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Being John Malkovich (1999) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Adventure)

24 Oct, 2013 | Movies To See Before You Die / Adventure

Cinema as an art of story-telling, often gives us many new insights into the unvisited realms of imagination. But very rarely comes a film, sharing a completely novel, fascinating, creative as well as engaging story idea which straight away forces us to dive into the deep sea of fantasy with a new vision. BEING JOHN MALKOVICH is unarguably one of those inventive films. which are funny as well as wonderful in their fabulous execution of a brilliant idea, never tried before. Now for many, the basic premise of the film might turn out to be purely silly, impossible or weird. However for others, it might be quite original, fresh and something reminding them of stories like “Alice in Wonderland”.
Featuring many first rate performances from the well-known actors, the film is a wonderfully crafted piece of creativity which despite having so many complications, still successfully manages to keep you engrossed in a mesmerizing way throughout. Beginning with a five feet tall mid-floor called 7½ in a building, at first it all seems to be quite absurd and illogical. But once its basic plot of a mind portal gets revealed, the content simply starts entertaining the viewer like a magical adventure journey and one really feels like having numerous cunning ideas in his thoughts, related to the matchless concept.
Disclosing it bizarre yet highly amusing plot with an indicative instance, just imagine that one fine day you unintentionally find a big black hole in your office wall, hidden behind a cabinet. It seems to be the door of a dark tunnel going to somewhere and you eagerly wish to discover where it actually goes or ends. Now entering in it, you are at once sucked in and then find yourself in the mind of your favourite movie star (for the next 15 minutes), be it Amitabh Bachchan or one of the Khans ruling the charts today. Reaching the mind of your loved celebrity, now you can exactly see what he is seeing through his open eyes and also listen to what he planning to do next dealing with the people around.
Being there, you meet all the other co-stars he is working with looking through his eye-holes and get to meet his family members too in his own private moments spent in his home. Having explored the newly found secret door, you further try to earn some big amount of money by exploiting this rare discovery and begin charging from anyone who wishes to spend 15 minutes in the mind of that famous actor exclusively. As the news spreads by the word of mouth, there is a long line in your office to experience this unthinkable kind of journey and money starts flowing in like anything.
This is in fact the inventive, illogical but interesting subject of BEING JOHN MALKOVICH and the secret portal in it takes you straight into the mind of veteran Hollywood actor John Malkovich who later discovers that something fishy is certainly going on in his mind, as it often tends to go beyond his control. The sequences when a person is there in John's mind looking through his eyes are superbly conceived by some creative camera movements and one just feels like seeing everything from within the body of John Malcovich following the incredible vision of director Spike Jonze and his creative team.
So if the above mentioned plot seems to be quite new or interesting and you really want to know what happens next with the rare mind portal? Then do watch this completely different film based on a daring thought and have a good time visiting the mind of John Malkovich through the magic door.
Directed By Spike Jonze
Starring : John Cusack, John Malkovich, Cameron Diaz and Catherine Keener.

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