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BY-LANE 2 - A short film directed by Utpal Datta as a tribute to Pabitra Kumar Deka. (An overview by Bobby Sing)

03 Sep, 2015 | Articles on Cinema

It’s nothing less than a precious unexpected award when your first published book on cinema somehow reaches a renowned award winning film critic, author, journalist, photographer and film-maker in Assam Utpal Datta, and he writes a short and sweet appreciation mail too praising the sincere effort made as a supportive senior in the field (without any prior contact or personal relationship other than the book itself).
By-Lane 2However an added advantage of this pleasant surprise-mail sent by the well known writer-director Utpal Datta happened to be the link of a short film directed by him (given at the bottom of the mail), introducing me to another Assamese trendsetting stalwart Pabitra Kumar Deka, a legendary personality who was responsible of starting ‘Film journalism’ in Assam with his individual efforts and initiatives. The veteran not only introduced the first film awards for Assamese Cinema but even trained many young journalists building a strong foundation of film journalism in the region. As a renowned author & theater-cinema activist he began a reputed magazine 'Roopkar' opening new avenues of world culture and cinema for the people of Assam and therefore is considered a highly respected name for his huge contributions made in Assamese theater, movies and film journalism.
The short film titled BY-LANE 2 is actually a loving tribute from a student Utpal Datta to his master Pabitra Kumar Deka giving the viewers a brief glimpse of his simple work-place, mentioning the various achievements of the maestro made in the life span of 70 years. The 10 minutes film has been beautifully shot with a poetic vision focusing on his room, writing table, set of pens, loads of old issues of magazines and wooden racks fully loaded with books from all over the world. But what I loved the most was its soothing music and the sight of bound issues of Tintin and Asterix lying in those overstuffed racks revealing that a child was still alive in Pabitra Kumar Deka living a blessed life.
The film was selected in several film festivals receiving wide appreciation and while watching it I just had a thought that with such a diverse regional culture of our country, there are sure going to be many more trendsetting masters in this field not really known or famous at a national level. Thankfully filmmakers like Utpal Datta are making such fine short films introducing these visionary personalities to the country as well as to the world over. And hope many more follow the path soon, making us meet all those lesser known regional visionaries we might not have even heard of.
Lastly explaining the ‘strange’ title of the film BY-LANE 2, its actually the name of the road where Pabitra Kumar Deka had his place of worship, his office and personal library. An unusual, yet quite intelligent selection of the title by director Utpal Datta indeed.
For friends who wish to see the short film, here is the link:

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03 Sep 2015 / Comment ( 2 )
Utpal Datta
Its an prestigious award to my entire unit - the creator of this film.
Bobby Sing

The pleasure is all mine Utpal Datta Sir and thanks a lot for making us aware of the legendary figure through your praiseworthy short film.

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