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Baazigar (1993) & A Kiss Before Dying (1993)

17 Mar, 2008 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / B

It was a highly entertaining and gripping movie, well made by the director duo Abbas Mastan, but it took most of its inspiration from "A Kiss Before Dying" (1993). You will find every main character and sequence of this Shahrukh Khan starrer, there in the English Original too.

But an interesting observation is that the Indian version of the movie is more enjoyable and engrossing than its real source. Abbas Mastan used this inspiration in the best possible way and came up with a well directed movie which keeps you glued to your seat from the first scene itself.

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17 Mar 2008 / Comments ( 6 )
Raj Vardhan
Hello Sir!

According to IMDB,Baazigar is an unofficaial remake of Akira Kurosawa\'s 1960 movie called \'THE BAD SLEEP WELL\'.

The description of the story in just three lines is enough to know that Baazigar is indeed was inspired from it.
Bobby Sing

Hi Raj Vardhan,
Thanks for the info, but if you have seen A KISS BEFORE DYING then you would be knowing that BAAZIGAR takes a lot from it for sure.
The plot of 'THE BAD SLEEP WELL' is similar only in terms of revenge but A KISS BEFORE DYING has a lot to do in terms of inspiration as written in the article.

But anyway keep writing in with such info as always.


Both movies are adaptation of 1950 novel A kiss Before Dying. So no one copied or inspired.

It\'s just like we have Othello from Shakespeare and there are many adaptations of it.

Bobby Sing

Dear AJ,
The term adaptation is used when a book or source is officially adapted with rights.
Or it is used when you adapt from something which is in Public domain like Shakespeare or Rabindranath Tagore for which rights are not required.

However when a movie is made unofficially taking the content from either a novel or any other film then it is called inspired or copied as per the similarities found in it.

Now in this particular case I don't think anything from 1950 can be considered as Public domain.
Moreover as per IMDB both the films made in 1956 and 1991 are officially adapted from the novel as mentioned on their respective pages having the same title.

Therefore where both the English movies are adaptations, the Hindi one remains a highly inspired movie taking the content unofficially.




Your points are valid but saying the movie is copied when there is a novel available on same subject is being judgemental.

The same case was with recent show P.O.W. when people started claiming that it\'s a copy of Homeland. But originally Homeland and P.O.W. both are remake of Israeli show Hatufim.

I think credit should be given where it\'s due.

We still behave we live in Colonial era.

Bobby Sing

Dear AJ,
I am writing that after watching both the films and that should say it all.
Moreover since the credits need to be given where required...... not giving them intentionally hiding it both from the original creator as well as the public is called Copying illegally.


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