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Chapters and not pages need to be written on the phenomenon called KADER KHAN introducing him to the present and upcoming generations - By Bobby Sing

02 Jan, 2019 | Articles on Cinema

Reading numerous articles and posts at social networks post the demise of Kader Khan - the legendary write-actor of Hindi Cinema, I straightaway got reminded of an important chapter of my book DID YOU KNOW Vol.1 written on the legend UTPAL DUTT with the title, Utpal Dutt – not just a comedian.
And here is the next equally important article on exactly similar lines on the scholar-writer-actor KADER KHAN with the tag line: Kader Khan – A phenomenon much more than just a villain or comedian.
In fact there is so much to write about the rare, blessed, well-read legend and his works making a huge contribution in our Hindi cinema and the careers of many renowned stars since the 70s that one would need detailed chapters of a book and not mere pages to include it all, reaching out to the present and upcoming generations.
To be honest, I hate writing OBITUARIES and frankly find it a bit disrespectful coming up with articles immediately after the sad demise of a veteran just for the sake of it. However was forced to write this piece about one of my most beloved icon, as I found so less and so selective being written about him by known journalists/writers and true fans as per their own liking and understanding, missing many important aspects of his career as well as an individual scholarly personality.
To give you a fair idea, the phenomenon called Kader Khan is much bigger than the repeated mention of his ‘graveyard sequence/dialogue’ of MUQADDAR KA SIKANDAR, the delightful bambaiya language of AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY or the entertaining comedy films with Govinda/David Dhawan to be specific. 
Interestingly, even if you do a thorough study of only one film of his i.e. MUQADDAR KA SIKANDAR, you will come to know about his huge incomparable range beginning from the emotionally charged childhood sequences to the spirited references of Memsaab (Rakhee), the poetic expressions of Zohra Bai (Rekha), the witty comic acts of Pyarelal (Ram Sethi) and the wicked local lingo of Dilawar (Amjad Khan), who ironically remains the most underrated character of this action-packed-tragedy led by Sikandar (Amitabh Bachchan), loosely based on the famous classic DEVDAS
As a rare insight, Kader Khan himself admitted (in an interview) to have written his own life experiences in one of the key and longest dialogue of the film when Sikandar is invited on to the stage to say a few words to the public sitting in the theater. Soulfully written as a long dialogue going into many pages, Khan was asked to come from one of his ongoing shoot and shorten it making it more convenient for Amitabh, but he insisted to retain it as it is. Visiting the shoot he narrated it the way he had visualized it to the actor and Amitabh literally had tears in his eyes post the rendition. Well aware of the writer-actor’s impressive dialogue delivery, Amitabh quietly recorded Kader Khan’s emotional narration for his own inspiration. And then went on to do the scene as written and enacted by the maestro in a long take of almost two-three minutes in the film coming right before the song “O Saathi Re, Tere Bina Bhi Kya Jeena”. That also adds to the key reasons why studying this one particular film will tell you a lot about the master Kader Khan.
Here the most significant point to be noted is that in the above praises,
- I have still not included his exemplary work as an actor performing a wide range of roles (from emotionally positive, negative to comic) in the career span of more than three decades, 
- have still not gone into his golden era of being the only person working with both arch-rivals Manmohan Desai and Praksah Mehra at the same time writing iconic films on his own conditions, 
- have yet not written about his quantitative association with South producers/directors in the 80s (including the controversies)  
- have still not mentioned the amazing range of work displayed post the 70s undeniably contributing in the career-building of many renowned names of our Hindi Cinema and
- have not gone into the academic achievements of the veteran, his educational/technical qualifications and the successful career as a teacher/scholar as well as a social worker.
To amaze you further, the names of actors incredibly benefitted by his writing include the superstar Rajesh Khanna, the angry-comic hero Amitabh Bachchan, the dynamic Vinod Khanna, the lovable Rishi Kapoor, the he-man Dharmendra, the jumping jack Jeetendra, the energetic Anil Kapoor, the supremely entertaining Govinda, the versatile Anupam Kher and even the institution Dilip Kumar (in KARMA) along with renowned directors including Narendra Bedi, Manmohan Desai, Prakash Mehra, Krishna Shah (SHALIMAR), Rakesh Kumar, Mukul Anand, Rakesh Roshan, Subhash Ghai, David Dhawan and more, owing their most famous films, roles or cult sequences to the pen of one and only Kader Khan. 
As I said, every single phase (or even forgotten films like VARDI, ANGAAR) of his illustrious career need chapters to be written and not just a few paras or pages, enlightening the present generation about the unique thought process of the genius, his insightful presentation, characterization, expression and the use of poetry and rich language in particular, which we have almost lost in the present era of mere glamour, blind hero-worship, weekend collections and the media hype.
Probably books will now get written ‘on order’ by known authors or leading publishing houses after the man has gone, since we are known for remembering, respecting and honouring our legends only post their demise in ‘obituaries written in advance or in a few hours’……. without caring about them in their final lonely years.
But having said that, books essentially need to be written and such legend certainly needs to be introduced to our present and upcoming generations, particularly to the young story, screenplay and dialogue writers, as writing is one aspect we are really struggling in the present era of easy remakes and repetitions taking the safe and convenient way.
Would certainly try writing more about the ‘must-share’ creations of the maestro in my upcoming articles, but to initiate the journey, please do read a write-up on a life inspiring dialogue from COOLIE penned by Kader Khan, which I had written four years back in 2014 on the occasion of LABOUR DAY. 
It’s about “Mazdoor Ka Paseena” included in the introductory scene/dialogue of Amitabh Bachchan in the film at the following link:
And keep visiting for more in the coming days saying,
“Tum Khade Raho……, Hum Poochh Ke Aatey Hain……… Hum Chalte Hain”
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© Bobby Sing / Harpreet – Bobbytalkscinema.com 
(2nd January 2019)

