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DISHOOM - One of the weakest and weirdest films this year with continuing absurdities right from the first sequence to the last. (Review By Bobby Sing)

29 Jul, 2016 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / D / Movie Reviews / 2016 Releases

We obviously don’t expect a crime thriller showcasing some solid (logical) investigations revolving around a celebrity kidnap in a film directed and enacted by Dhawan brothers. But we truly expect a complete entertainer with many enjoyable moments, funny dialogues and good songs in the two hours bought for a ticket, which sadly isn’t there in Rohit Dhawan’s DISHOOM shouting out loud in its wide-spread promotional campaigns run over the entire media.
Beginning and ending with two songs specially made as ‘attention seeker’ item numbers to be used for promoting the film, DISHOOM keeps going at a fast pace adding one absurd sequence over the other right till its weird climax. And getting the much needed support from cameos played by Mahender Amarnath (as the manager/coach), Akshay Kumar (as a gay), Nargis Fakhri (showing off her assets), Parineeti Chopra (in an promotional song) and Satish Kaushik (as the voice on the phone), the film fails to offer even one worth mentioning sequence that can be called thoroughly entertaining or enjoyable as per the promises made.
So we have absurdity clearly visible in the lady politician (resembling the persona of Sushma Swaraj), the decision makers in the cricket authorities, the dislocating shoulder, the kidnapper videos (with Urdu subtitles), forcibly written dialogues and the manner in which two cop-buddies go on investigating the missing Indian batsman taking along a girl (Jacqueline) who is a petty thief. Where the first hour still has some moments providing the ‘hard to find’ entertainment, the second half treats the viewers as granted and goes on inserting many more weird elements of childish humour into the film featuring a dog, lions and an Afghani/Arabian kind of city too hosting the third item number of the film added just for nothing.
The music is a letdown from the ‘hit machine’- Pritam except a catchy key phrase ‘Sau Tarah Ke’ and the picturisation of “Jaaneman Aah” straight away reminds you the way David Dhawan used to have songs like ‘Sarkaye Lo Khatiya’ in his films with all those Oooos, Aaaahs and suggestible postures. The background score and cinematography remains unable to lift up the film made on a pretty ordinary or rather pathetic (predictable) storyline, vaguely trying to include patriotic flavor towards the end quite desperately.
In the performances, where Varun tries his best to evoke some timely laughter, I really didn’t find John acting in even a single scene and also couldn’t spot the merit Akshaye Khanna found in the film’s script selecting it for his comeback after a long gap. In short, it seems as if fast-pace was the only thing Rohit and his writers were concerned about while making the film. But frankly that isn’t anything for which this poor and casually made product can be recommended for.
Rating : 1 / 5 (and that too for the visual richness and the funny cameo of Akshay Kumar- which was actually a clearly forced one too.)
[Note : Where the film follows the hit format of cop-buddies as earlier seen in BAD BOYS, LETHAL WEAPON and more English films series, one of the film’s poster has some acute similarities with the poster of Robert Downey Jr.’s DUE DATE (2010)]

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29 Jul 2016 / Comment ( 2 )
Not relevant to the post, but I needed to post it somewhere.
watch this one and following ep. An obvious inspiration for SWADES (2004) for Gowariker!
Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot Chris for this valuable confirmation. Having read somewhere I had completely forgotten about the doubt I had about the inspiration. But now after watching the serial its pretty clear.
Would soon try to write about it in details as it certainly deserves to be featured as a must.

So with a big thanks once again.

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