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DID YOU KNOW - Vol.1 By Bobby Sing, a book on Hindi Cinema's lesser known facts now available at all major online portals.

06 Oct, 2014 | NOSTALGIA, BOOK REVIEWS, VINTAGE MAGAZINES & MORE / Articles on Music, Poetry and Life / Articles on Cinema

Made possible only because of the kind encouragement, appreciation and supportive comments of all dear friends at this website as well as at the social networking sites, feeling great to present my first attempt as an author for all truly obsessed fans of Hindi Cinema titled,
"DID YOU KNOW – Vol.1"
with 51 Interesting Chapters About Hindi Cinema. (published by Notionpress)
The book is now available at all leading online portals both in India and abroad..
and honestly speaking your opting for the book will encourage the effort more than anything else as a strong indication of your kind love and support as always.
The orders can be made online at the following links:

In India:
@ Notionpress 
@ Amazon.in 
@ Flipkart.com

In US and all over:  @ Amazon.com
In UK and all over:  
@ Amazon.co.uk

I hope the sincere effort gets wholeheartedly supported by buying and spreading the word too by all my readers and well-wishers of BTC.

For friends who wish to go through few market-reviews before opting for it, here are the links of DID YOU KNOW (Vol.1) being featured at some reputed online portals and national newspapers of India given below.

In "HINDUSTAN TIMES"  -  by Rohit Vats
In "THE HINDU" with a brief interview  -  by S. Ravi

You can also see the promotional video for the book at the following link :
Wishing you love and happiness in the coming years, living the passion for movies and music,
Eagerly awaiting your views about the effort made.

Bobby Sing with

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06 Oct 2014 / Comments ( 8 )
Rajnish P

Dear Bobby,
I wish you all the very best on this new venture of yours.
Please tell me if I can order this book in Australia and if yes how much would shipping cost me?


Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot Rajnish for showing your love and support for my new venture.
At present the Pre-Booking order is only for India but in the coming days its sure going to be on Amazon too so you can easily order as and when it shows up at Amazon.

With a hope that the honest effort will be able to satisfy you by all means, I will certainly let you know when its available at the other sites operatiing worldwide.


Congrats Bobby Sir and wish you all the luck for this new venture :)

May God bless you..
Bobby Sing

Thanks Avik for your wishes and if possible do spread a word about the book in your friend circle too, so that it can reach maximum number of Bollywood fans.

Congrats for your book release. Hope maximum Hindi cinema lover read it. If possible then please do write about international film makers also.
Bobby Sing

Thanks for your kind wishes Zeeshan and yes I would certainly try to write on them too in the coming future.
Meanwhile do let me know how do you like the first effort made as an author.



Hi Bobby I was not aware that you are into writing books as well....Pleasantly surprised...... & all the more, seeing its rating on Amazon. All the very best for each & every endeavour of yours!!!

Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot Poonam for your loving wishes and I will be soon be there with the book too.
Till them do keep visiting and writing in.

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