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CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR (English/Hindi) - Excelling in its action, focusing on mutual relationships, it somehow turns out to be less exciting than expected. (Review By Bobby Sing)
10 May, 2016 | Movie Reviews / 2016 Releases

Becoming its foremost appreciable point of distinction, the latest superhero movie rises much above the usual format of saving the world from an evil power, as this time it actually talks about real loss of innocent lives in the operations undertaken by The Avengers and they are officially held accountable for the same too giving it a reality touch.
Post a disastrous blast resulting in more than 100 casualties, the group of major governments around the world demands a strict control over them and their operations and thus proposes to bring them under the direct control of UNO with an immediate effect. The Avengers have a difference of opinion within themselves upon signing the agreement and that’s what forms the major point of conflict splitting them into two teams.
The second notable difference in this mega venture is its emphasis on emotional aspect of the relationships along with the usual witty one-liners which results in a much mature product in comparison incorporating deep guilt and loyalty depicting the key characters. Despite having a big ensemble of superheroes, here everyone nicely gets his or her decent share of attention and the humour superbly works in the sequences focusing on the young Spidey and Ant-man in particular. Apart from the known icons led by Captain America and Iron Man (including Hawkeye, Black Widow, Scarlett Witch, War Machine, Falcon & Vision) we have the mysterious Black Panther too making his presence felt.
With a not so pacy first half, the film has some engaging, well-crafted action sequences coming at intervals giving more time to interactions between its various characters presenting it as a human drama. But the terrific finale clash between the two teams at a deserted airport simply wins you over becoming the most memorable part of the movie, including good elements of fun provided by Spidey and Ant-man together. So this particular section of the film does bring you on to the edge of your seats before moving back to the same routine open-ending hinting towards a reunion to be featured in the next installment of the series.
The performances are as powerful as the mind blowing action with the cinematography and background score taking it to another level specifically in the airport smack-down sequences before the climax. Having said that, the pace still keeps dropping at regular intervals and one misses that alarming urgency and tension normally expected from such mega superhero films featuring them all together. With a deliberate focus on human emotions and a welcome realistic plot, CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR is sure going to be loved by the viewers who are well familiar with all the iconic characters and their individual background stories. But it might not be a thoroughly enjoyable masterpiece for the ones who are just there to experience a fast-paced, adventurous superhero film like a roller coaster ride.
Personally I really appreciated the novel human angle incorporated in the film close to reality but was probably looking for a much more fun-filled, exciting, action oriented thriller that was there, but only in parts.
Rating : 3.5 / 5

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