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02 Jan 2019 / Comments ( 4 )
Neel Trivedi


Wonderful write-up. I agree with you with each point you made, a person of Kader Khan's depth of talent deserves to be studied than just read about.

He was indeed an institution on Indian commercial cinema in more aspects than one would see just on paper.

That said, why doesn't anyone offer similar sentiments about any other writers like Sachin Bhowmick, Inder Raj Anand, Virendra Sinha, Akhtar Mirza, etc?

Is it because Kader Khan just happened to be an on-screen personality in addition to being a writer, there by making all reference material on him more commercially viable because of the recall value?

As far as I know, a writer like Sachin Bhowmick has also written for all the actors you named (which itself says a thing or two about mass commercial cinema back then because you didn't name any actresses).

But I don't recall the number of tributes, even the so-called obligatory ones, being anywhere close to that of Kader Khan for him or any other screenwriter.

Why not? Why don't we insist on studying & analyzing their works? Is it, like I earlier said, Kader Khan was an actor? Is it because Kader Khan had more films numberwise, suggesting quantity over quality?

Let say again that Kader Khan deseves every accolade you alluded to. He deserves various books/textbooks for anyone looking to become a screenwriter in Indian cinema.

But I still feel it's grossly unfair to not shower that kind of attention on other screenwriters just because they didn't have a face to a name like Kader Khan did.

Bobby Sing

Hi Neel,
Thanks a lot for you kind appreciation and support to the article.
And yes, I completely and strongly agree to your viewpoint about why we dont write about other major writers behind so many classic films such as Sachin Bhowmick, Inder Raj Anand, Virendra Sinha, Akhtar Mirza and more.

Yes, Kader Khan being an exceptional versatile actor certainly gave him an extra edge reaching out to the people. But that said, other writers also need to be brought forward and introduced to the younger generation as a must.

As a matter of fact, I had noted the name of Sachin Bhowmick for an exclusive chapter in my next book since long. And God willing soon will be sharing it online first. 

So your concern is very right and deserves all the respect.

Keep Visiting and Writing in with

Syed Hossain

Google bought me here, had no idea about this site. Loved the piece on great marhoom Kader khan sahab. Thank you. 

Bobby Sing

Hello Syed Hossain,
With aplogies for the late reply, a warm welcome to the site and glad that you could find it through Google.
Hope you will love reading more articles here on several other films, icons and topics in the archives.
Keep visiting and Writing in,

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