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Bean - The Movie (1997) / Rat Race (2001) / Johny English (2003) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Comedy)

19 Dec, 2007 | Movies To See Before You Die / Comedy

He is one of his own kind and famous all over the world in children and adults equally. The incomparable, famous funny hero of the evergreen hit serial “Mr. Bean” with the real name of Rowan Atkinson.

Apart from the immensely popular T.V. Serial, these are his three full length movies not to be missed from Rowan.
In “Bean -The Movie” he tries to save an antique painting in the National Art Gallery and messes it all. The breaking in scenes in the museum are highly entertaining.
In “Rat Race” he hilariously gets asleep while he is walking and running, but still manages to contest a race with others running away.
And in “Johny English” he is a detective having another female associate, chasing the bad elements.
All the three movies are pure fun for all in the family. Comedy, at its best with Mr. Bean.
Director : Jerry Zucker (Rat Race), Peter Howitt (Johny English), Mel Smith (Bean) 
Starring : The One & Only Rowan Atkinson with others.

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