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DESI BOYZ - Movie Review : One of the worst big budget attempts of 2011 with some good music. (Review By Bobby Sing)

25 Nov, 2011 | Movie Reviews / 2011 Releases / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / D

Once I asked a friend of mine about his choice of career in the coming days. He was the son of a successful hotelier with two big hotels in the city. In answer to my question he replied, “From my heart, I want to do something related to books or publishing but if nothing works out then there is always my father’s business to join in anytime”.

I just remembered his words after the end credits of DESI BOYZ started rolling with the caption - Directed by Rohit Dhawan (son of great entertaining director of his times, David Dhawan). But the reference is not given here in order to show any disrespect for Rohit’s sincere efforts in his first directorial attempt. But the point I wish to make here is that it really seems to be very easy for a Star-Director’s son to make his first hugely weak film with all the big stars, but how extremely difficult it is for a talented young director to get his first such directorial break without any family backing in the industry. And the film itself proves my point since it gives you only one question to think after its over that, What was this?
In simple Indian expression, DESI BOYZ has no “Sir-Pair” (Head or Feet) of any sort and has just got few fairly good song tracks to offer in the name of entertainment bought for your 200 bucks. So instead of writing more about the film, I would just like to give its few glimpses here which might be useful for you to take your own decision.
Written around the plot of two unemployed friends (Akshay & John), DESI BOYZ is a pretty bad attempt to make an enjoyable BHELPURI by putting so many elements into it which in-turn results in an utterly distasteful dish. It starts from talking about Recession and Unemployment leading to the profession of GIGOLO adopted by the two heroes (taking its references from “Deuce Bigalow : Male Gigolo” (1999) and “The Full Monty” released in 1997). The concept of GIGOLO is only added to bring in some extra, controversial pull in the project as it is neither shown nor exploited properly in the film. In fact using the sex-plot in such a shying way is just like wishing to take a bath in the swimming pool without taking off your clothes.
In addition, as a typical Bollywood film, an innocent kid and his judicial custody angle is thrown in, just to fulfill the emotional requirement of a Hindi Film which doesn’t work at all. Another veteran senior (Sanjay Dutt) comes in a special appearance as the owner of that GIGOLO firm, degrading himself and his good image. A beautiful girl (Deepika) is right there like a sweet-item on the dinner table since you cannot make a Bollywood film without them. The girl even has a funny father (Anupam Kher) who fulfills the post of a supporting comedy artist with his reputed name. Further some silly jokes and hardly hilarious sequences are forcibly stuffed in its script to complete its first half which regrettably makes you take a look at your watch/phone at least 10 times.
Post intermission DESI BOYZ goes worst from bad with many bizarre kind of inclusions like Akshay taking admission to a College in his over-age. To give him company he even has a lady professor (Chitrangdha) who luckily was his own classmate in the good old college days. So here comes another beautiful lady to entertain you with her great looks, good for nothing. On the other side of this college romance, John is busy pleasing his girl by taking a shelter in front of her house with the help of her funny father. And frankly you can easily fast forward or edit out this unwanted part of the movie as it has nothing to contribute or entertain in any manner whatsoever.
To end it on an emotional note, a more weird kind of Courtroom scene is staged for the child’s custody, wherein Sanjay Dutt enters as if its his own playground, gives a speech and then returns at his own will, while the honorable judge keeps waiting for him to come and go just like that.  And then all the viewers are left to decide on their own that whether they want to leave the theater or see if any refund is available from the manager.

In the acting department, instead of commenting upon their performance I would humbly like to ask a few questions from the cast as given below :
Akshay Kumar - Do you ever read the script of your movies and see the rushes midway to have an idea of what is being made around your reputed name for the countless fans? And Do you understand that we all are simply waiting for a BIG HIT coming from you from so long?
John Abraham - Why did you do this film or Was your role edited out at a later stage? Because frankly you are simply doing nothing in the film as per your current status or fame.
Deepika & Chitrangdha - The choice of project really doesn’t match the off-screen intelligence and persona of both the ladies as they are not given much to do in the script apart from wearing some cool outfits. I had no great expectations from Deepika but ‘Why you opted for this, Chitrangdha?’, when you only had to enter post interval just to add some more glamour in the film or Was this also a shock for you after its release (The way they treated you in it)?
Anupam Kher & Sanjay Dutt – We would love to see you in some respectable and well written roles please!
Omi Vaidya – Avoid repeating the Chatur accent in every film as it will be great to see some new variation coming from you.
Direction wise, it evidently looks like a first attempt, but I would still like to congratulate Rohit for his hard work and efforts. However there is lot to learn and achieve for the young entrant and luckily he has got one of the best teachers in his own house as his father, David Dhawan.
In all, Who proves to be the Real DESI BOY here in the film?
Its undoubtedly, PRITAM, the music director who at least gives us something to enjoy in this otherwise sheer waste of time. And the Soundtrack surely can be rated much better than the whole film itself.
So, is it watchable?
Yes, you can watch DESI BOYZ, in case there is a delay in your train or flight and the bookstore at the station has left with only Biscuits to sell in the shop.
Rating : 1.5 / 5 (including 1 only for its enjoyable Soundtrack)

