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DAVID - It is one of those movies where everything is technically fine but one still doesn't feel convinced. (Review By Bobby Sing)

02 Feb, 2013 | Movie Reviews / 2013 Releases

Many a times there are instances when we receive a very attractive & elegantly designed print advertisement or invitation mailed to our address, informing us about a new lavish restaurant in our locality with some tempting offers. Impressed by the look of the card, we opt for it in the next weekend and really love the ambience of the place, decorated beautifully with many well chosen props and great music playing in the background along with a pleasant staff. But after a while when we are finished with our dinner and dessert, we don’t feel like having served something exceptional or out of this world. The taste is just the same as usual and the food fails to rise above the routine, which doesn’t allow us to say that it was an entertaining evening well lived or enjoyed.
Now exactly same is the case with DAVID, which has everything fine in technical terms but still is not able to convince or entertain the viewers at all as promised by its well designed promos. Director Bejoy Nambiar (of SHAITAAN fame) chooses a script which must have looked innovative and exciting on paper talking about 3 different Davids in 3 contrasting eras of 1975, 1999 and 2010 connecting with each other in the climax. And he also begins quite well with the 1975 era shown in grey tone making way for the other two in bright colours. But as the film progresses, the narration neither gives you any entertaining moments nor has any unexpected shocks stored for the viewer till the intermission.
Actually as soon as we know that the film is about 3 different Davids, its anybody’s guess that the three will eventually find a connection with each other in the climax and that’s precisely what DAVID offers in the end without making any kind of solid impression on the viewers. The second half has some better moments in comparison to the first but those too are not able to pull you in collectively. Moreover few insertions in the script are really absurd like the spirit of 2010 David’s dead father entering into various persons in order to talk with his son and 1999 David’s meaningless relationship with her gorgeous student. Also there is a scene in which a kid is shown drinking straight from the bottle like an adult which strangely was not objected by our honorable censor board who strongly thinks that cigarette smoking should not be shown on the screen without any warning notification.
The different stories of 3 DAVIDs keep coming in one after another indicating towards a conclusive end but none of them is engaging enough to provide you the much needed excitement resulting in enough boring moments in its both halves. Having said that, I really loved watching & hearing the maestro REMO after a long time and this made me remember all his hit songs of the 90s once again. The man really eats, sleeps & lives music literally and it was really sad that he decided to isolate himself from the industry after that tragic unfortunate event in his life.
Coming back to DAVID, its undoubtedly a technically polished product with a stunning cinematography experimenting with different colour tones and an energetic background score composed well. Its frames are interesting and characterisation intense which unfortunately fails to deliver an equally amusing film in totality. Musically too DAVID is unable to hit the right note and I really didn’t like the forced & energy-less remixed version of the famous “Dama Dum Mast Qalander” used unnecessarily.
Content wise, the story of 1975 has the same Mafia Don’s family affairs shot perfectly featuring a passionate love affair and the 2010 section has the ages old love and sacrifice formula used once again without any vision. Therefore the David in 1999 here has something new in terms of storyline depicting the real meaning of religion expressed in few well written dialogues in its second half. But since the film fails to en-cash these impressive moments further, it remains only a well attempted product in the end with few unjustified revelations made in its climax, questionably pointing towards the writers. For instance its really confusing to see the two middle aged intelligence people in 1975 suddenly shooting at unarmed David and his father like mafia dons and then a hardcore musician becoming a Father in the Church at such a young age.
Interestingly in the performance department too I have a different opinion than most of the reviewers since I found the acts of Vinay Virmani (1999) and Vikram (2010) much better than the one by Neil Nitin Mukesh (1975). Though Vikram was given the most clichéd plot to work upon (looking overage for his role of a one sided lover), the actor still delivers an honest performance along with Vinay Virmani who simply excels as the helpless youngster in front of the powerful politicians. Neil Nitin Mukesh performs well too but as I felt he couldn’t move ahead that the other two Davids in the film mainly due to his routine kind of plot (1975) shot artistically. In the supporting cast there are many renowned names such as Tabu, Lara Dutta, Milind Soman, Satish Kaushik and Prahlad Kakkar (in a cameo) who all do well in their small roles. Monica Dogra and Isha as the love interests make an impact along with Rohini Hattangadi as the politician and Nasser as the targeted Father spreading Christianity. Plus Akarsh Khurana, Neil Bhoopalam, Nishan Nanaiah, Ajinkya Deo, Sheetal Menon & Shweta Pandit (Singer turned actor) all shine in their small acts throughout.
In all, DAVID is technically perfect and a visual treat to watch with some impressive sequences post intermission. But despite of so many positive features in its making the film fails to hold you convincingly in more than two hours of its duration and thus cannot be rated more than an above average venture.
Rating : 2.5 / 5

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02 Feb 2013 / Comment ( 2 )

U really dint get it na...this movie is all about nuances... which u missed.. and picked on just floatsam ..
and btw ..."the two middle aged men in 1975" ... dood.. they were intelligence officers... and logically moved in to army and police!

Bobby Sing

Yes Rikki, I really didnt get the movie as you mentioned cause for me its clearly more style then content. And moreover the fact has now been proved at the box office too.
However your point on the intellegence officers is accepted but then again it raises a new confusion that if they were intelligence officers then how were they shooting at two unarmed people with those big guns like mafia dons in the open. Certainly the government doesnt allow then to do so in that manner........!


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