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DARLINGS (Netflix) - Finds the right subject and tone but doesn’t take off as a taut, satirical thriller. (Movie Notes by Bobby Sing)

06 Aug, 2022 | Movie Reviews / 2022 Releases / Just In

Hindi cinema is presently struggling with one of its key merits. And it’s the merit of having exceptionally talented performers who can lift an otherwise feeble or confused film, converting it into something watchable and worth discussing. As a result, here we have formed a trend of witnessing many great performances in not-so-equally great films becoming their only saviour.
DARLINGS is the latest example of the same, wherein the lead and supporting actors brilliantly perform their parts, but the film fails to deliver as an equally brilliant creation altogether. It begins well and raises the expectations both in terms of subject/build-up and characters exploring their tense relationships. But then the narration takes too much time reaching a conclusive point and doesn’t take off as any taut, dark crime thriller till the climax. 
So, as a unanimous viewpoint, one strongly praises all the five key characters played by Alia Bhatt, Shefali Shah, Vijay Varma, Roshan Mathew, and Vijay Maurya, giving a social message against the lesser talked-about evil of domestic violence. But the conclusion isn’t anything similar for the film, falling way short of the ‘raised’ expectations (along with wasting Rajesh Sharma in a minuscule role).
In short, DARLINGS rightly finds a thoughtful subject and tone in its characterisations, but the writing and direction remain confused whether to present it as a family drama, a dark thriller, or a satirical, quirky comedy. That’s the reason it doesn’t turn out to be either of the three as an ‘unsure creation’, conceived mixing two or more recipes suggested by different people.
However, the saving grace (apart from the performances) is that it doesn’t follow the set Bollywood format and thus can surely be seen and rated as a watchable message-oriented project made with noble intentions by the debutant Jasmeet K. Reen. 
Having said that, I certainly wish we soon get to see a Hindi movie deserving loud praises as a film, moving ahead of just being the sum of some outstanding performances.
Rating: 3 / 5 (Including additional 0.5 for at least finding a fresh subject with an important social message….. instead of a routine project/remake.)
For BTC friends, if you are interested in such subjects and treatment, then try watching a few episodes of the American TV Series “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” (Black & White), also available on YouTube (selected episodes). There you will find many such quirky crime-based stories, told in less than 30 minutes with an amazing perfection demanding your complete attention.
Shared below is the link to the BTC write-up on the series that simply should not be missed.
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