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Balraj, My Brother - By Bhisham Sahni (Book Review By Bobby Sing)


Balraj My Brother - Book Review By Bobby Sing

After going through an enriching experience of reading Balraj Sahni’s autobiography written like an honest seeker on the path, it was really a pleasure looking at the same life experiences through a different perspective of his younger brother, the renowned (Hindi) writer Bhisham Sahni. And the reputed author very affectionately remembers ‘the most natural actor of Hindi Cinema’ having a rare, multi-talented and socially aware personality as his personal source of strength in the book “Balraj, My Brother”.

Beginning from their early childhood Bhisham Sahni talks all about Balraj’s learning days in Lahore, at Sevagram with Mahatma Gandhi and then his return from England, entering the World of Cinema in Bombay. The last few chapters of the book take you into the veteran’s insightful final years, his unexpected personal losses, the respect & recognition earned not only in the film world but in the intellectual circles too after he gave his unexpectedly enlightening speech at the Jawaharlal Nehru University of Delhi in November 1972. And then it ends, remembering the most generous, warm hearted, rebellious yet responsible family man post his sudden, sad demise on 13th April 1973. The festival day, which is widely celebrated as “Visaakhi / Baisaakhi” by the Punjabi community all over Punjab and which also had a deep connection with the thinking actor and his future plans about how he wished to spend his remaining years.

For the present generation, which might not be familiar with the name and may not have seen even a single performance of the maestro given in all those outstanding films, Balraj Sahni is remembered as one of the most accomplished actors ever seen in the history of Hindi Cinema. And the gifted man was one of those rare blessed creative artists who didn’t follow a dualistic life and remained the same both in his inner and outer world always like an honest person. So if you ever wish to know about a Real Artist who remained a Real Human too throughout his life full of shifting interests, then do read this great piece of personal expression by Bhisham Sahni about his admirable elder brother, the legendary Balraj Sahni. A document, which indeed has got a lot to teach about the relationship between society, art and artist in an introspective manner.
The 154 pages book is a part of the National Biography Series of National Book Trust of India, which brings forward some well written life-sketches of prominent Indian personalities chosen from various fields. 
Balraj My Brother by Bhisham Sahni
Published by National Book Trust of India, (Pages 154 – Paperback)
For the article on Balraj Sahni’s Autobiography (available online) please click the link below :

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13 Feb 2014 / Comment ( 2 )
Smita Sharma

very impressed to read about my favourite actor , i hav heard he was a very good poet would love to read poetries written by him, none of his poetries are found on any of the website if you could help

Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot Smita Sharma for your kind appreciation.
Have his books in Punjabi language but will keep you posted as I get something on his poetry. Though I know he wrote short stories more often in English and Hindi too.
Keep Visiting and Writing in.

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