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25 Nov 2011 / Comments ( 10 )

I think whatever you said shows you didn\'t watched it yet. Oh. .Btw who the hell you think is responsible for your extra entelactual paras. . . .There is nothing like bad you said. I liked every scene even last namelist . At last i want to give you advice 1thing . .Watch film with your mind then say. When cc2c outed u ppl said its senseless . .Now with a sensible movie you are expecting something unfamelier.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Nanadan for you kind comment,
In response I would only like to say that it seems you have just visited my site and havent read much here because I am not one of those who can comment on anythig without even watching it.

Any way you are entitled to have your own views and I respect that. But pls do read the other comments at the site and FB too. I am a fan of all stars who care to give us good movies and its more painful for me when they churn out bad movies one after another.

Thanks for visitng and do visit again.


Ayush Gupta
Hey Bobby,

superb review man..... hats off !!!!!

If i was some journalist or any media person i would have loved to raise all those points made by you in public.

I think all movie lovers specially the crew of this film need to read your review.


Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot Auysh for supporting the review.
I dont know why and how ppl take it but whenever there is a film of any Big Khan or Kumar then we always see very biased and unjustified reviews by some reputed names all ove the media which is really sad.

But do Keep Visiting and writing in.


Ayush Gupta

Really feel sad for guys like Mr. NANDAN... but ye to humare desh ki pratha hai jo chalta aya hai wahi chalega... we cant accept a single change.

I know u watch almost every movie but just in case u havent seen i wud like u to watch THE FIGHTER (2010) its a great movie with great performances specially from CHRISTIAN BALE.... n its a true story.

Keep up the good work.

Bobby Sing

Thanks for the recommendation Ayush, I will sure watch it and let you know.
Till then keep visiting and writing in.

Vinayak Gupta

Hey Bobby,
I think it is a far better product than Andaz Apna Apna where Salman Khan enters as a doctor without a base for it and that "danda incident" seems to be total flaw. You call it a movie to see before die. It is a movie suggested to committe sucide. But people like it for lite comic stuff.

Coming back to Desi Boyz, tell me one indian flick which disclosed the hollow reality of NRIs. tell me one movie which dealt with recession and condition of NRIs. It is speciality of the movie that it deals with it in lite manner. Bromance between Hunter and Rocco is liike icing on the cake.

Coming to the incident of a 40+ chap going back to college. I request you to watch the movie again. There is a rational given for it. He wants to make himself elegible and correct his first mistake.

I would also like to clarify that I am not Akshay Kumar\'s fan. I love to watch good entertaining flicks.

Let the entertainment prevail.

Bobby Sing

Thanks for your honest comment Vinay but in answer to that I can only humbly say that I respect your opinion and Do Keep Watching Movies Always.

Keep Visiting and Writing in.

Vinayak Gupta

I am following ur site for such a long time and always find your reviews helpful. But this one is not portraying the true image of flick. I think that movie deserves an applause for dealing an issue like recession and conditions of NRIs in a such a lite and innovative method. Additionally the movie evokes laugh riots. I really loved cameo of Sanjay Dutt.

I think Akshay Kumar made a come back with this movie.
Looking forward for your comment. Let the entertainment prevail.

Bobby Sing

Dear Vinayak,
As I said earlier, I love all STARS who give me something to applaud. But I cannot just praise them only for the fact that I love them. Sorry, but thats not a definition of a True Fan for me.

Regarding DESI BOYZ, if you consider this to be good film then I would only like to say that 'Please Watch more Good Films made both in our country and other parts of the world too.'

If you can appreciate, the director's move of a 40+ man taking admission to a Businnes College just like that at his own will and then romancing too in the college itself then thats really very sweet of you.
And if you really feel that they have taken and shown the Recession issue very brilliantly then thats even more sweeter.

I really respect of your viewpoint as a fan but at the same time its sad too.......Becoz in business you would only get what gets sold in the market.

If you will keep appreciating Trash then they will keep on serving you Trash. But then its only your choice or decision that whether you want to get up and search for a better source or not.



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