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BOMBAY TO BANGKOK - Nagesh Kukunoor's Weakest movie till date. (Movie Review By Bobby Sing)

19 Jan, 2008 | Movie Reviews / 2008 Releases

In few words, the movie doesn’t seem to be a product of Nagesh. If you are expecting something on the lines of “Dor” or “3 Deewarein”, then you will not only be disappointed big time but would also feel shocked to see such a mediocre product coming from the famous off beat film-maker Nagesh Kukunoor.

He tries his hand on a comic subject for the second time after his first comedy “Bollywood Calling”. But the latest one can be termed as the weakest movie made be him till date which is neither a comedy nor an enjoyable adventure movie.
It seems as Nagesh started the movie with only Shreyas Talpade in mind and with no script at all. The film is about a simple boy running with the money of a gangster to Bangkok disguised as a doctor. There he meets a sex worker and falls in love with her. That’s the main story with many unattended plots which the director just forgets to take care of.
Shreyas Talpade, just runs to Bangkok, leaving behind his mother on the merci of God.
Naseeruddin Shah comes in one scene as the Top Gangster and then vanishes off to do some another movie I suppose.
A very weird love affair is shown between a rapper gangster and the psychiatrist doctor. This could have been a comedy plot but is not capable of generating any laughter.
Shreyas is just ok in his act and he is also helpless since the script itself has nothing to offer. Lena (The Thai heroine) is more expressive in emotional scenes and does her part well. The best act is there from the Sardarji character ‘Rachinder’. In fact he is the only enjoyable element in the movie with some good scenes.
The songs have some unusual lyrics and they are used only as fillers. The otherwise beautiful city is shown as some dirty sea side village if we talk about the cinematography. The only impact the film can make is that it will be an insight into the flesh trade of Bangkok for the people who have not been there and now they will be more excited to visit.
In all, I just couldn’t figure out what Nagesh Kukunoor was thinking to make out of this movie and what section of the movie lovers he wanted to target this time. He would surely like to forget about his latest attempt and move on to his more promising future projects.
Ratings : 1 Star (you can give it a miss easily)

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