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Bhuvan Shome (1969) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama)

02 Oct, 2007 | Movies To See Before You Die / Drama

A Mrinal Sen's National Award winning, black and white thoughtful drama, BHUVAN SHOME is a treat to watch with a minimal setup of less than 5 key characters portraying a simple plotline. Based on the Bengali story with the same title penned by Balai Chand Mukhopadhyay (popularity known by the name of Banophul), it revisits the lost innocence of the era when life used to be so simple and unaware lived in the remote villages, still unaffected by the cunning monetary world of the metros. 
Revolving around the key character of an insensitive or hard-hearted Bengali officer working in The Indian Railways, BHUVAN SHOME strongly reminds us that there is a whole new world to explore beyond our set daily routine and a fixed official circle or all known faces. It reminds us that we do need to consciously break this set monotonous pattern at intervals moving out of our known comfort zone as a step towards self-realization or may be just for a plain adventure rejuvenating the mind, body and soul all together. 
Bhuvan in the film goes through such unexpected transformation visiting a village in Gujarat and experiences a completely different beautiful life meeting the innocent, unselfish people, animals, birds and the mother-nature. His time spent with the young Gauri teaches him new poetic chapters of life never felt or read before and he returns to the office as a completely different Shome who now knows how to value and support the people around with love and empathy. 
With an outstanding cinematography capturing both the city and the landscapes, BHUVAN SHOME was the first Hindi film by Mrinal Sen made on a limited budget provided by the NFDC. The film established him a major revolutionary filmmaker of India and is also widely credited for initiating the ‘New Wave Cinema’ movement in India in the late 60s. Besides introducing the talented Suhasini Mulay as the spirited Gauri (whom you might recall watching in many recent films playing the mother), it more importantly reveals how supremely talented the veteran Utpal Dutt was, who unfortunately is more remembered for his comic roles or recalled as a comedian by the majority of Hindi film lovers. 
Featuring another first, BHUVAN SHOME also had the voice over of Amitabh Bachchan (making his debut in the film-world before SAAT HINDUSTANI), beginning a tradition still followed by the industry calling Bachchan for the opening commentary in their major mega ventures even in the new millennium.
Depicting the life of villagers living far away from the crazy chaos of the crowded sickening towns (pointing towards the rural-urban divide in India), BHUVAN SHOME makes a powerful impact that might force you to look upon your own chaotic lives asking for a much required peaceful relief since long.
In all, this is certainly not going to be an easily forgettable film and you got to see it to know why it bagged 3 National Awards of Best Actor - Utpal Dutt, Best Director - Mrinal Sen and The Best Movie in the year 1969. To say the least, it’s a not to be missed gem for true lovers of the new-wave artistic cinema that actually began in Hindi films post trendsetting, much-admired projects as BHUVAN SHOME.
Directed By Mrinal Sen
Starring Utpal Dutt & Suhasini Mulay

(*Rewritten with additions in June 2018)

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02 Oct 2007 / Comments ( 4 )
jamil dalvi

Which is an extra ordinary film. I feel sorry for the people who does not have creative mind. They very few directors who gives classic film. I have a craze for art film. Location of the film is remote village. The cast are excellent. The subject of the film is very simple which has shot in a natural atmosphere. My hat off to the Director, Writer, Cast and all shooting Crew

Jamil Dalvi

Bobby Sing

It surely is an extra ordinary film Jamil Dalvi and I really wish more and more people find the vision to watch it essentially.

With a hope that it reaches the most deserved audience.



For all like minded friends -   1.  It is based on the bengali story (same name) by the master story teller - Balaichand Mukhopadhyay ( better known by pen name - Banophul ) 2. The narration was given by Amitabh Bachhan, even before he became the Amitabh Bachchan. (Sir, it would be great to have a short write up from you on this... Awaiting for another treat of your inner views )

Bobby Sing

Thanks for the addition Avik.
(Actually all these initial short write-ups on films were actually written for a DVD rental website in the initial years of the new millennium. So they are just to the point without the details. Would love to update them with more info, but lets see, when time allows me to do so.)

Keep Visiting and Writing in.

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