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BOBBY The Complete Story - By K.A. Abbas [TTP (To The Point) Book Review By Bobby Sing] (Did You Know - 62)

02 Apr, 2014 | Did You Know! / Articles on Cinema / NOSTALGIA, BOOK REVIEWS, VINTAGE MAGAZINES & MORE

Bobby - The Complete Story by K.A.AbbasFor friends who are well familiar with the works of legendary showman Raj Kapoor, the facts related to RK Banner going through an extremely tough time after the big debacle of MERA NAAM JOKER are quite well known. Plus the way Raj Kapoor bounced back like a Phoenix with his youthful BOBBY in 1973 is also a widely famous fact for every true lover of Hindi Cinema.
However, one interesting information which might not be known to many is that at the time of release of this youthful trendsetter, its reputed writer K.A. Abbas also introduced a new concept in the trade circles, of coming up with a English book based on his original script of the film like a romantic novel aptly titled “BOBBY – The Complete Story”. The step was no doubt ahead of its time (which was received well) and the publishing world later adapted the same as their regular feature too.
Now thankfully after almost four decades, the same book has been re-published by Harper Collins again in most probably the same format and size (pocket form) with the original preface by K.A. Abbas as it is (with many unknown trivia about the film like its initial idea coming from Archie comics & Neetu Singh also considered for the lead role), along with a new foreword by the editor Suresh Kohli. An engaging read just like the film (with some exclusive photographs in its mid), the novel makes you understand the process of how a story gets transformed into a script with some necessary changes made for the screen. And for all the young friends who somehow still haven’t watched BOBBY, this would be a lot more than a loving Mills & Boons romantic novel, written with a pure Indian heart. So do give it a try and have a good time with both Bobby and Raja.
BOBBY The Complete Story - By K.A. Abbas
Published by Harper Collins (2012) – Pages 154 (Paperback – Small Size)

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