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Bandini (1963) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Love Theme)

31 Jan, 2008 | Movies To See Before You Die / Love Theme

Bandini - Bobby Talks Cinema.com

A sensitive portrayal of a women’s character and her loyalty for love directed by one of the 10 top film makers of India, Bimal Roy. Rated as one of his finest works, the movie talks about true love and its sacrifices. It represents the power of Indian Traditional Values still deep rooted in our living styles.

Nutan will be remembered forever as “Bandini”, a women who knows how to honor the commitments made in life. She truly takes you inside a woman’s heart and you can feel the hardships she is suffering in the changing circumstances. Specially the climax of the movie which beautifully shows the dilemma Nutan is facing, since she has to make a decision of choosing between her moral duty and her lover. The voice of S. D. Burman in the background, and the soothing melody, really makes it a poetic experience, not to be missed at any cost. You will have to see it to experience the emotions.
Directed By Bimal Roy
Starring : Nutan, Ashok Kumar & Dharmendera
Music By S. D. Burman

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