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BITTOO BOSS - A wrongly promoted film which sadly starts post intermission but has one positive point. (Review by Bobby Sing)

13 Apr, 2012 | Movie Reviews / 2012 Releases

Bollywood is known for making repetitive movies once an Idea gets Hit at the box office unexpectedly. So, post the success of BAND BAAJA BAARAT & TANU WEDS MENU here is another film with some similar settings, heavily taking support of Punjab, its language and its colourful culture. And in this regard only, I would like to say that its time now Bollywood stops overusing Punjab in its movies since it has somehow lost the charm and has gone beyond the limit (starting from MONSOON WEDDING in 2001).

Following the trend, once again here we have a film starting with Wedding sequences set in Punjab introducing a young boy and girl who speak dialogues with a mixture of both Hindi & Punjabi words which become annoying after a while. The whole first half is just about this Videographer boy and his wedding shoots where he meets the girl of his dreams. And in this entire part, the hero reminds you of Ranveer and the heroine reminds you of Anushka from BAND BAAJA BAARAT. The way she speaks and interacts frankly is just a poor replica of what was brilliantly portrayed in BBB. Therefore the first part fails to win over the audience completely.
Actually the basic theme of the film starts post intermission which is about making illegal blue films of newly wedded couples coming for their Honeymoons at famous Hill Stations. The plot was earlier used in KALYUG (2005) in a crime thriller kind of script. However in BITTOO BOSS it has been used to portray the sickness behind the mentality which watches such kind of videos in our society. And that’s the only new or positive point in the film, which could have taken the project to a different level. Unfortunately the appreciable message gets lost in the erratic writing and other sub-plots of the film during its second half which doesn’t allow the viewer to think about it seriously. So an otherwise important & relevant social question gets mixed up in the script in an irresponsible manner. Plus in its final hour BB slides downward further with a usual “Happy Ending” where the boy gets the girl after playing some uninteresting tricks which is unable to make any kind of favorable impact on the viewers.
No doubt, director Supravitra Babul had thought of a good idea revolving around this new-age tech-savvy Sex-Scam silently prevailing in our society. But strangely the same isn’t used as the main plot of the script making way for all repetitive and unentertaining sequences. The script moves at a very slow pace with many underdeveloped characters and an undefined or unlikable chemistry in the leading pair. Frankly, the only enjoyable scenes in the entire film are the ones featuring the Cab driver played by an unknown actor in the second half and he has simply done a great job.
Pulkit Sharma making his big screen debut is confident for sure but he gets less marks after his obvious comparison with Ranveer’s portrayal of a similar character in BBB. The director’s vision of presenting him as a superb videographer falters, when we are shown some cheap graphics edited in his marriage video DVDs given to the clients. Amita Pathak is just ok but she lacks a sizzling presence on the screen of a glamorous heroine. Mohan Kapur plays the father well and Rajinder Sethi is good in his few scenes.
Musically it has a mixed soundtrack by Raghav Sachar with two fairly good songs such as “Kaun Kehnda E” & “Mann Jaage”. However I strongly felt that in the current times of having a huge choice, its better to give a song with Punjabi words and feel to a singer of Punjab in order to get a better output. Technically, the film has a fine Cinematography but reminds you of many other similar movies too since it moves around the same Punjabi theme & backgrounds.
Now coming to the major drawback of the movie, it’s the way it was publicized before the release with some highly objectionable, vulgar and ridiculous dialogues where girls, ladies and even men were asking Bittoo a question having double meaning. BITTOO BOSS got some instant eyeballs all over, on the very first day its promo was released (which was also not passed for the TV networks). And that was the main strategy of its makers to publicize their film with such a down-grade trailer which otherwise had no relation with the film at all.
In the promos everyone is asking “Meri Bhi Le Le Photo Bittoo” and several other similar phrases making lustful faces. Here the point to be noted is that in local language, the phrase is used for Still Photography and not Videography. No one asks Videographer “Meri Bhi Le Le Photo” but it is said “Meri Bhi Bana De Na Video or Film”. Therefore it is pretty clear that the makers deliberately used this double meaning phrase to get some instant publicity through its cheap & desperate kind of promos. Perhaps they knew that they can only bring in more viewers in the theater with this misdirected publicity campaign and not through anything else.
Still I wish the director had emphasized more on the "Moral Question Raised" in the film pointing towards the sick pleasure taken by the society in peeping into other people's private moments. That way BITTOO BOSS would have been a much better film unarguably.
Ratings : 2 / 5

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