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CLICK : A poor version of the Asian Horror Masterpiece SHUTTER, with final touches inspired from THE RING and Hitchcock's PSYCHO. (Review By Bobby Sing)

19 Feb, 2010 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / C / Movie Reviews / 2010 Releases

The Inspiration hitch continues in Bollywood with another horror movie taking its entire content from the various sources of World Cinema. And how un-interesting and un-inspiring, it makes to write a review of a movie which is not at all original in the first place. I frankly feel that reviewing a movie like “Click” is just like commenting over a painting which is just a copy of some other master’s original work. Still here is the review for all the friends who want to know more about this latest horror flick coming from our dear bollywood.

The movie makes a shaky start as there is a long song coming with the opening titles followed by another one in the disco. It still remains a mystery to me that even after the evident development in Indian Cinema, why the directors intentionally go on adding so many songs and that too in a horror movie. The opening scenes of the lead pair in the photo shoot and all the friends meeting at the discotheque give you a strong indication of a feebly directed movie coming ahead. And that’s rightly proved in the later reels when the viewer is served with very few horrifying sequences accompanied by some unimpressive graphical representation of the haunting spirit. In fact it was quite strange to see the good old Ramsay’s white dressed lady back on the screen with a white chalky face and open hair in a movie which had some remarkable sources to copy from.

The story revolves around a photographer and his girlfriend who have a nasty road accident killing a young girl passing through. In a panic they leave the injured girl lying on the road and forget about the incident. But after a few days, they both start noticing strange things happening in the photographs clicked by the photographer which in turn leads them to the hidden dark secrets of their past. Sadly the real action starts only post intermission when the girl insists on investigating the actual truth behind the photographs. Before that the build-up is not that convincing as it should be which in turn leads to an unsatisfied viewer in the end.

Moreover if you are die-hard fan of the horror genre then you must have already seen all the spooky scenes of Click in the various other masterpieces. The director Sangeeth Sivan, takes his entire storyline from the Thai Hit “Shutter”, adds some references taken from “The Ring” series and then mixes it with the famous dead body plot of Hitchcock’s Classic “Psycho”. That makes his CLICK ready for the Indian audiences. But that is not a first from the director as his earlier ventures were also all heavily inspired from the Western Hits.

In the performance department, Shreyas Talpade is fine but also looks a little un-interested in few scenes. Sadaa, on the other hand gives an impressive performance as his girl-friend. Sneha Ullal, playing the ghost has got nothing much to do in the narrative. Chunky Pandey, once again delivers an over the top act and rest of the cast just serves the purpose fine.

Ideally the movie only required a good background score, which is thankfully there at the right moments. But all those songs using the Urdu words in their hook lines were simply unimpressive and not at all needed in the script. Cinematography also lacked the mysterious feel required by the ghostly subject.

Summing up, the movie could have been much better as some strong references were there for the director to get inspired from. But he couldn’t deliver an equally engrossing flick if compared with all its original sources. The brilliant twist dealing with the neck pain of the photographer in the story will surely make a more horrifying and lasting impact on the viewer if seen in the original Thai masterpiece, SHUTTER. The said movie was also officially remade in English with the same name, but that too failed to generate a similar impact on the viewers as witnessed in the Thai classic.

In straight words, for all the real horror movie lovers, who must have watched the famous horror classics of the world, there is nothing new in CLICK to enjoy. But in case you love the horror genre but still haven’t seen all the foreign classics mentioned above, then I would like to suggest that go for "Shutter” (Thai), “The Ring” and “Psycho” at the earliest, instead of this poor version called CLICK.

(I still wonder how the Indian Film-makers go on making their INSPIRED Versions so fearlessly, whereas the rest of the world officially takes the rights for it.) 

Rating : 1 / 5

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19 Feb 2010 / Comment ( 2 )
Sunny Boy

It being a horror movie, I went to watch it at my fav time- 1st day last show...
There were some moments when my gf was scared and she was literally in my arms.
And to be honest, that was the only reason I went to watch CLICK.
There is nothing new in the story, as rightly pointed out by Bobbyji.
I wonder how Bobbyji manages to find perfect words to describe the "inspired" Bollywood movies.
Whenever I get disappointed after watching copy-cat cinema, I come here to read its review, and I get a feel-good factor after reading the comments of one of the finest reviewer of modern day cinema.
Great job Bobbyji...

Bobby Sing

Thanks Sunny Boy for your kind words........and do tell your friends about this site too.

And Keep Logging.......your comments keep me in high spirits........Cheers!

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