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DE DE PYAAR DE - Not entirely a comedy but a worth watching entertaining take on modern age relationships with a terrific Tabu, charming Rakulpreet and a new Ajay Devgn. (Review By Bobby Sing)

17 May, 2019 | Movie Reviews / 2019 Releases

Writer-director Luv Ranjan has mostly been associated with Hit films made on unusual modern age relationships that have also been accused of being misogynistic and morally wrong in their biased presentations. Ironically, he made one issue based film on Marital Rape titled AKAASH VANI (with his favourite lead actors) but it failed miserably at the box office, though included in BTC’s Must Watch Films with some outstanding tracks composed by Hitesh Soni and lyrics by Luv himself.

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Probably the criticism of his previous ventures remains the reason he tries to balance it out between the man and the woman in his latest production DE DE PYAAR DE, co-written and directed by Akiv Ali, focusing on the relationship between a 50+ single (but family) man and a young girl in her mid-20s.
Beginning with the shortcomings, firstly it’s not entirely a comedy as questionably portrayed in its trailer appreciated by all. The film is actually a light hearted, emotional, family drama that might turn out be surprising for the ones expecting a full blown comedy. Secondly it is almost entirely about just Ajay and Rakul Preet in the first half with Tabu entering the progression just close to intermission, which again might disappoint the viewers, more interested in watching their entertaining clashes promoted in the trailer. Thirdly, this time too, the writer Luv Ranjan comes up with his own modern take on some taboo issues like divorce, live-in relationship and romance between a couple with a big age difference along with a bit of melodrama and jokes cracked on women by a woman (like the one about the model of the car). But above all, here we also have an over-the-top sequence revolving around the festival of Raakhi, which is sure going to find much more criticism than praise, as it is not really in any good taste, foolishly incorporated to bring in some humour.
Yet, despite these shortcomings, DE DE PYAAR DE largely turns out to be a likable and entertaining film due to its fresh feel, lovable casting and a spirited second hour that thankfully brings smiles on the faces with many engaging sequences and funny one-liners. Plus its good to see that the writer and director maturely handle the taboo subjects without going overboard keeping the emotions intact. Where the first half remains light and interesting due to the novel situational comedy, the second half wins you over with its entertaining conflicts, emotions, performances and praiseworthy writing (minus the Raakhi insertion).
Having said that, the supremely talented Tabu remains the ultimate winner as the main attraction of the film and she superbly lifts up the narration along with a new and pleasantly restrained Ajay Devgn and the charming Rakul Preet. The chemistry between the trio is simply delightful and the supporting cast largely contributes in the fun featuring Javed Jaafery, Jimmy Sheirgill, Kumud Mishra, Alok Nath and more. The youngster playing Ajay-Tabu’s son does it fine but the young girl as the daughter is loud and screeching in her angry portrayal.  
In the technical department, the background music scores the most (as always in a film associated with Luv) but the songs are just okay, mostly remaining Punjabi based numbers (including the borrowed ones from the past), not really matching the look and feel of the onscreen proceedings. In fact the film even begins with the sound of Tumbi (a traditional folk instrument of Punjab) and a Punjabi lyrics track like a typical Punjabi film quite weirdly.
Reminding you of Amitabh-Tabu’s CHEENI KUM (in terms of subject), the best scene of DE DE PYAAR DE is the one where Tabu breaksdown in front of Ajay asking why its always the woman who is expected to be more understanding, accepting it all, holding everyone together proving to be much stronger than men. Besides, I also loved the sequence where Ajay comes with the fiancé of his unsupportive daughter, bringing tears in the eyes.
However, the film does suffer as the writer and director keep trying to balance and mellow it down fearing rejection by the general audience. Plus it surely seems to be affected as they must have edited out some hilarious sequences of Alok Nath facing ‘MeToo’ charges in the present.
Overall, DE DE PYAAR DE is certainly a worth watching film, offering you a good time with many funny novel sequences. But you need to see it with an open and progressive mind enjoying the unusual situational comedy. Interestingly the makers end it with an unpredictable sequence pointing towards a sequel that also reminded me of the basic concept of English films MEET THE PARENTS followed by MEET THE FOCKERS.

In nutshell, do go for it expecting the unexpected and enjoy the drama.
Rating : 3.5 / 5 (Including additional 0.5 for Tabu and her outstanding heartfelt scene mentioned in the review)

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