar, completely lazy and uncaring kind of comic portrayal by Om Puri (can be called a misfit too) and pretty routine kind of camerawork and background score as usual.
In short if you thoroughly enjoyed their CARRY ON JATTA last year, then you are sure going to get entertained while watching BHAJI IN PROBLEM too since this also has the same energetic kind of second half with many hilarious one liners & particularly B. N. Sharma giving you a real good time along with Gippy, Ghuggi, Ragini, Avtar Gill and more.
But talking about the future of Punjabi Film Industry, it now stands on a more risky or dicey stage than ever before………, because if this film becomes a HIT then once again, everyone would start making comedies without any set vision or content. And in case this performs below average then even the Hit directors like Smeep Kang would have to think about re-inventing themselves and the Industry would again be searching for a genre to please its regional viewers.
In clear words, as stated earlier in few recent reviews, till Punjabi Film Industry witnesses different Hits coming from a diversifying range of genres and not just comedy, it will keep struggling for long in a sad state of confusion and would find it tough to reach the next level of growth in cinematic terms.
Ratings : 3.5 / 5

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