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Cry Freedom (1987) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Biographical)

29 Jan, 2008 | Movies To See Before You Die / Biographical

One of the most powerful films on the war between the people and the government of South Africa in the late 70s. It is another important and well made biographical movie by Richard Attenborough , based on an inspiring true story of Steve Biko (played by Denzel Washington), the leader of the rebellion movement of that time.

It showcases the political games played with the lives of the people following truth. It’s a powerful story of a newspaper editor who makes friends with a revolutionary (Biko) and then faces the consequences for it. It gives an idea of how the blacks were treated at that time by the white government and brings out the ugly face of humanity in the open. The movie was widely opposed and even banned in some areas at the time of its release. Strongly Recommended for intense movie lovers with a desire to look into the past.
Directed By Richard Attenborough
Starring : Denzel Washington & Kevin Kline

Tags : Richard Attenborough, Denzel Washington, Cry Freedom, South Africa Rebel Movement, Movies To See Before You Die, Movies Based On True Stories.
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