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BOL - Movie Review : One of most shocking and stunning movies, which will shake you hard as never before. (Review by Bobby Sing) (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama)

01 Sep, 2011 | Movies To See Before You Die / Drama / Movie Reviews / 2011 Releases

After a long time, here comes a brave and hard hitting film for which I have got a lot of good things to say and have got many big praises in abundance. A film which goes well beyond the usual five star ratings and has the power to shake you real hard as never before. Surprisingly coming from across the border, Pakistan, it sends you off to a thinking journey touching some highly sensitive issues of our society in a very thoughtful and commendable manner. In real terms, Pakistan Film Industry should proudly announce to have made a major breakthrough in the world cinema with BOL.

My first token of appreciation for this brilliant masterpiece is that I am including its director’s name, Shoaib Mansoor in my favourite Directors list at the site, right away. And the reason for this inclusion remains the splendid understanding of story-telling, script, camerawork, lighting, editing, music and direction shown by this talented director in his latest offering BOL. Extracting many superlative performances from his entire cast, Shoib delivers a pure masterpiece which will shine brightly in the horizon of Asian Cinema (Pakistan) for many years to come.

Here I would especially like to praise the promotional campaign of the film, which never revealed anything about the movie and its powerful storyline. And that really works in the favour of the film since it literally grabs you with a new surprise every half an hour and leaves you simply stunned looking at the proceedings on the screen. To keep this surprise factor intact, I would not like to reveal anything from its unexpectedly shocking sub-plots here but would surely like to enlighten you with its various outstanding merits.

The moment it started off, only the first five minutes of BOL showed me the sparks of a well made film coming ahead. But admittedly I never expected such a great exceptional work from the director, boldly written around some burning issues of our society. Just the first half an hour and its developments make you sit straight on your seat realizing the huge power of its daring content. The actors go deep into the skin of their characters and the dialogues work like a sharp edged sword swung right in your direction as a 3D film. For instance, lines such as, Aap mard hain na, Jahan lajawab hue, Wahan haath chala diye”, are thrown at the viewer in every 10 minutes of the film which never let you take your eyes and ears off the screen.

To be precise, the film mainly talks about the very disturbing issue of THE UNWANTED GIRL CHILD in our part of the world. But I can easily assure you, that you can never even imagine how this hard black truth of our society has been portrayed by the director and his team in BOL. In straight words, it has sequences tackling the issue, which we have never seen before in our Indian or Pakistan Cinema. It displays the bitter black fact on the white silver screen in front of you, like never ever before thought of by a director. And it has such sharp twists and turns in its brilliant screenplay which you can never ever predict in your wildest creative imagination.

In broader terms, BOL can be divided into two parts looking at the same important issue from two distinctive angles in its two halves. And mark my words; both these halves will give you many severe shocks and shivers running down your spines, through its impactful well shot sequences, which will leave you completely speechless with your mind jammed.

In fact, I am still surprised that how a film like BOL wasn’t opposed and got its clearance to be released in Pakistan a few weeks before. The director surely deserves all the praises showered upon him in the various festivals to show such courage and will to make a hugely EXPLOSIVE film on this sensitive issue with such an amazing conviction. His KHUDA KAY LIYE was also good, but with BOL he even surpasses his own set standards of quality cinema taking many huge giant leaps in the world of Film-making. With a melodious & toching soundtrack accompanied by an intelligent background score BOL is a new age masterpiece which essentially needs many repeated viewings by all the true movie lovers residing anywhere in the globe.

Giving you an insightful glimpse of the film, I would like to remind you of one simple scientific fact which is now widely known in the educated section of our society about the girl child. Till ages, our society kept blaming the women for giving birth to a Girl Child whereas in reality it’s the male who is actually responsible for the child to be a boy or a girl.

Now, you must have seen this fact being represented in our films in different ways at regular intervals in the past. But, I will not hesitate here in saying that BOL uses this fact in its narration LIKE NEVER EVER BEFORE by any film-maker in the history of Indian or Pakistan Cinema (in its second half). The film simply leaves you with your jaws wide opened, the moment the fact gets interpreted on the screen in its unique way.

Before BOL, whenever the issue of GIRL CHILD was discussed, I always used to recommend Shyam Benegal’s masterpiece HARI BHARI to all as a must watch. But now I would love to recommend BOL along with HARI BHARI to everyone who is willing to think about this issue from many new and distinctive angles as a responsible citizen.

To sum up, BOL has two more merits in its list which do need a special mention here in the review. Despite of the fact that BOL is a grim movie based on a dark subject, the beauty of this well crafted gem is that it does end on a very positive note, reminding us all of two great four letter words called LOVE and HOPE. Its beautiful climax reminds us that its not the end of the world yet and we can still become the much needed change ourselves before it becomes too late.

And last but not the least, apart from its superlative & thought provoking direction, BOL just hits you at the right place largely due to its well chosen cast, where every character acts and speaks exactly like both the good & bad people living around us in the real life. The Urdu-Punjabi language mix and its perfect use throughout the film, takes you into another world of love, lust, sex, betrayal and greed, giving you a taste of the cruel LIFE as it actually is in the real mean world of existence.

