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DABANGG 3 - A hurriedly made film focusing on action & songs, as yet another throwback to the 80s repeating the same old things. (Review By Bobby Sing)

20 Dec, 2019 | Movie Reviews / 2019 Releases

The creative bankruptcy in the mainstream Hindi Cinema is being revealed almost every week with only a few exceptions. And DABANGG 3 is yet another example of the same featuring a superstar caught in the dilemma of making what and how after his recent big failures.

In the last few years, Hindi Cinema is largely surviving on three kinds of films, namely, remakes (of foreign and regional language cinema), bio-pics and films revisiting the 80s to be specific. Salman Khan and his creative team kept on trying the first (i.e. remakes of Indian regional cinema), then went on to try bio-pic ‘kind of’ films (which were again remakes) and lastly came back to square one revisiting the 80s with their franchise as DABANGG 3.

However, the latest offering turns out to be the most casually and hurriedly made film, giving no emphasis on story-content-novelty, focusing solely on action-dance-songs and filmy heroism, exactly as it used to be there in the 80s.
With nothing fresh or inspiring enough to recommend, it has the same old, age-defying Salman playing a cop going for his revenge. The same old Sonakshi and Arbaaz, doing all seen before acts. Two more young names introduced by Salman (being their mentor) as Saiee Manjrekar and the one film old Warina Hussain (who perform without any extraordinary sparks). And another impressive but wasted villain brought in from South as Sudeep with the same old explosive climax taking the shirts-off. 
In addition Munni becomes Munna in the song Munna Badnam Hua (recalling its original track Ladka Badnam Hua) and Prabhu Deva is credited with direction, though it’s hard to find what he actually directed (except the songs) in a film written, performed and (most likely) executed by Salman himself.
Expressing it honestly, you must be reading in many reviews of such projects led by a star that ‘This is a film purely made for the fans’. 
Now would like to ask, have you ever thought what that statement actually means? 
Is it praising the film-making, appreciating the die-hard fans for their unconditional love....... or actually questioning both?
In other words, do you go to the theaters to watch your icon doing the same old things as usual without any change or wish him to move further?

At the same time I would also like to mention that from his side Salman did try to do something new and different in his last few less-successful films, but then had to return to the basics because he couldnt get what the viewers actually wished to see in his projects. As a result here we have DABANGG 3 trying nothing new in either content, presentation or performances.
Will like you to give it a thought and leave the decision up to you as per your individual understanding of the concept of FANS and their immense love for an icon.
Ending it differently, having a quite similar pattern, intermission and story progression, DABANGG 3 is surely a better film than the recent MARJAAVAAN as a throwback to the 80s.
Probably this way of expression might sound good, satisfactory and decent.

Rating : 1.5 / 5

Note: Neither this was a festival release nor a holiday weekend offering of any kind. But still the multiplexes (along with the makers), increased the ticket price as usual, exploiting their viewers/customers taking them for granted, quite shamelessly. 
That is exactly the practice BTC has been opposing since long. To be specific, (clearing the confusion of many), higher ticket prices at multiplexes - is one thing that can still be accepted as per the quality services offered. But increasing the prices every time a big film comes on festivals, holiday weekends and even in normal Fridays, is sheer exploitation of the ticket buyers and nothing else.
So as per BTC tradition one star gets deducted from every such film’s ratings due to the timely increased prices taking the viewers for granted.
Interestingly, in his last film BHARAT, Salman had ensured that the ticket prices of his films should not be increased. But it happened yet again.
Hence the Net Rating is : 0.5 / 5

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