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CHEESECAKE (Web-Series) - Because DOGS have a way of filling the emptiness, you do not even know you have. (Notes By Bobby Sing)

03 Dec, 2019 | Movie Reviews / 2019 Releases

A few years back, I was asked to write an article on my interpretation of GOD by a spiritual magazine. I frankly expressed that would not be able to do that but can surely write about something which has similar qualities and is interestingly also known with the reverse spellings of GOD. The editor was quite surprised but she was willing to publish it and I wrote an autobiographical account of my experiences with the living GOD universally known with the exact reverse alphabets as DOG.
Thinking about the names, we usually quote Shakespeare saying ‘What’s in a name?” – But even that statement cannot be quoted without Shakespeare's name.

So the names given to various things and beings certainly have some kind of hidden and unknown meaning for sure. And the fact gets proved when we realize why DOG is spelt in reverse order of GOD, living a few precious years with it.
For friends interested in reading the piece written for the magazine, here it is at the link given below:
While writing that article, the only film I had in mind was the classic HACHI (2009), which remained closest to my personal expressions related with the 12 lovable years lived with our Labrador named Sufi. And the not to be missed film is about an amazing, unbelievable and out of this world true story of a blessed dog’s loving, spiritual relationship with his master. Having said that, I still wished a film someday tells a lot more, specifically pointing towards how a dog brings in the most wanted change in a household getting all the family members together like never before.
You can read the write-up on the unmissable film HACHI at the following link, but please do watch it as a must, even if you don't prefer to click and read the article:
Luckily and thankfully, the message I wished to be there in HACHI has been prominently and beautifully expressed in the new web-series CHEESECAKE. And it’s the series in which TVF, its writers and Jeetu Bhaiya (Jeetendra), nail it once again post the widely appreciated YEH MERI FAMILY and KOTA FACTORY (write-ups on both are also available at BTC).
Accepting an important truth, its certainly nothing less than a commendable achievement in the present scenario to come up with such series on heart-warming slice-of-life subjects without bowing down to the in-trend and much exciting genres of crime, sex, comedy and controversial bio-pics.
Based on the month long life-changing experiences of a working couple dealing with a lost, adorable dog for the first time in their life, CHEESECAKE has its limitations of a slow-routine start and a predictable story progression. But it’s enlightening and heart touching sequences in every episode (post the first) rightly compensate for that. Besides, a surprising and delightful climax along with a thoughtful insertion of a famous Hindi film song enhances everything in the end bringing a big smile on your face filled with joyful tears.
The series does remind you of films like MARLEY & ME (2008), but I am not giving you its storyline here as I have no idea why reviewers go on wasting complete paragraphs on revealing the entire story of a film/series and for what purpose? For me that is not what a review should do, unless unavoidable to prove a specific point. 
Directed by Palash Vaswani, though I wished the five part series of just around 2.5 hours had many more scenes focusing on the dog and his intimacy with the protagonists. Still, I would strongly like to recommend watching CHEESECAKE for its loving subject, well-written dialogues and performances by Jitendra Kumar, Akanksha Thakur and Kumar Varun. Particularly cherish the sequences featuring Mahesh Manjrekar and Ashwini Kalsekar in their important cameos. And I am sure this must have been one of those rare projects that would have taught every person in the team some precious truths about life and its real meaning.
Lastly, I don’t know whether this is being read by a dog-lover or not. 
But in case you are, then you will readily understand what I tried to express in the autobiographical article in the link shared above and the present write-up.
However if not, then would love to convey that you are just one step away from experiencing one of the greatest blessings of existence and missing an opportunity to re-establish a loving bond with every family member of yours through a being who can neither speak or converse in any verbal language.
Because as said in the film…….. DOGS have a way of filling the emptiness; you don’t even know you have. 
So watch it as a must...... and if possible ……. bring home one, to feel the blessed magic at least once in your granted life time and thank me later! 

Rating : 3.5 + 0.5 / 5 (with the additional 0.5 for taking up a difficult subject with a valuable message that might help many watching it just at the right time) 

Note : The series is available at MX Player app and website - without any subscription charges.

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