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BOL BACHCHAN - Hope this trash from a Hit director stops the avoidable trend of remaking the Cult Classics of Hindi Cinema. (Review by Bobby Sing)

06 Jul, 2012 | Movie Reviews / 2012 Releases / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / B

When a director is back after delivering a fabulous string of 4 big blockbusters in a row, then it’s indeed going to be a hugely stressful event for him undoubtedly. Because not only the viewers but the industry also is bound to expect a lot from his project keeping in mind the excellent track record of his successes. And when further, the same director is back with a remake of one of the Top 10 All Time Favourite Comedies of Indian Cinema then obviously the expectations are going to reach sky high.

So here we have director Rohit Shetty striking again with his updated version of Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Cult Classic GOLMAAL, to which he tries to give his own twists and turns instead of copying the original as a true fan. In fact this very intelligent step of the director remains the only plus point going in his favour, as there are not many in this world (including myself) who would appreciate seeing an updated revised version of that incomparable original classic having a tremendous repeat value of itself.

Now what Rohit does in his BOL BACHCHAN is that he re-writes a completely new & fresh script around the basic storyline of the original GOLMAAL and never makes the viewer feel that they are watching just a pure re-make. On a positive note, this is exactly how it should be done as there is no way that any director can re-live a classic film like GOLMAAL after more than 3 decades with the same elegance. So though we have the same plot being worked upon here, still Rohit tries to rope in some new characters, more comic mannerisms and few more forcibly funny sequences to make his BOL BACHCHAN a completely fresh film based on a famous masterpiece.
But unfortunately, the sad part of all this hard work done by the director and his team is that they hugely fail in the process and their newly added ingredients in the re-written script of GOLMAAL simply do not work or fall flat. Hence the director, who has given Hits after Hits in the recent past, is not able to deliver this time and comes up with a pretty lousy & over the top film which doesn’t give you even one enjoyable sequence in its entire lengthy duration ending with a disastrous climax. In other words, the last 20 minutes of the film, even make you wonder that Is this really a Rohit Shetty film running on the screen? Moreover, the disappointment doesn’t stop on the writing and execution level only as all the actors in it also remain a big let-down throughout which was not at all expected in a film by the director, who is known to have the pulse of his audience.
BB starts off unlike a comedy and surprisingly there is no great funny stuff to be enjoyed in its opening 40 minutes. With such an uninteresting start, all the high spirits of watching it actually turn negative and this continues till the intermission working against all the expectations from the Hit team of Rohit Shetty and Ajay Devgan. In the second half too, the director tries to add more elements than required which actually result in a poor mess. Particularly the inclusion of a gay character in the script remains the weakest part of the film as neither the actor (Abhishek) nor his director are able to handle it well.
Honestly, I only enjoyed watching Neeraj Vohra & Prachi Desai alone, despite of the presence of all the know actors in this big banner project. Ajay, more or less remains in his SINGHAM hangover only and Abhishek tries too hard to be funny without any success. Frankly I neither could laugh on the English dialogues of Ajay nor on the weird kind of Kathak dancing of Abhishek which was really awful. Asin is just there to look beautiful and Archana Puran Singh does make a sincere effort to generate some laughter. But overall they all are not able to put up a good show collectively. Plus I remained hugely dissatisfied from the supporting act of Krishna, who unarguably was given a role much below his actual caliber.
BB also falters in its action and cinematography department as whatever happens on the screen looks like ‘all seen before’ in the director’s earlier films only. Its high time Rohit should realize that he cannot use the same kind of camerawork, slow motions, fighting stunts, flying people and car blasts in all his films repeatedly. Musically also the film doesn’t have anything great to offer apart from one interesting song “Chalao Na Naino Se Baan Re”. Just like the film, its title track also goes over the top showing the over-confidence of both its actors and the director.
To be straight, BOL BACHCHAN is just not a Rohit Shetty film full of light entertainment as compared to some of his previous ventures. I loved watching his GOLMAAL 3, ALL THE BEST and SINGHAM, but BOL BACHCHAN is simply not anything even close to these. Interestingly one sequence of the film (when Archna Puran Singh is introduced in a Nautanki), also reminded me of a similar scene in Mukul Anand’s HUM, wherein Kader Khan is discovered in an exactly similar situation by both Anupam Kher & Anu Kapoor.
The director revealed his fascination towards the cult classic GOLMAAL (1979) when he started using the word in the title of his chain of films beginning with GOLMAL: FUN UNLIMITED in 2006. But now when he has re-made the classic officially, he simply misses the opportunity and comes up with a project which will be surely remembered as a “Bad Attempt” in his career.
However, there is one silver lining in this black cloud that after BOL BACHCHAN, perhaps the silly and avoidable trend of re-making the golden classics of 70s & 80s would come to an end. Because if this doesn’t stop here, then be ready for seeing many more such trash remakes of those cinematic masterpieces, which surely indicate the emergence of a “Creative Block” in our Hindi Film Industry.
Rating : 1 / 5 (I hope we stop thinking about re-making the classics now)

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06 Jul 2012 / Comments ( 12 )

My observations:
1. No mention of AMITABH? very surprising, Was he only there in the trailer? or is he not worthy of even mentioning now? I dislike Devgan\'s so called comedy , so won\'t see the film (I tolerated Ishq and All the best only because of his costars).
2. Abhishek \'performance\' only gets one line ? Akshay and SRK got bashed here in the last 2-3 years, Abhi is senior to Ranbir ,Imran and Shahid and even they get criticized heavily. Why this dual treatment for him I wonder?
3. Creative Block is a bigger problem in Hollywood, They cloned \'DIE HARD\' nearly 100 times by just changing the location, and have spoilt some of their own classics. we are behind them (except RGV ki Aag).

