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DABANGG 2 - Its all about a Superstar enjoying his stardom on the screen and nothing else. (Review By Bobby Sing)

21 Dec, 2012 | Movie Reviews / 2012 Releases

Salman Khan returning in the year’s last festive season with his sequel of the blockbuster DABANGG was exciting news for many including myself. So, spiritedly as I glanced through the newspaper’s entertainment section today, it was full of lists of theaters and uncountable shows of DABANGG 2 running all over the city like a carnival. Hence the very doubt of whether the film will work or not was completely out of question as there was no way it is going to flop with such a wide and mega release irrespective of its content. In fact that is the latest success formula of Bollywood in which you can make anything with the Stars and still churn out money, following this perfect business strategy without fail. Hence instead of thinking about the film’s box office performance I was just interested in enjoying a good time in the theater with Salman and his hugely likable mannerisms and that’s it.

The film began with exactly a similar action sequence as seen in its part one and within few minutes it clearly revealed that there’s only going to be a new city with some fresh villains in the storyline and nothing beyond that. Therefore in the entire first half we only have a smoothly progressing film with few occasional light moments and many songs but nothing great. However since its neither anything bad or intolerable so one doesn’t mind watching it calmly till an impressive scene comes right before the interval providing you the much needed energy to stay in.

Post intermission as one is willing to see many (predictable) fiery confrontation sequences with some never before kind of action performed by Salman Khan, it all suddenly happens pretty fast and ends on a very uninteresting note without making any kind of solid impact on the viewer. In other words, the second half doesn’t have anything grand or significant happening on the screen in terms of clashes, dialogues or action which was a lot less than what was being expected from a DABANGG Part 2. Yet on the positive side, its clean entertainment all the way (except the avoidable FEVICOL song) lacking any novelty, reminding you of all those revenge based movies featuring Dharmendra in the 80s with titles such as PAAP KO JALAA KAR RAAKH KAR DOONGA. So all together we have a new age macho man here in the form of Salman Khan (who has a friendly image off and on screen), punching the villains in another new film of his based on a routine script and that’s all.

As a director Arbaaz Khan just calls the shots and rest is done by Salman Khan himself who visibly keeps improvising on the spot in most of his scenes. To be honest the Superstar seems to be enjoying every frame of his stardom in the film without any fear or doubt. And therefore we don’t have Chulbul Pandey on the screen in reality but always Salman Khan playing the character given to him at his own pace or ease till the end. He entertains you with his dialogues, excels in his action and even makes you laugh through his awkward dance moments which in turn don’t let you write off the film completely even if you wish to. Therefore as one walks out, he is neither willing to say that it is great nor able to rate it bad in actual terms which should be a good news for all the fans out there.

Being a Salman Khan film, the entire supporting cast remains there to support only and never rises above that level as expected. Sonakshi plays it routine, Arbaaz is just okay, Vinod Khanna is fine but both Mahie Gill and Deepak Dobriyal remain wasted. Further it was really sad to see Prakash Raj once again being used as the same old villain waiting to be beaten by the hero in the end without any newly added gimmicks or flavor. To speak the truth here is an actor who is being used in great variety in South but always given the same repeated roles in each new big film without any vision here in Bollywood.

Musically, it has a good soundtrack no doubt but still a little weak if compared to its part one. Though few of the tracks have already become chartbusters due to the star value associated with them, yet they are way behind DABANGG as far as the melody is concerned. Plus I have my own objections to the songs like ‘Fevicol’ which I have discussed in another write-up for all friends here in the link below.

Summing up, DABANGG 2 doesn’t really fulfill the responsibility of giving something different or new in the sequel after the big success of its original. Its just the same biryani with some newly added colours served to you in a fresh plate. But since the taste is not bad at all, therefore you may not mind having it once again just to satisfy your timely hunger.

Ratings : 2 / 5

(For friends interested in reading about the points I have to raise against the song ‘FEVICOL’ and Salman Khan’s recent statement regarding the ‘Disgusting Rape Instance of Delhi’, do read the detailed article by clicking on the link below)

What does a song like ‘UP Bihar’, ‘Shiela’, ‘Munni’, ‘Chikni Chameli’, ‘Anarkali’, ‘Tinku Jiya’, ‘Halkat Jawani’ and ‘Fevicol’ actually contribute to the society? 

