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CHAK DE! INDIA (2007) - A must watch new age classic and its discouraging similarities with MIRACLE (2004).

11 Aug, 2008 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / C / Movies To See Before You Die / Sports Movies

‘Sports movies’ has always been a genre rarely chosen by film-makers in India and CHAK DE! INDIA stands tall among the few sports based movies made in the 100 years of our history of cinema unarguably. The film has been directed with a focused vision without keeping in mind the famous lover boy image of the big star featuring in it i.e. Shahrukh Khan. And the actor strongly proves his every critic wrong in a powerful performance along with the entire ensemble of well chosen girls and supporting cast. 

However, respecting the quality movie made by Shimit Amin on a difficult subject (as far as Hindi movies are concerned), here I would sadly like to add that despite being a worth watching gem, “Chak De! India” also remains a highly inspired film from the Hollywood movie “Miracle” (2004).  And ironically the English flick is also all about the life of a Ice Hockey Coach played by Kurt Russell, taking some sequences from "The Mighty Ducks" (1992) too.

Now it is said that the Hindi version is based on the life of Indian hockey coach Mir Ranjan Negi, who led the women’s team to victory which might be true in the real sense. But the truth remains that its entire style of film-making, the writing and many sequences in the film heavily resemble the English Flicks without any doubt.

To make you believe surprisingly, here are the similarities.

1. If “Chak De! India” is based on the life of “Negi”, then “Miracle” was based on US hockey coach Herb Brooks.

2. In “Chak De! India” its girls hockey team brought together form different states of India. The girls are those talented ones who have lost hope of making it in the game.
And in “Miracle” its the boys Ice hockey team wherein the boys are College going talented youngsters who are called from different colleges of various universities of U.S.A.

3. In both the movies the Coach is somehow blamed and could not see the Major Cup Win when he was playing and is now considered a looser.

4. The penalty shot missed by Shahrukh is also there in the same context in "The Mighty Ducks".

5. The first scene where the Shahrukh meets the Selectors in their office for his selection as a Coach is quite similar to the same scene in “Miracle”.

6. The most astonishing is the “motivational sequence” where Shahrukh insists the girls to say that they are playing for India and not for their own states. This is also there in “Miracle” where Kurt Russell punishes his team till the boys say “I play for the United States of America.” Quite Amusing!

7. Both films have players fighting with each other on state & status differences.

8. The main player in both the movies is the Goal Keeper, and in both the screenplays he/she has some problems at home in his/her personal life.

Chek out the plot of “Miracle” at :

Summing up the comparison, no Doubt, “Chak De! India” is a brave, well made, entertaining and motivational Hindi movie not often made. But the real disappointment can be felt when the actual credits are not given, for all the borrowed and inspired content straight taken from the English Flicks.

Still, I would like to congratulate Shahrukh Khan, on agreeing to experiment with this kind of off-beat venture as that is what we expect from the big star of his stature. In fact, he should now come forward and experiment more with some new exciting plots never filmed before in Hindi Cinema.


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11 Aug 2008 / Comments ( 9 )
Rahul- CBS

The movie has also lifted so many sequences from "Remember the Titans" -

bollywood is really talented in lifting americans music or movies, more you notice the more you will find the mixture of movies in bollywood movies = shame !


Its true Mostly bollywood film copy from Hollywood , if you check even the name(bollywood).When i have time i always watching Hollywood movies,because they mostly 99% are original.IF i frankly say i dont like Bollywood movies,even i don\'t remember which bollywood movie i saw earlier........... shame you bollywood..shame you.......

Bobby Sing

Thanks Kamlesh for your comment.....and Keep Visiting!

Chak de india is also inspired from the korean movie Forever The Moment. CDI has similarities with Miracle but i think sport sequences are inspired from korean movie which was a true story. I think korean movie ending is better than other two.
Bobby Sing

Thanks Dinuth87 for your info...But I would only be able to comment after watching the Korean Movie...

Would get back to you surely after watching it.


Chak de India movie is also inspired from 2006 Hollywood movie \"Believe in Me\". Most of the screenplay you can see the similarities.
Coaching a girl\'s team
Match between girls team and boys team
@kamlesh Many Hollywood movies are NOT original.You should have checked imdb before saying 99%. Hollywood also does not Credit all its Remakes.
Deepak Baghel
I am a big fan of Shahrukh sir this movie inspire me, in the last scene his expression(Maula mere lele meri jaan) are unmatchable to the others. Chak de india is a best sports and inspirational movie
Bobby Sing

Its certainly a very fine and well intentioned film Deepak but at the same time highly inspired too.
Keep Visiting and Writing in.

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