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DELHI BELLY - Movie Review : Enjoyable, Raunchy, Weird, Shocking, Disgusting, Sick, Abusive and A HIT. (Review By Bobby Sing)
01 Jul, 2011 | Movie Reviews / 2011 Releases

Let me start this review from the man himself, Aamir Khan, who once again has proved that there is no one in the Industry at present knowing the Business of Cinema better than Himself. Till now he has a 100% record as a producer and with DELHI BELLY he is surely going to continue his winning streak at the Box-Office in all possibilities. Now the question is that this time what he & and his team has done in Delhi Belly in order to make it a HIT? And the answer is that this time they go the DISGUSTING WAY…..since the film is extremely raunchy, weird, shocking, sick, abusive, hilarious and enjoyable all at the same time.

But why I am talking about Aamir and not Abhinay Deo, the director of the film in this review? The purpose is to simply reveal the dark side of the talented Aamir Khan who follows the same business strategy to promote his film each time a new project comes from his production house. With DB, once again he comes with a plan where the film is projected more “as produced by Aamir Khan productions” and less “as directed by Abhinay Deo”. He did the same with his earlier directors and repeats the similar pattern here too. As a result, what you hear in the viewers circles is that DELHI BELLY is a film coming from Aamir Khan Productions and hardly anyone knows or even cares about who its actual director is. In fact that’s Aamir’s first deliberate step to CONSTRUCT A HIT from his side as strongly as possible. But as a creative person myself, I can’t really approve this objectionable act of Aamir, taking credit of all the hard work done by another person. Yes, he may be contributing hugely in the overall content & presentation of the film, but not bringing the real man in the front is surely not acceptable in the name of a creative process being done for the betterment of the film.

Now coming to the movie itself, here Aamir & his director Abhinay's strategy works once again big time, as the film is full of many FIRST TIMERS for the Indian Silver Screen. In short, there is more vulgarity in its sequences than ever seen before, there are more farts and potty humor in its scenes than ever seen before and there are strong abusive used in the dialogues (like “is” or “and” in a sentence) than ever used before in a script, without even a single beep in the whole movie. In addition to this, it’s the first time in the Hindi Cinema’s main stream movie associated with a reputed production house, that a man simply enjoys putting his hands on the breast of a lady (a brothel owner) in his conversations and the audiences start laughing at the scene just like that………It was simply the most serious & ridiculous cultural shock I had at that moment sitting in the theater, when the people started giggling on this act shamelessly.
(I don’t know how to interpret this unexplainable reaction of the audience for this particular scene. But if I go on writing about this then it will be like opening many sick wounds of our society in front of the people themselves who don’t even know why they suddenly had a laugh at that scene.)

However, even with such hugely controversial scenes, DELHI BELLY successfully manages to make you enjoy as well as laugh in its 96 minutes of duration without an interval. But at the same time its not a film which will get a unanimous kind of applause from every side. DB is a sure shot HIT in the youngsters, who acceptably use such kind of language in their daily lives. Yet at the same time, it is strictly a BOYZ movie and many in the girls sitting in the hall, may find it highly disgusting and shocking. The script of the movie uses the girls only for sex, smooches and vulgar indications and its narration is completely based on a male oriented screenplay. In fact many of its scenes (like the one mentioned above) may get an objectionable kind of response from a particular section of the viewers.

In straight words, its not at all a film for the family and there is no use taking them all to the theater showing an higher understanding level in your folks. Moreover, If you go for the movie in an all boyz group then you might enjoy it more as a non-stop laugh riot. But if you go for it along with your girl friend or with many girls in your group then some of you might start feeling ashamed and embarrassed too while watching the shameless things happening on the screen.

