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DEDH ISHQIYA - Delicious Nawaabi feast served gracefully by all talented hosts, so be their guest for sure. (Review By Bobby Sing)
10 Jan, 2014 | Movie Reviews / 2014 Releases

For friends who first wish to know that what was my review of the original ISHQIYA, then it was just an average entertainer for me since it vaguely tried to impress both the classes as well as the masses in an interesting but quite messy way. But thankfully its sequel, titled in a Fellini inspired style as DEDH ISHQIYA goes way ahead and is able to impress you largely since now there is no confusion of satisfying all kind of viewers in its powerful execution and the film is purely made for a particular section of viewers to say the truth.
So in case you cannot appreciate Urdu poetry and are not in love with the language, its melodious aura or the natural rhythm in its poetic words, then DEDH ISHQIYA might not be the film for you. Further if you do need some routine entertaining sequences with few catchy songs or forced in comedy thrown in at regular intervals then also DEDH ISHQIYA might not be a good choice for you either. Because this is actually a film which is more involved & in love with its own characters, the ambience and its complex story progression full of friendship, lust, love or deceit and is not desperately trying to impress the viewers with any usual tricks or compromises. And since we don’t often make such sincere films in our dear Bollywood these days, therefore you got to see this as a must to witness a distinctive world presented by the talented team and feel its magic on the screen altogether.
Continuing with his Tarantino & Guy Ritchie kind of treatment, director Abishek Chaubey uses the same two key characters of Khaalujaan and Babban in a fresh script which has more complex characters and the element of deceit incorporated with some interesting twists and turns in a prolonged (but outstanding) climax. However what takes the film to much greater heights this time is its poetic feel, the colourful tone, a winning sophistication and a lovable charm, well presented by a rare and talented cast ensemble. As indicated by its promos, the dialogues are sharper, with many well written one liners and the film simply transports you to a different rustic world quite aloof to the glossy city charm seen in every other movie. The unpredictable screenplay keeps a gripping hold on the viewer along with a wonderfully stunning DOP and a matching background score wherein you also get to hear few precious golden Begum Akhtar’s thumris, a smart homage paid to Ismat Chugtai's famous story Lihaaf and a lot more. Plus this time Abhishek plays both the unconventional humour and the sensual card quite subtly without going into any cheap mode.
Coming to the performances, there is so much to write about this particular department in the film as every single person featuring in it has simply excelled in his own assigned roles, even if he is standing right behind the lead actors in a scene like Ravi Gosain. As expected from the veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah, he efficiently lives his role getting deep into the psyche of his lonely character Khalujaan and comes up with one of his finest performances in the recent times. Arshad Warsi is in great form once again with his comic timing and brilliant expressions and its really a treat to watch the scenes where both Arshad and Naseer are together on the screen playing their own tricks. The younger of them all, Huma Qureshi truly surprises you with her cunning appeal and confidently grabs your attention even standing along all the big names unarguably. In the supporting cast, Vijay Raaz repeatedly steals the show with his superb act and Manoj Pahwa also leaves a mark along with Salman Shahid.
Talking about the real ISHQ of DEDH ISHQIYA, Madhuri Dixit-Nene, the lady literally makes the younger generation believe that why she did rule the industry in those past decades so strongly. In fact her delightful act of Begum Para, is surely one of the finest come backs ever seen in the Hindi Film Industry till date and she simply lives this rather irregular character like a perfectionist. For instance just try to catch the style she chews her paan with sheer elegance of a royal lady without any visible effort or discomfort. And the way she dances both within the film and in the last end credits track totally blows you over with nothing but sheer admiration for the blessed talent she has.
Turning back to the film, it honestly won an extra star, the moment I saw the credits showing the name of Dr. Bashir Badr, for the entire recited poetry used in the film. And for all young friends reading this (interested in Urdu poetry), you actually haven’t read a lot, if you still have not read the living legend Dr. Bashir Badr, putting it straight. So I was quite thrilled reading my favourite ‘Shaayar’s’ name in the credits and then the reference of a fictitious poet, Noor Mohd. Itaalvi simply did the trick as it was quite hilarious to use “Itaalvi” as Takhallus in the name (as if coming from Italy).
However, personally I missed three things in this worth praising sequel. One, that despite having some quality songs (perfect for the mood of the film), its soundtrack didn’t have any catchy enjoyable tracks as 'Dil To Bachcha Hai Ji' or 'Ibn-e-Batuta', suiting the requirement of its two main witty characters. Secondly with such crackling chemistry between Naseer & Arshad there should have been few more fun moments in the film to make it a great joy ride. And lastly I truly missed the voice of Late Jagjit Singh in the mushaira sequence, wherein in Naseeruddin Shah recites an unplugged ghazal in tarannum. And remembering the inimitable maestro, it really would have been ‘a rare get-together’ of three blessed visionaries once again after almost three decades i.e. of Gulzar, Naseeruddin Shah and Jagjit Singh post their “Mirza Ghalib” days in the late 80s.
In commercial terms, no doubt few hit tracks could have made this fabulous film reach much wider audience as it seems. And many may also not find it as entertaining as expected reading the great reviews. Yet the film indeed remains a must watch for all quality movie lovers who were desperately waiting for a well directed Hindi film backed up with some great writing and dazzling performances, from pretty long. To sum it all, DEDH ISHQIYA can easily be called a delicious Nawaabi feast served gracefully by all talented hosts, so be their guest for sure, at the earliest.
But as they say, the possibility remains that the Nawaabi feast might not suit many having a routine appetite.
Rating : 3.5 + 0.5 / 5 (Including 0.5 more for just the gorgeous Madhuri)

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10 Jan 2014 / Comment ( 2 )

Dear Bobby Sir,
Dedh Ishqiya is really outstanding movie. What a start of the year.......... And yes, these two articles you wrote on this movie shows once again that you are the most sensitive & intellectual person to give such a great review. Thanks.

Love u.

Best Regards,
Harshvardhan Nikam,

Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot Harsh for your encouraging words and I pray that I am able to continue giving you quality write-ups always.

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