For viewers, who are thinking that it’s a Pakistani film which might need a different kind of knowledge and sensibilities to watch it. For them, I would like to state that BOL talks about the issues which do not demand any special requirements dealing with some political borders or language. Putting it in harsh words, BOL very courageously talks about the Universal Pain of a MOTHER and her unwanted child. And as per my own understanding the word MOTHER doesn’t need any kind of classification of some man-made borders and language to express her pain.

In short, BOL is one of those rare perfect films made in this new century which needs to be watched by every man and woman living both in India and Pakistan as a must.

And as the western critics quote, “It would be a CRIME to miss BOL”.

Ratings : It simply goes beyond any rating scales.

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01 Sep 2011 / Comments ( 11 )
jaggy D
i\'ll defntly watch dis movi............
thnx sir.......
Now i really want to watch it! Thanks for the review!
Vikas Saitya

Hi Bobby
It is indeed a thought provoking & insightful movie in the life of other Sex.

I am deeply moved by depiction of that boy turbulent life, I felt how insensitive
we were towards them & director done a fabulos job by bringing us closer
towards them with this masterpiece.
BOL is a work of a GENIUS which shows that how a numerous social issue can
be touched & tackled by, I am greateful to Director by shooking us all with
a problem which no body wants to discuss.

If we just talk about cinematic merit(not about social impact) movies does
have some loopholes & thats why I find it below the level of Black Friday &
Bandit Queen.(for me this two movie is Kohinoor of Indian Cinema)


ps: This is third time I am trying to register my comment, but on earlier two ocassion there is some problem
regarding verification code.

Bobby Sing

Hi Vikas,
Thanks for your insightful comment and yes the movies you mentioned are gems too in their own respect.
But certainly BOL takes us to a different world alltogether.

Would love to read your comments more often.
So keep visitng and writing in.

(Sorry for the trouble you had while posting the comment.  The technology sometimes starts playing with us which is really beyond our control. Still I will inform about this to my technical caretaker friends asap. And thanks for informing)

Gagan Chawla

in nutshell...it was an awesome movie....if we cant encourage such masterpiece than thats really sad....a movie which can truly represent pakistan on world cinema....it had hrt...it had soul....and it peeped into ceratin issues which are uncomfortable parts of society....kudos to everyone who was a part of this movie....wish indian cinema can get over the good for nothing masala stuff and make something to be remembered....the only indian movie recently was my name is khan....after that its been those over hyped ridiculous south remakes...

Bobby Sing

Thanks Gagan for your honest comments and I really hope that more and more people go and see BOL as a must.
However the sad thing is that the movie is hardly visible on the theaters in just its second week here in India. So we still have to learn how to appreciate and encourage such great meaningful masterpieces.

Still Keep Visiting and writing in.


Hello from Algeria,

I\'ll watch this film ... thank you bobby for your reviews !

Bonne continuation

Bobby Sing

Thanks Fatiha for being in touch and do write your comments after watching this for sure.

Ayush Gupta

Just saw the movie n i was shocked literally to say d least. Its seriously beyond any rating that 1 could give. Apart from the reality and courage what movie showcases is the brilliance by which it is made. Look at the movies which are coming nowdays n see where BOL finds itself..

Its a very bold movie n yet again I would like to congratulate you on the stupendous review you have written for this movie , revealing everything about it except the spoilers. RESPECT.

Now coming back to the movie, I seriously dont remember when i last saw the movie of this quality. Many have come and gone but this movie left a crater sized impact on my heart and i still cant get over it and u were damn right that after 10 mins 1 would know what kind of movie it is but yet it is as unpredictable as the roads in our country. The movie is two n a half hours long but it was when the movie finished i realise that it was a freaking lengthy movie... it moves with such pace that 1 is glued to the screen n I would like to mention that I DIDNT PAUSE IT EVEN ONCE NOT EVEN FOR DRINKING WATER. Such is the impact. The fact that its a PAKISTANI MOVIE makes it even more special as Pakistan depends heavily on INDIA for their entertainment.
Its very good to see directors making this kind of film that too from our Neighbouring country. I have also seen KHUDA KE LIYE but this movie is of a different league and infact very different from what we see nowdays in INDIA as Indian Cinema is going through a REMAKE RENAISSANCE.

Running out of words but I CONGRATULATE THE MAKERS OF THE MOVIE for taking the standards of cinema to a whole new level.

Thank u !!!

Pinak Pani Pandey
Simply unparalleled in the world of Cinema! Complete review of a perfect creation. True description about the movie. It surpasses all the parameters of boldness. Quite wonderful...
Bobby Sing

Hi Pinak Pani Pandey,
Glad to know that you liked it too and I really wish that the film reaches more and more viewers to bring in that much needed change in our society. Also I sincerely wish that we get many more gems like that in the near future too in order to raise the standard of cinema in our region.


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