But then WHY the movie actually works? The answer is that when we abuse in our daily life, we don’t even realize that we are doing it….but when the same kind of abuse is done loudly by a leading character on the screen in an amusing way, then we immensely enjoy it with a loud laughter. The film has many realistic scenes in its script which seem to be taken directly from the daily life of 3 youngsters and that too without applying any censors to it (Like the Imran’s scene in the bed with the girl in the hotel’s room). The characters in front of you abuse, shit and do all types of disgusting things and still the viewer enjoys. Plus the film moves at a fine balanced speed which pulls the viewer in and he starts flowing with it effortlessly. These are in fact the reasons why DELHI BELLY works in a big way. Besides it also proves the truth that there does exist a certain kind of ecstasy involved & felt while watching FILTH on the screen.

Another revelation made by DELHI BELLY is that it clearly opens the Faulty, Controllable, Influential and Partial working of our CENSOR BOARDS. In few words I would like to say that the film simply shows that you can easily get all the Beeps off in your dialogues and can get ANYTHING passed from the CENSOR BOARDS if you go through the right channels and with the right backup working in your favour. The film has several scenes, dialogues and even suggestively written-sung songs, which leave you in a complete shock that how on earth this was passed by our INDIAN CENSOR BOARDS who have such a conservative mind-state.

As a downside, DB doesn’t have a new or fresh story to tell as it all revolves around the same misunderstandings and confusions caused by a packet of smuggled diamonds into the country. The writer and the director undoubtedly seem to be a die-hard fan of Guy Ritchie kind of movies. And that is pretty clear in most of the sequences of its racy-unpredictable screenplay and slick editing leaving no space for any unwanted scene. But at some places they have made certain mistakes too. For instance, the four persons dressed in Burquas go back to the Jeweller to rob him, taking the same Red Bag full of money which belonged to the Jeweller only, but he is not able to recognize his own bag.

The songs are very rightly used in the background music and therefore don’t hinder its pace. Ram Sampat delivers a fine soundtrack with some objectionable yet catchy songs such as “DK Bose”, “Sweety”, “Puncture” and the “Saigal Blues” which gel well with the mood of the film. But there is no one called DK bose in the film as explained in the media. It was said that the film is extensively shot in Delhi as per its name. No doubt Delhi is there, but I found it only in bits and pieces and the DOP didn’t show us the real DELHI. May be, because the film travels more in the narrow lanes of the city (like Chandni Chowk) as per its script and rarely comes over to the wide streets.

Performance wise it’s the best film till date of Imran Khan and he should feel proud of that. Vir Das is superb especially in the second hour when his throat goes soar. Kunal Roy Kapur is the main USP of the film, which more or less remains responsible for all the SHIT in the movie, but still is too good. Shenaz is fine in her small role and Poorna Jagannathan leaves a mark. Other than its lead cast, there is another gem of an act in the film coming from the one and only Vijay Raaz as the gang leader. He is exceptionally hilarious. Rest of the supporting cast is equally good and Aamir Khan in the last item song enjoys his dance in the skin of Mithun Da. Interestingly,the film ends quite unexpectedly and straight after the climax, Aamir’s item song comes on the screen without any gap. But as I witnessed, not even a single person stood up to go home and everyone kept watching the complete song like a child. That was due to the magic Aamir has created in all these years around his charming persona.

Here I would like to inform that DELHI BELLY has been released in two versions, one is HINGLISH (with English Dialogues) and one is completely in HINDI. So, if you really want to feel the LIVE SHOCK of 440 watts then do watch it only in its HINDI version.

Its no doubt path-breaking, innovative and a gutsy venture made especially for the youngsters. But at the same time it also may be disliked by many due to its unsocial language and explosive content full of toilet humor.

Ratings : 3.5 / 5 (0.5 less only for the scene with the lady at the brothel)

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01 Jul 2011 / Comments ( 16 )
Allz well for this front runner but i m scared for the rest, which will be follow DB........DB also reflects the censor board\'s biased or ugly face........Amir always said that DK BOSE is the name, but whom......why censor didnt heard the song as \"Bhag Bhosri ke Aandhi aayi re\".......
Bobby Sing

Thanks Saurabh for your support…….Aamir does knows his ways to get the things done....But here you are very right that how the censors got convinced with the DK Bose song when there is no one named so....

