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BREAK KE BAAD - Movie Review : The makers should take a break too from giving us such lifeless movies made with a dualistic mindset. (Review By Bobby Sing)

26 Nov, 2010 | Movie Reviews / 2010 Releases

After watching numerous mediocre romantic projects releases recently, here is one more similar kind of lifeless product from the house of Kunal Kohli. Once again coming from a debutant director, Danish Aslam, the film raises a valid question that why a first time director decides to make his debut movie on such boring, uninteresting and sleepy kind of script which has nothing new or fresh to offer to its viewers.

Apart from this I made two conclusions after watching “Break Ke Baad”. One, that Imran Khan has stopped taking any advice from his perfectionist senior Aamir Khan, who earlier reportedly used to take a keen interest in his career. Imran’s choice of projects after Aamir Khan’s produced “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na” clearly gives us the indication of his understanding and judgment of various projects & scripts. With no Hit Project post his debut movie, Imran now really needs to sit back and review his career seriously.

The second conclusion is about the leading lady Deepika Padukone, who I think is there in the industry only to make some quick money and then walk on to her marriage plans. With a lot more to learn in the acting department, Deepika looks almost the same in her every new movie and also has the same kind of act to offer. In fact its quite silly of both Imran and Deepika to sign “Break Ke Baad” which more or less revolves around the same kind of theme exploited in their previous movies such as JTYJN and LOVE AAJ KAL. So, after watching BKB one can only assume that either both the lead actors signed this movie without reading the script or they don’t have any kind of script sense at all.

Other than its completely outdated, overused and a routine storyline, the film hasn’t got a single good scene to impress the viewer. Progressing at a very boring pace right from its first reel, the characters keep moving on the screen in their cool revealing dresses but you feel nothing for them till the end. The direction itself has so many flaws in it, which even allows you to have a little nap on your seat in its second half. For example, the story is set in Delhi and the lead pair reaches the mountains to have their adventures rides just in few hours and then return to their home in the same day itself (as if Delhi was a two hour drive from the mountains). And Deepika calling her mother by her name seems completely out of place and is quite irritating too.

Actually Danish Aslam has made the film keeping in mind the western culture and its casual relationship styles prevailing between a boy and a girl. But his attempt falls flat when it comes to the subject of sex between his two lead characters. His script shows a boy and a girl being friends from their childhood days. Even when they transform into a young boy and girl they still enjoy the same kind of cool relationship between them without any kind of shyness. Ironically both Imran & Deepika talk, walk and behave like two mature lovers throughout, wherein they can even touch, kiss and cuddle each other any moment as they like. But yet as per the Indian Tradition they still haven’t gone physical. Now that was plain unbelievable considering the setting, background and narration of the movie. Had it been an English movie, they would have done that in the first half itself and that too without any guilt or regret. But since it was a Hindi movie, they cannot do that.

The point I want to make is that our directors are walking on a dual path today which doesn’t allow them to come up with some bold and intelligent movies close to the reality. In the current BREAK KE BAAD, the director is ok with showing a western kind of relationship between a young boy and girl but at the same time he is not ready to show that they can even go physical. So at one end he wants to copy from the West, but on the other also wants to make a film for the Indian audience, keeping their cultural tradition alive, which is not an easy path to walk on.

Falling in the same dilemma, BKB is a complete washout and has no relief moments even in its few songs. Vishal-Shekhar deliver an average sort of soundtrack which lacks the melody and is disappointing. Though the film scores fine in its Cinematography but in the casting department it fails to take advantage of many talented people such as Sharmila Tagore, Shahana Goswami, Lillete Dubey and Navin Nischal. Yudhishtir also overacts as the sex driven housemate.

As far as the lead pair is concerned I didnt find anything to write about the acts of both Imran and Deepika. They gave me nothing fresh or better than their last films. As a matter of fact in BREAK KE BAAD, the actors on the screen look as confused as the director and the writer standing behind the screen. Hence everyone should essentially take a break from watching this underworked venture. And if you really want to see Deepika in her cools shorts then do watch it but at your own risk.

Rating : 0.5 / 5

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26 Nov 2010 / Comment ( 1 )

Agree, but it was little(.0001%) better then lots of script less soul less.. movies I saw in last couple of years.

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