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BOLO RAAM : An interesting plot which could have been more engrossing. (Review By Bobby Sing)

01 Jan, 2010 | Movie Reviews / 2010 Releases

With three reputed names associated with the movie (Om Puri, Naseer and Padmini), “Bolo Raam” did show some sparks in its promos. But with its lead actors still being in the process of sharpening their acting skills, the film could only impress to a certain level.

A remake of the Tamil film “Raam” (2005), it’s a thriller cum murder mystery where a college going young boy is charged with the brutal murder of his own mother. After the tragic event he has gone into silence and now everyone is trying to make him speak about the real truth. The movie starts off impressively when the Police finds the boy lying with his mother’s body with blood all over him and a knife in his hand. The opening sequence raises the expectation bar right away. But after the first few engrossing minutes, the pace drops and the director loses his grip over the proceedings resulting in a partly good project.
Debutant director Rakesh Chaturvedi Om, shows that he has learned the job well but he surely could have done much better with a carefully chosen cast and a fast edit. His direction remains uneven throughout the movie, where some scenes have been directly brilliantly and some get a very amateurish kind of treatment from Rakesh. For example, the way Raam walks away with his mother after his small fight in the college and how the college principal behaves with his own colleague lady professor is quite insensible. However the most interesting scenes remain the ones featuring Naseer as the psychiatrist trying to read Raam’s odd behaviour.
Another drawback of the movie lies in its not so impressive climax and the uninteresting truth behind its murder mystery. There is an unnecessary tension created towards the intermission concerning the Muslim name of a police officer. And it also has a completely avoidable Muslim Jehadi angle included in its storyline towards the end. It’s really hard to understand that why every second movie has to talk about the same terrorist link and impartial behavior practiced with a certain community. Why can’t a murder mystery just have a different and interesting revelation to its suspense plot which dares to touch the grey cells of the viewers?
Performance wise, as expected the best comes from the veterans. Om Puri acts as a Police chief convincingly and it was pleasant to see the talented Padmini Kolhapuri back on the screen in an impressive act of a loving mother. Naseeruddin Shah makes an impact in his interesting short cameo. Govind Namdeo performs well as usual and Rajpal Yadav provides the much needed relief in his few scenes, but Manoj Pahwa is simply misfit in the role of a College Principal.

Lead actor Rishi Bhutani has a strong built and a fine presence on the screen. He is good at action but still needs to work hard on his face expressions and dancing skills. He tries hard to talk with his staring eyes but falls short of making the desired impact. However, the boy has got all the required elements to prove his untapped talent in his forthcoming films. The girl playing his love interest, Disha Pandey and her brother enacted by Krishan Khatra both prove themselves as newcomers and have a long way to go in their acting careers. Music has a very limited scope in this tense thriller, but still Sachin Gupta presents a good song “Maa Tere Jaisa” as per the requirement of its subject. The Background score on the other hand shows all the hard-work gone into it and fills the silence remarkably.
In all, “Bolo Raam” is a suspense thriller with an interesting plot not told in an equally interesting style. It is partially good as far as the subject is concerned, but could be much better with a more engrossing treatment and a different mystery in the climax.
Rating : 1.5 / 5

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01 Jan 2010 / Comment ( 2 )

Rishi is strictly ok dancer so why put the unnecessary dance song to glorify his mediocre dancing skills? And he looks old...dont think he is 20something. And he cant act for his life. The girl is fit for tv not movies. Give me Ranbir or Shahid any day over this \'wannabe dude\' - as Rishi is neither cute like them, nor can act or dance like them.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Akriti for your comment and you are quite right in your observation.
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