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CHILLAR PARTY - Movie Review : Watch it with your kids at the earliest and have a good time. (Review By Bobby Sing) (Movies To See Before You Die - Comedy / Children's Film)

03 Aug, 2011 | Movie Reviews / 2011 Releases / Movies To See Before You Die / Comedy

Chillar Party - Bobby Talks Cinema.com

Our Bollywood and its viewers work in a strange manner. Here at one end, a film full of abuses and highly objectionable dialogues (Delhi Belly) is appreciated by the audience like a great idea and on the other an enjoyable & meaningful children film endorsed by Salman Khan himself, doesn’t become the first option of the viewers on its release. In fact, it was really a great gesture by Salman to come forward in support of the film in such a way. But even that wasn’t sufficient in influencing the viewers to go for CHILLAR PARTY. May be they would have been interested only if Salman was featuring in the film.

Anyway, in this whole process, the kids remained at the losing end as their parents didn’t feel like taking them for the film which in reality was a must-take lesson for them too. Here I would also like to blame the publicity campaign of the film which wrongly focused more on the naked kids in their under-wears and less on the Dog, who is the main subject of its storyline. If you see its posters again then the Dog gets lost in the 8 kids and one cannot get an idea that the film has something to do with it. So, I strongly feel that had the promos and posters focused more on the Kids relationship with the Dog, it would have got more audience.
As of now CHILLAR PARTY remains a film which scores just short of an outstanding one and still has many enjoyable moments and a message too for the grown-ups. And that is what converts it into a must watch flick for all the families having kids in this particular age group. It’s a story of a gang of kids living together in a society and their sweet & sour relationship with a street kid and his dog. The first hour of the film is just fine till the kids are having their mutual conflicts with the new entrants. So the film actually starts when they all become together as a team and get a cause to fight for it with their full force.
The moment the war starts within the kids and the Politician backed by few people of their own society, the film gets into its fourth gear. And then the fifth gear comes in the last T.V. interview sequence which teaches a new lesson to every grown up watching it casually. Actually it’s the final hour of the film which transforms it into a worth watching experience and in between the comic scenes maintain the tempo perfectly. Particularly the sequence when the kids start speaking the street language and the scenes with their friend having an unusual voice.
The director duo Nitesh Tiwari and Vikas Bahl keep the flow of the film going and then they really excel in its second half. Getting such honest and impressive performance from a group of kids is not an easy job. So, they deserve full marks for their mutual effort which works really well. However I felt that the soundtrack and its placement could have been better as required by a children film.
Nevertheless, CHILLAR PARTY gives us two important messages for a better social living. Firstly it loudly declares that in the minds of our future generations, class system of our society has no value as such. The young kids are not ready to accept the Class Divisions between the Rich and the Poor. For them a kid washing their father’s car in the morning has the same importance as their school going friend living next door. And they do give a thought about his health and his living conditions too.
Secondly, the film clearly conveys that the children have more love and affection for all the speechless animals around them than the grown-ups in their families. Their souls can feel more closeness to the innocent pets since they don’t really expect anything back from them in return. The kids brilliantly portray this true love for their new friends in the film which eventually wins your heart in the end and you walk out with a big smile on your face. Every kid in the group is superb and contributes his own bit to the overall impact of the film. And that’s another reason why CHILLAR PARTY becomes a must watch for all.
After watching it I only had one question in mind and it was that How the government decides a movie to be made TAX-FREE? What are the rules and the conditions required for the government to take a call, that yes this film deserves to be TAX-FREE and Who actually has been given this duty to inform them that here is a film which can be considered for this special concession. Because if films like CHILLAR PARTY cannot fulfill the conditions to be a TAX-FREE film for the society, then I don’t know which film can. So don’t wait for it being given an exemption by the government and watch it with your kids at the earliest as we don’t make many good Hindi children's films very often.
Ratings : 3.5 + 0.5 / 5 (with the extra 0.5 since it needs great courage to make a children's film in today's business minded world.)

(And for the same reason, I would also like to add it to my "Movies To See Before You Die" list since we dont make such films even in years just for the kids and thus the attempt deserves a big appreciation from all.)

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03 Aug 2011 / Comment ( 2 )
baljit singh

Emotionally saying- this film shows the soft heart of childrens who want to go through any difficulty to help their friend, which 1 is missing as they grown up and became adult.

Bobby Sing

Very right Baljit,
If this quality is taken right into the adult days then the world can be much better to live in.
Thanks for your comment and Keep Writing in,


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