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21 Dec 2012 / Comments ( 5 )

I want to know why and how Salman evades criticism for films like these from his fans.
Akshay/SRK would be crucified for a film like this by their haters.
Is it because both were better actors than Salman? (Akshay was good in Jaanwar,Sangharsh and his comic timing)
So , it is OK for Salman to do \'larger than life roles\' but Akshay/SRK are criticised when they follow suit.
Very dubious standards by some people.

My above comment was for the fans of Salman.
Now, you said this in your Don 2 review:
\"Its better we start making films around entertaining SCRIPTS and not STARS.\"
and you said this \"DON-2 also remains a film specially written and conceived only for Shahrukh Khan\" , and repeated it in your review.
A film like \'Swades\' is not considered while slaming SRK , it was a FLOP and is forgotten probably. SRK WAS ACCUSED OF BUYING THE AWARDS FOR SWADES!!(He received filmfare award for that film.)
It IS Salman who repeatedly makes films celebrating his stardom.

Now why is SRK not given the leeway that Salman ,Ajay Devgan get?
I don\'t find that SCATHING criticism in the reviews of their films , it seems to be reserved for SRK and Akshay.
It is an observation, I find the criticisms for Salman\'s films far mellowed down.
Would Chak De India been a big hit had it starred someone like Naseeruddin shah or Irfan Khan instead of SRK ? don\'t think so.

p.s. I was a Salman fan in the 90s but don\'t like his post 2000s avatar (and aping Rajnikant so blatantly). My \'support\' (if you call it that) for SRK stems from the fact that SRK WAS A VERY GOOD ACTOR IN THE 90s starting from his tv stint. SRK\'s acting is questioned by his critics as if he has always been doing Ra-one like goofy roles which is not true.
Yet to see Don 2 after reading your review.
Well atleast I appreciate the Golden Era much more now (b/w films of 50s-60s in my case more than the colour films of 60s) as I cannot tolerate today\'s big budget films and music. prefer \'Independent cinema\' if at all.
Bobby Sing

Hi Chris,
I understand your viewpoint and hope you will agree that a bad film is stated as a bad film here at BTC whether it is from a SRK, SK, AK or RK.
Cause I dont believe in who are they and only interested in what they are giving to the viewers as their new films.

But regarding the SALMAN KHAN factor I would like to say that probably the difference here is due to the off screen persona of the actor and his other personal engagements in life which are actually responsible for people loving him more and accepting him in whatever he does....irrespective of whatever bad he does.!


Jayesh Shah

A belated comment but as I had the misfortune of sitting through this drivel again last night with my older brother and his new blu-ray, I thought I would read what Bobbyji had written about Dabangg 2. I was surprised you gave this film even a 2

The original Dabangg was no great film but it had much to offer even to jaded audiences and the entertainment value could not be denied. This sequel is actually a slap in the face of even the staunchest Salman fan. It is a lazy ill-thought out sequel that eschews the obvious plot point from the original that could have perhaps lent itself to a rousing sequel (watch the last two minutes of the last fight after the villian has been killed for a clue) and instead creates a whole new plot that fails miserably as the villian is weak and underwritten and more importance is given to the fun-seeking hero and his antics that have little to do with what is supposed to the reason for this sequel. Nothing worked in this film and it is only worth watching if you fancy seeing Salman needlessly denigrate what could have been a interesting recurring character. What could have been a better film has been diminished merely because the Khan family wished to stamp their name across every aspect of the film-making process in this one. Perhaps Arbazz should have remained a producer and let the director of the original get on with the sequel.

Bobby Sing

Dear Jayesh,
Glad to see your belated comment and yes you are very right in your observations about the film which in fact ran solely on its star power and nothing else. But that's always been the misfortune with our Indian Cinema from long and it can only be changed from the viewers side alone and not from the makers. Once the viewers start rejecting such below average products, the makers will stop making them as they are here to make money more than appreciating the art.

So lets hope for the best in the future.

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