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CHEF - A sweet, emotional film that needs to be seen taking the teenage kids along. (Beyond The Review by Bobby Sing)
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The detailed review of CHEF by Bobby Sing can be read at the following link @UCNews app/portal.


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Shared below are views - Beyond the initial write-up with more interesting insights.
As mentioned in the review this is an official adaptation from Jon Favreau’s Hollywood movie with the same title, but still is a different film having its own identity revolving around almost the same characters.
The English CHEF largely uses TWITTER and social networking as its base for all the story developments but the Hindi version uses that only occasionally without giving it any major importance (that actually needs to be done in our real lives too). The sequences of father-son travel to Delhi, Amritsar with an insightful reference of ‘Guru ka Langar’ and their emotional interactions remain the major highlight of the film that sadly ends on the same routine ‘indicative family reunion’ note.
Where the English film is mostly an ‘all men’ movie, the Hindi version has got the warmth of a mother and that’s what makes it much more emotional than the original.
As a partial road movie it also gives you an important message of TRAVEL being the best teacher of the world and a traveller knowing much more than a person spending most of his life in the same place.
Lastly this is a rare positive film that has no negative characters as such in its script and essentially needs to be seen taking the teenage kids along spending a good time together.
Music remaining its biggest downer, this is also a new-age multiplex Hindi film that cannot even be titled with Hindi or Urdu words such as BAWARCHI or KHAANSAAMA translating the original one. So the title remains CHEF (as in the English film) targeting a specific section of audience accepting our questionable issues created with our own languages.
Rating : 3 / 5

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Awsome Review !
Bobby Sing

Thanks Kandhula.
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