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CHARGESHEET - Movie Review : It doesn't deserve a review but only respect and good wishes for the spirited Dev Anand. (By Bobby Sing)

02 Oct, 2011 | Movie Reviews / 2011 Releases

Before watching CHARGESHEET and then daringly going for reviewing it, one has to keep in mind that this is not a film from an ordinary man of our Indian Film Industry. In fact this is a film from one of the most dashing personalities of his times for whom girls used to go for unbelievable extremes in those golden years of his youth. A multi-talented creative person who has been associated with many 'must watch outstanding gems' which are now considered among the Best Movies made in Indian Cinema till date including GUIDE, JEWEL THIEF, HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA, TERE MERE SAPNE, HUM DONO & many more.

The man, popularly known as DEV ANAND, is now enjoying his life, doing all the things he loves in a wonder age of 88. It’s nothing other than a miracle that a person is conceiving, writing, producing, directing and even acting in his own film at the age of 88. Honestly speaking I haven’t met or seen anyone doing such kind of work at this age, in my entire life till date. And for that I simply salute DEV ANAND saab for his undying working spirit and his true love for cinema.

But talking about the movie CHARGESHEET, which can be vaguely termed as an attempted murder mystery, I would like to describe it in a different way as the film cannot, should not and need not be reviewed in the usual manner from any angle considering many hard truths of life.

But let me try to explain the statement in the following manner.
We all have our beloved elders in the families trying to deal with their weak physical faculties declining with each new sunrise. We immensely love them all and try to comfort them through every possible means to the best of our abilities. But this old age brings along its own complexities, which in one way can also be considered beautiful as it’s a stage where a person again tends to move back in his childhood and becomes a child. Many a times, old people do certain things or indulge in certain activities which are simply beyond any logic, just like an innocent child’s act done for no reason at all. They often seem to be in a different world altogether expressing their thoughts through some strange unexplainable poetry or writings which are both insightful and weird at the same time.
But we never mind any of their childish activities at all because deep inside we know that its not their own fault, as that’s actually the old age playing its games at the back of their minds. So, knowing the truth, we even love them more in that particular period of time and try to keep them happy fulfilling their every little wish like an adorable child.
Relating the above fact with the subject here, though it might sound as a bitter reality to many but if truth be said, then all DEV ANAND movies in the recent years are just like an outcome of some strange imagination of a child-like old man with a powerful spirit of keep on working. An old child of 88 who simply refuses to sit at home playing with his grand children and instead decides to go on making numerous, un-noticeable, extremely weak films, quite similar to the doodles done by children in their school books when they get bored in their daily classes.
So even when his latest film CHARGESHEET gave me a real tough time in the theater with everything proving way below the minimum levels of a normal film-making style, still I refused to move out of the theater just for the sake of this spirited old man called DEV ANAND.
Similar to his movies made in the last two decades, this is also nothing more than a loving old man’s ROUGH DOODLES written through the medium of camera, which literally remain meaningless if taken as a film experience. But even then, I truly did not mind seeing CHARGESHEET since it was the outcome of all the hard work done by a creative personality bravely and heroically making movies at the age of 88.
No, as a true reviewer I cannot recommend my readers to go for this movie in the theaters in any case. But as a creative person myself I would like to end this write-up with an honest wish that “If in case I am also granted a long life reaching the age of 88, then I would certainly like to spend those years working on the projects I love, exactly like DEV ANAND Saab is doing at this moment living his every new gifted morning with more work to do........ and I would simply love to die on one of my working days only.”
My respect, towards the unbelievable, undying spirit of this man called DEV ANAND.
Ratings : The film doesn’t need to be given any ratings, but the effort rightly deserves our Salute and True Wishes for the Man himself. 

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02 Oct 2011 / Comments ( 4 )

Well, your insight on old age is very nice and it is inspiring to see Dev saab still involved with films...i bow before him for keeping the flame alive...and thanks for such a wonderful and humanly review.

Bobby Sing

Thanks for understading my viewpoint Phalguni and thanks for your kind words too.
Keep Visiting and writing in.


Thanks for reviewing boby...lets take it positive way...but i think Dev Saab need to take opinions from around for his next project....

Bobby Sing

Yeah Dharmesh, Dev Saab indeed needs to take some outside opinions and expert help......But as I have felt and also know personally......... its like explaining a child crying for his promised toy that its late in the evening and all the shops have closed. The child never gets this point ever and then we have to find another ways to please him.
Still I love Dev Saab for his HUGE contribution to the Indian Cinema which would live forever....


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