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CHOPSTICKS (Hindi/Netflix) - Yet another average attempt to recreate the magic of KHOSLA KA GHOSLA. (Review By Bobby Sing)

01 Jun, 2019 | Movie Reviews / 2019 Releases

A few years back Abhay Deol had almost earned an image of doing worth watching, off-beat projects breaking the set pattern, but for reasons unknown, he couldn’t maintain or build up upon the same. As a result we saw quite a few average to mediocre films of his in the recent times and the present CHOPSTICKS is no exception in the list delivering nothing fresh or entertaining despite having an interesting premise.
Beginning on a promising note introducing the lead character of Nirma Sahastrabuddhi well enacted by Mithila Palkar, the film actually commences when her brand new car gets stolen by an imposter posing as the parking man and she reaches the door of a weird conman for help called Artist played by Abhay Deol. From here onwards their struggle begins to get the car back from a local car-mafia-don (Vijay Raaz), strongly reminding you of the similar premise of the brilliant KHOLSA KA GHOSLA that focused on a land-plot instead of the car.
Sadly, the writing as well as the execution along with all half-baked and unconvincing characterisations stand nowhere near the cult classic of the new millennium and CHOPSTICKS is just another mediocre attempt to recreate the same magic.
Touted as a first of its kind – original Hindi film by Netflix, this strangely has no thrill or excitement even when we have a professional Mumbai conman in the script doing all the planning with the girl to get her car back. Moreover (along with many weird additions) the writers strangely add a very absurd kind of sub-plot (of a goat) in the later part of story that fails to provide you the entertainment usually expected from a conman movie. The pace remains the same throughout, missing the much required thrill or fun quotient and the direction (by Sachin Yardi) doesn’t make you feel for or connected with any of the characters on screen including the leading ones.
At times a few interesting and sweet sequences (particularly towards the end) do successfully win your attention. But they are not sufficient enough to convert the film into an even above average con drama providing the expected entertainment. So you can try these CHOPSTICKS only if you have no alternate subscriptions of many other famous movie portals or would like to see it as a fan of either Abhay or Vijay Raaz.
Rating : 2.5 / 5

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