Hemu Patel
Wow you are amazing man...!! Such a crisp & clear writing & view point. I read it in one go full speed & complete message conveyed.
You got distinct & very unique way of looking cinema. Truly, I haven\'t seen movie yet but this is one of the finest review of yours considering so many in & out agendas around one film !!
Bobby Sing

Thanks Hemu.....for your kind support......Cheers! Loved your comment really and I do feel its one of my best ones

John Saggu

Hi Bobby,

I just watched the movie. It is simply fantabulous. The script, the direction,the screenplay and the dialougue were ausum. Its a Great team work.

Keep rocking Aamir and keep updating these reviews which have a clear and crispy viewpoint Bobby G.

Bobby Sing

Thanks John for your appreciation and support. I would surely try to keep the standards up at the site here.
So keep visiting and writing in.

Anil Garg

Delhi Belly is a disgusting movie, full of pathetic potty humours/ potty sounds. The dialogues are very vulgar. To make comedy is it necessary to play around toilet?? Not expected such movie from Ameer Khan Productions. After this movie, Aamir Khan is the undisputed king of bollywood . He has proved that he can make crap, call it crap and India goes gaga over this crap called crap by Aamir!

Bobby Sing

Dear Anil,
Thanks for your comment with your viewpoint which no doubt reveals the ugly side of film businees.

Keep Visiting and writing in.


I fully concur with this review. Thanks for posting this!
The problem with Indian population is that 90% of them go by the movies...and derive the "cool" factor from it. So in India a lot of "education" comes from these movies. Looks like the censor board (& producers) have decided to give up this responsibility.

Soon we will find people around the country (not just eyeing, which is disgusting by itself, but also) enjoying sexual abuse as their right...making them think that its "cool".

Bobby Sing

Thanks Rajat for agrreeing to my viewpoint and for posting your valuable comment.
Keep Visiting.


superman vijay

I don\'t agree with 3.5 half starts.. it doesn\'t deserve. its not entertainment.. screen per galiya chal rahi hai log has rahe hai .. kyo has rahe hai kyo ki logo ne screen per galiya dekhi nahi.. amir bolte hai ki aam zindagi me aane wale words hai.. per aisa hai kia.. aur is se ye bhi sabit hota hai ki tare zameen per jaisi movie aamir khan direct nahi kar sakte.. vo amol gupte ka hi kaam tha..

Better movie with the same genre is Kaminey... comic thriller.

Bobby Sing

I do respect your opinion Superman Vijay....Different opinions have to be there sometimes to keep the fire burning...

Keep Visiting and writing in. Cheers!


Dharmeshkumar B. Acharya

Hi Bobby....
It\'s delight to read your reviews and very honestly i usually decides the movies to watch on theater is completely based on your reviews....keep doing this great work..


Bobby Sing

Thanks Dharmesh for giving my reviews such respect and value.....and I assure you that there's a lot more to come here at the site.......

So Keep Visiting and Writing in!


amit joshi
After long time (I don\'t remember last when) it was the film which starts attracting after 40 minutes (the moment chase begins), The story is not new, its been told so many times where diamond/gold/cash bags get exchange and Villan runs after hero for those. As far as the language & content is concern it is more hyped by the media than its been shown on screen. we have seen more rape, violence & abusive language in Vishal Bhadwaj & Ramgopal Verma\'s movie. Moreover if someone remember the movie \'GUNDA\' (mithun chakrobarty)I think it was more abusive than Delly Belly.


Start of the movie was definitely inspired from Tarantino\'s JACKIE BROWN\'s start. Diamond heist from shop was inspired from SNATCH\'s start. I don\'t think the plot is pathbreaking. Same kind of stories can seen in hindi movies like 99 and Sankat City and Ek Chalis Ki Last Local.
I give 2.5 for the movie. I don\'t know hindi bad words so i don\'t enjoy it too much.
Not the best production from Ak house.

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