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Casualties of War (1989) - (Movies To See Before You Die - War Movies)

25 Mar, 2009 | Movies To See Before You Die / War Movies

You may not be a lover of war films (as myself), but I insist on watching this eye opener to feel the pain and hardships faced by the civilians in a war scene. There are many untold secrets of a war, which if told openly can bring mankind to its deepest shame. The movie is about such an unbelievable but true incident during the Vietnam War. A group of 5 military men, in order to have a good time, kidnap a local girl from a village on their way to another war destination. Even after the strong opposition from one member in the group the girl is brutally assaulted and then killed by these men.

Brain De Palma, the reputed director, films the intense moments in this stunning movie as a master. Among the most touching ones is the death scene of the girl on the bridge amidst the bullets shot from all sides. And the trauma faced by the innocent girl makes you think even harder, after the film gets over. Words like World Peace, Global Village, and One Mankind are simply meaningless when these kinds of incidents come out of the carpet.


The title “Casualties of War” points towards an important question that - Who are the real casualties of a war? …..The soldiers who die fighting for their country or people like this girl, who had nothing to do with the war and its consequences. A well made, thought provoking film for the mature audiences and a must watch for the youngsters who sometimes get carried away with the circumstances.

Directed By Brian De Palma

Starring : Michael J. Fox, Sean Penn, Don Harvey, John C. Reilly & more.

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25 Mar 2009 / Comments ( 3 )
Chand Pathak
Hi Bobby

I would like to suggest few more, I am sure lot of people will agree with me:

1. Guns of Navrone
2. The Bridge on River Kwai
3. A Bridge too far
4. Patton
Kanishka Niyogi
Hi there!

You\'ve chosen some really good movies indeed. But, so many good war movies have been made that it\'s impossible to come up with a list that includes all of them. One is bound to miss a few. Like Mr. Chand Pathak I would like to add a few more war movies I really enjoyed watching.

1. Tora! Tora! Tora!
2. Good Morning Vietnam
3. Courage Under Fire
4. All Quiet on the Western Front
5. The Longest Day
6. The Ballad of a Soldier (Russian)
7. A Bridge Too Far
8. The Great Escape
9. From Here to Eternity
10. Platoon
11. Schindler\'s List
12. Apocalypse Now

Hoping to hear from you. Bye!
Bobby Sing

Hi Kanishka,
Thanks for your list but I would like to mention here that for including any movie in the list, one of the basic requirements from my side is that the film should be able to contribute something to our life and personality or it should be really great in the terms of entertainment.

Like I have watched few from the list but havent inlcuded them in the list due to the same reason. Actually techicality of film-making for me comes after many more important points to be considered while selecting a film.
Still I would love to watch all the films in your list and also include more in this category for all friends.

However for your info, "Schindler's List" is already there in the list but in the category of "Biographical Films" as it is based on truthful historical incidents.

Plus I have two pending movies in my list on which I will soon post in the coming weeks and those 2 films are :
1. Full Metal Jacket
2. Paths of Glory


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