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BODYGUARD - Movie Review : It may earn many more crores than before, but for me its like playing with the innocent loyalty of your millions of fans. (Review by Bobby Sing)
31 Aug, 2011 | Movie Reviews / 2011 Releases

With this new EID release of another SALMAN KHAN movie, I would rather like to go for its review in a different mode.

First of all let me tell you that as far as the economics of Film Business goes, this has “A New Blockbuster” written all over it without any doubt. Releasing on a national EID holiday (on Wednesday), with more than 2,500 prints and 10-15 shows in a multiplex, plus full houses in the single screen theaters too, How can such a film can ever flop, irrespective of its content or quality? Considering the phenomenal fan following of the STAR, it is bound to become a success in any case before even the week starts on Monday. So, if you want to know the box office result of the film, then in all possibilities this should make a hat-trick of Hits for Salman, unless the Indian viewers wake up miraculously from their media created sleep.

Now secondly coming to the content of the film, what can one think of the story of a film, with the title BODYGUARD? Obviously it has to be the love story between the Bodyguard and the owner of the body he is guarding. Hence in that respect the film has got nothing new and it remains completely predictable from the first frame itself where the viewer very well knows what he is going to see in the next reels.

So it all comes down to the treatment of the film, which sadly is again below the mark and not at all impressive as expected. Salman’s magic is there for sure, but he is not given the perfect action or entertaining sequences which can win over the viewers as compared to his WANTED or DABANGG. The humor is pretty lifeless and sounds outdated with all 80s kind of jokes which fail to create the required impact. However, it seems that the writers were very much aware of its boring plot and therefore they thought of adding an unexpected twist towards its climax. But, believe me, this last reel addition is one of the most bizarre climaxes I have ever seen, written very poorly without any kind of sane, real life vision.

In few words, it’s a big disappointment in almost all its departments ranging from the story, script, direction and execution. Though the stars acts convincingly putting best of their efforts, but they alone are not capable of giving you a good time in the theater. Honestly speaking, I enjoyed only the first opening song when SALMAN enters the screen in the entire film and was really thinking why this was chosen to be re-made in Hindi since it had nothing to rave about in its script and content.

Nevertheless, SALMAN is there with all his trademark moves in the film, along with doing another kind hearted gesture for his own real life bodyguard, Tiger. Very sportingly Salman wears the uniform of Tiger’s own Security Agency and also makes Tiger dance standing next to him in the opening song. I guess that’s one of the reason, why SALLU BHAI is loved all over the world for his numerous similar kind of humble & friendly acts.

To end the review, I would like to tell you that why I almost walked out of the theater while watching BODYGUARD.

The film is directed by the same director, for the third time in a different language. Now who would have done it to satisfy his creative urge? Clearly this was a project undertaken for money and money alone, otherwise what is the charm of directing the same script for the third time? As a real creatively concerned person, the director should have given the project to another talented upcoming director and he could have been the Creative Visualiser of the project to keep an overall look on it.

But coming to the main point of my distress, there is a scene in the film, where people are standing around a pyre on which the dead body is lying covered in white. To be precise, this is a sequence in which they all have gathered to cremate one of the main villains of the film, killed by Salman. Now, to my shocking surprise, the scene has been shot by the talented director in HEAVY RAINS. The water is pouring heavily from the sky, the pile of wood is all wet, the body is all wet and here come a person holding a burning mashaal to set the pyre on fire. And as filmy it can get, he also successfully puts the pyre on fire and then we are shown the body burning calmly just in the middle of a heavy rainfall.

If this is what you call direction then Sorry, I am not interested in writing about this film anymore. For me its just like playing with the innocent loyalty of your millions of fans. And all the BIG STARS like SALMAN really need to give it a serious thought.

Rating : 1.5 / 5 (and that too only for the spirited efforts of the star-cast)

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31 Aug 2011 / Comments ( 14 )
amit joshi

When salman signs a movie he becomes the script..........he says I AM THE SCRIPT. And I see this problem always with Salman's movie , still people go to watch his movie, nobody knows why ?


Great movie................................I hav no word for say...superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

samsul khan

Very good cinema Bodyguard. Its blouckbuster Hit.


super hit movie salman and kareena both of u always rock..........................great movie.