Bobby Sing

Hi Chris,
Here are my explainations to your observations.
1. Regarding AMITABH? No he is not in the film and comes only in the opening title track which you must have seen in the promos, So since he is only used to grab some attention relating with the title.......so no mention of him in the movie review.

2. Ajay Devgan has done well in earlier comedies of Rohit Shetty but in this he is just repetitive.

3. Abhishek 'performance' only gets one line? Because as mentioned in my review I liked the performances of only Neeraj Vohra and Prachi Desai in the movie and that should say it all.

4. I strongly believe that Seniority is not always equalvalent to experience or quality. So anyone will surely get the praise for his good work and not for when he came in the Industry, before anyone or after anyone.

5. Yes, Creative Block is now becoming a problem everywhere as now we are fast approaching towards a saturation level. And the only saviour to this problem is the Literature of different countries and above all our own.


Darshit Joshi

Bhai, the review is really good, I alwys use to plan Movie after your review, so I think I\'ll now later watch the movie. remain blessed bhai. Jay Somnath

Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot Darshit Bhai and I wish you the same for you too...Cheers!


Hi, some info. which might be useful for your archives and also to readers on the blog:
1. Taare Zameen Par - copied from \'Love, Mary (1985)\' http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0089516/
2. Khamoshi the musical - Beyond Silence (1996) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0116692/
3. Lagaan - episode from Nukkad. SEE THIS http://tanqeed.com/forum/nukkad-the-inspiration-for-lagaan/
All the originals can be seen on youtube.

Bobby Sing

Hi Chris,
Thanks for your given info and here are my observations about the same :

1. Taare Zameen Par - copied from 'Love, Mary (1985)' http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0089516/

I was informed about this long back, but I didint include it as I coudnt find it anywhere to see it myself.
Plus I have also info on another possible inspiration for the film as below...so may be as I get to see it I would include it in the site.

2. Khamoshi the musical - Beyond Silence (1996) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0116692/

This is already there included in the site at the link below :

3. Lagaan - episode from Nukkad. SEE THIS http://tanqeed.com/forum/nukkad-the-inspiration-for-lagaan/
All the originals can be seen on youtube.

Regarding this again you should read this writeup on the subject already there in the site at the following link:



Bol Bachchan had given a mark of respect to the cult movies, and for this the entire credit goes to the maker Rohit Shetty. On the whole, Bol Bachchan is a complete Golmaal fun and will thoroughly entertain you with its funniest, wittiest and hilarious Bol Bachchan! A complete family entertainer and a must watch for all ages!

Bobby Sing

Thanks Sandy for your comment but sorry I strongly disagree with your views as for me it was not worth it.
And regarding the earnings it is sure going to make profits as many other low grade films have been doing in the past.
Thats infact the USP of Indian market.

Vikas Saitya

Dear Bobby,
The so called business point of view, Return On Investment is ten times
in case of VickyDonor which is impossible for any big budget mindless movies.
Vidhu Vinod Chopra also supported our stand regarding 100 cr club that is just
cheating to promote a trash in a aggresive manner & Just join 100 cr club in weekend.

When will audience start to appreciate content based cinema more than this trash (in terms of money)?


Bobby Sing

Dear Vikas,
This newly found formula of 100 crores club truly reveals that you can sell anything....any trash to the Indian Public if you are capable of marketing it well with the right publicity campaign and a superstar.
And thats why the foreind investors and companies are most interested to establish their business here.

But regarding when we will learn to appreciate the right cinema........I would like to say.!

It is widely considered that you are blessed if you are rich and powerful.......
But I think it is even more blessed and fortunate to have the capabilities of appreciating and enjoying the treasures of life hidden in good literature, good cinema and other mediums of artistic expressions.

In other words, its just like choosing the Restaurant, you would like to visit with your family....
If majority of people are willing to eat trash in the form of badly cooked food at some shady place which can easily ruin their health then they are free to do it...........and let them lose the precious opportunity to enjoy the right things.
But lets continue our own journey with joy and esctacy.


Vikas saitya

Hi Bobby
Thanks for a prompt reply.
Kindly update me if you have seen a movie "Superman of Malegaon" If yes,
then provide insight into this as I am getting very positive information regrading the same.

Best Regards,
Vikas saitya

Bobby Sing

Hi Vikas,
Yes I have watched 'Malegoan Ka Superman' and would soon write about it at the site as its indeed a must watch movie specially for we all Indians who eat-dring-love Films like an essential part of our lives.
But its not a film with a specific storyline. Actually its a documentary kind of take on the actual MALEGAON situated about 300 km form Mumbai and the passion of films experineced there in the people.
Its about how a person there who makes films in just thousands and still doesnt want to come to Mumbai for struggle.

A must watch indeed.


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