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DIL BECHARA - Watch it for Sushant and Sanjana, who keep trying their best to lift up Mukesh’s debut attempt. (Review by Bobby Sing)

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As the last film of a sensitive-thinking actor, the swan song of an artist, who was desperately trying to make his space in the crushing world of glamour, DIL BECHARA surely deserves to be seen giving a heartwarming loving farewell to Sushant Singh Rajput.
Not an easy watch recalling the last visuals of his existence irresponsibly flashed all over the social networks, DIL BECHARA hurts you and hurts you pretty badly particularly when Sushant renders those meaningful lines about life, its meaning, suicide and his own funeral too unaware of the coming future. As destined, his film with the title meaning A Helpless Heart, is all about DEATH and two young lovers suffering from terminal illness. Who knew a film about DEATH will also be the last film of Sushant Singh Rajput, who unfortunately and questionably decided to call it quit so early because of his own undisclosed as well as debatable reasons.
Officially adapted from John Green’s novel THE FAULT IN OUR STARS also made into a film in English with the same title appreciated all over in 2014, DIL BECHARA is the directorial debut of Mukesh Chhabra, the reputed casting director, who was also seen doing small roles in many recent releases. The film is a highly Indianised version of the original works (skipping a few sequences too), that also remains the reason why it doesn’t create an equally solid impact despite the earnest performances.
Having said that, DIL BECHARA still decently manages to touch your heart as now we are watching it with a completely different mindset, with the memories of a smart, hard-working actor, who no one expected to walk away from the world in such sudden and unexpected manner. 
So following the same thought process, there are two ways to talk about this film as a review. 
One is to forget all about the shortcomings and just keep praising the film (without giving it any ratings too), cautiously thinking about one’s own virtual image in the social networks, since that will strongly portray the writer as a good-hearted, sensitive person in the eyes of the emotional readers.
And two is to responsibly talk about it as a film, its performances, the music, its execution and the justice or injustice it does to the subject talking about the near death experiences of two young lovers.
Honestly, without commenting upon the reviewers choosing the first way, I would like to go with the second, strongly remembering Sushant as an actor completely dedicated to his art-form, his creativity, his films and the stream he decided to work in.
So as Sushant always remained completely dedicated to his work, his art-form and his films, I would also like to do the same remaining completely dedicated to my work, my art-from and the reviews written here with the utmost honesty. And I am sure this will get approved by Sushant Singh Rajput too from his heavenly abode respecting the sincere dedication.
As a matter of fact, it is this FAKE world of FAKE praises only which Sushant strongly revealed through his death making us aware of the bitter reality. 
But then, if his last film too will get the same FAKE PRAISES out of sheer sympathy and compassion, then this will not only insult his thought process but also his untimely and sad demise, forcing us to realize the mistakes we have been making as viewers ignoring films like SONCHIRIYA and more. 
Hence, I would like to write about this film as I wrote about his recent SONCHIRIYA giving it the deserving praises, even when the fans didn’t find it exciting enough to buy the theater tickets. 
Simply putting in a few words, DIL BECHARA is a film that is purely led as well as saved by its strong lead performances and a good back-up coming from the supporting cast. 
As a debutant director, Mukesh Chhabra rightly extracts some fine performances from his cast, but isn’t able to present the film as any great emotional and moving saga due to its lackluster writing. Making some significant changes in the original content, the director keeps the duration short (of around 100 minutes) but misses the stay, the depth and the silence essentially required in films made on such sensitive subjects. Perhaps, that is the reason why the narration also appears to be hurried and the tragic sequences in particular don’t hit you as hard as they should have. 
Moreover, I really couldn’t understand what was meant by ‘Incomplete Song’ mentioned in the film by the writers, for which the couple specially travels to Paris to meet the musician. What is an ‘Incomplete Song’? How it is incomplete…….. and How an incomplete song also gets released in an official music album of a reputed artist? 
Anyway, that was the most annoyingly written and enacted sequence of the film with the cameo of Saif Ali Khan and it was again saved by both Sushant and Sanjana together. Informing you further, this specific sequence has been brutally cut shot in the Hindi adaptation. Because in the English film, it continues when the lady secretary of the eccentric artist duly apologizes to the couple, following them after the meeting and then also takes them to a site-seeing tour of the city as a kind compensating gesture. In Hindi version the film goes into a song instead, following the set template of our love stories.
The less impactful writing and execution in DIL BECHARA also get covered by a couple of good tracks by A. R. Rahman, though they still remain far away from the Rahman we used to cherish almost two decades back. Thankfully, the key supporting acts remain enjoyable throughout, especially the lovable performances by Saswata Chatterjee and Swastika Mukherjee (as parents) along with Sahil Vaid as the close ‘suffering’ friend.
Therefore, as mentioned earlier DIL BECHARA entirely belongs to Sushant and Sanjana alone and they both sincerely keep trying their best to lift up an otherwise average debut attempt by the director Mukesh Chhabra. Yes at times, Sanjana does look like quite young in front of Sushant in some specific sequences but then after a while, one doesn’t question the imbalance, readily accepting both as a couple. 
In all, do watch DIL BECHARA for its lead couple for sure, but without expecting anything outstanding from the makers (despite it being an official adaptation). However, in case you really wish to see a far better film based on the same novel, then watch THE FAULT IN OUR STARS as a must and study how an actually young cast, thought provoking writing and beautiful execution leaves an everlasting impact. 
Rating : 2.5 / 5

Addressing the young writers: 

For friends, interested in a small cinematic exercise related with the vision of two distinctive writers and directors - Just watch both the films one after another and then study the following:

A. See the difference between ‘meeting the eccentric artist’ sequence in both the films and notice how just changing the character of the secretary from a female to male (cutting her entire part in the story progression) takes out all the warmth from the narration so prominently.

B. Watch the ‘Egg throwing scene’ in both the films and see how that one scene has been so differently executed by the two directors, looking so impactless and unnecessary in the Hindi version.
C. Most importantly, check the crucial point of time the ‘Egg throwing scene’ comes in the English film after so much happening and when that is added in the Hindi version so early losing most of its impact.

Summing up, if you are a true fan of Sushant Singh Rajput, then you will really enjoy studying the above sequences in both the versions, as an eager student of cinema just like Sushant. 
Honestly, I did re-learn that quality watching many of his non-film interviews wherein he always sounded eager to learn more about life as a student instead of posing as a learned teacher. The actor needs to be remembered for many of his other qualities too apart from being a fine, hard-working performer. But more importantly Sushant truly needs to be remembered for his much superior acts in DHONI, CHHICHHORE and SONCHIRIYA instead of DIL BECHARA.
Hope this write-up makes many think about the Fake world we have started living in giving it more than the required importance and time of our lives. 
May Sushant’s soul rest in peace and gets his justice too

(Note : At the time of posting this write-up both DIL BECHARA and THE FAULT IN OUR STARS could be seen at Hotstar-Disney for a subscription.)

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25 Jul 2020 / Comment ( 2 )

Bobby, superb review... I have not seen both the movies yet I read the review and you are true to your work, like your honesty in giving your opinions. Hats off to you.

Bobby Sing

Thanks for your valubale and loving support Purnima.

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