I accepting your anguish about the director of this movie.He first made his film in malayalam and tamil.In both languages,he is one of the best director.But for telugu version he sold the rights of the the script to another talented upcoming director.He is not comfortable with telugu audience fans.But in hindi there are people who can digest both arts and mainstream cinema.The examples are dabangg and wanted.
Even some of his wonderfull comedy genre films made originally in malayalam had been remaked by priyadarshan.This only gave his confidence to make this film to suit hindi audiences. Please do your critic in the audience's side. What are u going to get by giving bad thoughts about director. Here after give reviews from audience's seat. Show what mistakes audience's have made in this movie.
Just see some of the love stories previously made in bollywood(kuch kuch hota hai).A man who is in love with a girl and marrying her.After someyears of mourning in her death,he comes to kajol happily.This is worst than what bodyguard's love story.The director wants audience to respond in theater only.
After they left the theaters,they are going to forget every thing happened in a story.This bodyguard love story will touch only weak heart's mind. This story proves that love should not be come by an expectation.I am saying here about the salman-kareena love failed atlast. But director cleverly hide that kareena's friend love story only to give an happy ending for kareena and salman.Your bollywood people coming to watch hero and heroine.
What could our southern director(siddique) able to do?

Bobby Sing

Hi Ram Ji,
Thanks for writing in and giving you honest opinion.
First of all I would like to mention that it seems that you are new to my site as you are writing in a division tone, which is not followed or practiced here at this site.

For me the Cinema in South, West or East only differs as per language and traditions but not for anything else encouragin any favoutism. So you are very wrong in thinking that way.

Regarding the movie BODYGURAD, the film has earned much as mentioned in my review but the truth is that is no where close to WANTED or DABANGG which is an accepted fact by now.

But again coming to your divisionary comment, I would like you to read my SINGHAM review in the site and then make an opinion.

Thanks once again for your kind comment.



Don't you think you missed the 'goofs' section in IMDB? It has hollywood all-time classic films having mistakes like the one you mentioned.

To @Ramji your comment on kuch kuch hota hai is not true. SRK was reluctant till the end,see the film again, btw you will get some worse examples in southern films like Chiranjeevi having 2 wives very easily in an action film(lol). and only Kamal Hasan does realistic films thus enduring some flops as well.

Bobby Sing

Hi Chris,
Yeah, Regarding the IMDB goof up page, I think that is a section where mistakes are caught and mentioned incidentally made by a director.
But here is a 3-5 minute long seq shot with all the crew and no body said anything. That in my opinion was really amazing.

meraj MJS

fantastic movie.................and kareena seeing very beautyful.........and salman......blasting.........

I also watched kuch kuch hota hai very interestigly when i was studying 10th standard

waaaaaaaaa..........kya film hai bodyguard

Bobby Sing

 Thanks for your comment Shantanu,


Ayush Gupta

i ve been reading ur reviews lately n found that ur reviews are remarkable.
u r d most unbiased film critic i ve ever seen or read ... and i dont say i agree on every point made by u but 90% of whatever u say is right.

n yes i want to tell u that when i read ur review of HACHI it came as a surprise to me as that movie was in my hard drive for around 1-2 yrs but i never bothered watching it as i thought it wud b all senti types... but after reading ur review i thought this man has said so much about d movie there must b sumthin in it n i was literally smacked when i saw d movie.... never expected a movie like that to just lie in my hard drive for such a long time... what a wonderful ... not only wonderful what a beautiful piece of art ..... n what a background score.. lovely..lovely...lovely.
Thanx a lot for writing a review on HACHI, it was really useful..

now coming to Sallu bhai's bodyguard , i dnt think its really d fault of director,actor or producer to make a piece of crap (there r other words too... but i d like to maintain my dignity.. ;) ) like this as d whole nation is going mad about masala cinema .... my hometown is kanpur (UP) n i was there when SINGHAM was launched and i had seen its promos before ( especially d SUV drift scene) n i was like it wud b a laughing riot after 2 beers.. n i did exactly same n went to a local theater... n when ajay devgan emerged from d lake there were so many whistles , claps n shouts as if it is megan fox emerging from a lake in a bikini not mr. devgan.
u see the point is not what producers want to make its just what d viewer want to see .... nobody gives a damn about a movie like PHAS GAYE RE OBAMA or SWADES .... people of this country want fultoo entertainment n mindless action ( jisse NEO b sharma jaye ).
N we cant have movies of HOLLYWOOD STANDARD till we improve our own STANDARD.

i know i have overwritten things.... but u know being a movie lover i wanted to tell my point of view to sum1 who wud understand it...


Bobby Sing

Thanks Ayush for all your kind words and I am really feeling great to know that you loved watching HACHI too.
As you said, its really sad that people are just not interested in watching films like these and are pretty satisfied with the kind of entertaining stuff is offered to them by the Industry.

Still all is not lost as we do come up with great films at regular intervals even today. So it all depends upon your own choice and how you want to be entertained. There are people who treat Cinema equavalent to Literature and there are also people who take it as some sort of comforting pills which make them forget everything else.
And sadly the second ones are the 80% of the viewers in our part of the world.

And you never did some overwriting dear, cause this is a place where you can go to any length about your views and I would love to read it and respond to it at the earliest.

Hence keep visiting and writing in more often.



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