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Cinema Paradiso (1988) (Italy) - (Movies To See Before You Die - World Cinema/Drama)

13 Jun, 2009 | Movies To See Before You Die / World Cinema

If you are passionate about cinema and the art of making films, then you will simply fall in love with this Classic movie from Italy. It’s about the life of a filmmaker who had a close and lovable association with a projector operator in his village when he was a child. And then he moves on to become a successful film director on his own.

The film beautifully captures the essence of childhood, adolescence and the beauty of old age experienced by different characters. There are many memorable sequences in the movie which will win your heart and you will like to remember them for a long time. Especially the sequence showing the negatives collected by the child and the scene of fire in the theater which leads to serious consequences in life of the lead characters.
The movie has got a certain spiritual value, as it has some precious life lessons for the youth filled with life-force. Like the beautiful story of a lover told in a scene, which has many hidden secrets in it. Expressed in an impressive manner by the director, the movie can change your view about love and the importance of a lover in our lives. A true classic based on the power of cinema itself. You cannot afford to miss it at any cost. 
Directed By Giuseppe Tornatore
Starring : Phillippe Noiret & Marco Leonardi

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13 Jun 2009 / Comments ( 4 )
raj vardhan

Hello sir!
This movie is a real real classic. Main jitna bhi kahoon,bahut hi less hoga. But still I would like to say that the climax of this film is one of the best, bestest climax I have ever seen in a movie. Every time that scene gives me a goosebumps. Everytime it fills tears in my eyes.

The performance of that lead actor in the scene and the background music....my god........it......can t be expressed in words.That scene is so haunting.
Sir I would also like to mention monica belluci\'s L APPARTEMENT.Its a love story with so much twist and turns and a comlete unpredictable climax.
Sir I would love to know your comment about this belluci\'s film.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Raj for recommending  Monica Belluci's L APPARTEMENT.
I will love to see it as is sure looks promising in your short description.
Would soon watch it and get back here..


raj vardhan

There\'s also an english remake of L\'APPARTEMENT called Wicker Park. Whatever I saw few years back in its promo,its look like scene to scene copy of the original movie. Although I haven\'t seen the remake.

Bobby Sing

Yes "Wicker Park" is a remake of it and I have seen it too. But I would only like to comment further on this after watching the original. So keep visiting.


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