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Before Sunset (2004) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Love Theme)

24 Nov, 2009 | Movies To See Before You Die / Love Theme

(Should be ideally watched after seeing its first part - Before Sunrise, also reviewed in the subsequent post)

 A sequel to “Before Sunrise”, the movie starts after 9 years from the day, when two strangers met on the train and spent a few hours together. Now, once again, destiny brings them in front of each other with their different personas, new outlooks and changed attitudes. The man is now married and known as a famous writer, who has written a book based on those few hours of experiences he had with the stranger girl nine years back. And the girl, still single, now works for an environment protection organization, which gives her an opportunity to work in different parts of the world with different people. The mindsets have changed and the preferences have been altered, but still the same spark of love is very much alive in their hearts which brightens up as they unexpectedly meet after so many years.
With only a few hours left to spend together, they stroll through the streets of Paris, talking about the good old time they had once enjoyed and the nine long years they had lived differently. Sharing their intimate experiences of life, they try to find out the reasons why they didn’t meet after six months as promised and whether they still have the same feelings for each other or not. The spirited talks between the two are more like a well written thesis on the subject of Love and Relationships which is surely capable of changing the way one values the feeling of Love in his life. Their discussion makes you remember all those lovable old friends, whom you have not met from so many years but are still there in your loving memories.
However, here I would also like to mention that “Before Sunrise” or “After Sunrise” are not recommended for the viewers who are just looking for a good time with the same old dosage of love, sex and drama. The movies are strictly for the mature lovers of cinema who are willing to study them as two important and spiritual books written on the subject of love. Incidentally “Before Sunset” was also deservingly nominated in the Oscars for its commendable screenplay and writing.
In few words, these two movies give you the real meaning of those “Unexplained Loving Relationships” which one experiences while moving on the path of life. Besides that, they also introduce you to some new emotional expressions of the soul, which cannot be found in any of the normal dictionaries of the world.

Hence if you want to move ahead of a “Man-Woman Relationship” and really want to discover a new meaning of the most commonly used word “Love”, then you must see these two movies together in one go. And I am sure every viewer will find a different meaning of his own after watching them.
Directed By Richard Linklater
Starring : Ethan Hawke & Julie Delpy

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24 Nov 2009 / Comment ( 2 )

hii...both of these movies r my one of the most fav....once one of my american friend suggested me to watch these movies..i dwnlded it frm net n saw them with my headfones on..and oh my..what an experience!!!!...anyone whoz deeply in love wil enjy these movies a lot...just beautiful dialogues between d two protagonists...they meet, tlk tlk n tlk..n finally fall in luv...superb display of emotions....
These types of movies r seldom made n i would suggest all d romantic-movie lovers to watch these movies back2back..........thnx Bobby for including them in ur list!!!

Bobby Sing

Hi Tabish,
You are very right about both the movies and it would be great if one can watch them at one go.
Thanks for writing in and Keep visiting...


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