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DO LAFZON KI KAHANI - Based on a Korean film, it has a fine lead performance but a routine execution presented with some above average songs. (Review By Bobby Sing)

11 Jun, 2016 | Movie Reviews / 2016 Releases / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / D

A couple of years back, a friend sent me a Youtube link of a Korean film tiled ALWAYS/ONLY YOU (2011/with English Subtitles) and asked for my views if this can be made into a Punjabi romantic film incorporating some regional elements.
After watching the movie I replied,
“It doesn’t have anything unique which excites me to suggest a remake particularly in Punjabi cinema that still has to go a long way in terms of ‘audience acceptance’. But even if one considers the film for a Hindi remake, it still doesn’t have anything novel, outstanding or exceptional that can result in a decent success other than a fresh premise of a silent affair with a blind girl.
Moreover following the original as it is, if the couple unites in the end then that reminds you of Chaplin’s classic CITY LIGHTS that was also adapted as SUNAYANA in 1978. And in case one goes for a tragic end then it will be like SADMA which I seriously doubt will be accepted in the present era of viewers just looking for their weekend dose of entertainment and nothing beyond.
Yet the three essential elements that can make it sail at the box office as a new Hindi release can only be an incredibly fresh execution, a Hit melodious soundtrack and two charming faces capable of drawing the crowd into the theaters talking in practical terms. Otherwise, the basic storyline doesn’t create any kind of excitement putting it honestly.”
Interestingly the same Korean film later got adapted as BOXER (Kannada/2015) and now its here as DO LAFZON KI KAHANI in 2016, sadly missing the three essential elements mentioned above ensuring its smooth sailing.
Giving you the details, it has Randeep Hooda and Kajal playing the lead role, who cannot be considered as an exciting couple to bring the crowds in. Though Randeep excels in his individual portrayal of a tough, emotional loner/boxer, Kajal is simply decent without any magnetic pull and together they have an ‘on and off’ kind of chemistry visible only in a few scenes.
Directed by Deepak Tijori, though this is his finest attempt till date compared to films such as OOPS!, KHAMOSH… KHAUFF KI RAAT, FAREB, TOM DICK AND HARRY and FOX. Yet the execution doesn’t come up with any immensely likeable moments breaking the set routine. Deepak successfully manages to extract two fine performances from his lead couple, but a completely predictable screenplay doesn’t allow the film to win over the viewers looking for the novelty factor. The first half has a few impressive sequences showcasing the silent romance but it’s the weak second half that fails to infuse any life into an all cliched story progression till the climax.
Moreover the annoying use of foreign artists in small supporting roles also doesn’t let you feel for the characters emoting on screen despite the pleasing surroundings and an eye-catching cinematography. However it was good to see Deepak roping in his friend Mamic to play a small role reminding us of their good old days of JO JEETA WOHI SIKANDAR back in the early 90s.
In the music department, the film’s background score does have some catchy phrases to offer in the final 40 minutes but the soundtrack doesn’t have any clear winner capable of supporting the film influencing the young viewers. At one end the tracks ‘Kuchh To Hai’ and ‘Jeena Sikha Diya’ are fine along with a peppy ‘Chal Uth Bandeya’ sung by Sukhwinder Singh. But on the other it really looks strange finding a couple of Punjabi phrased songs (‘Akhiyan’) in a Hindi film based in Malaysia having no connection whatsoever with its onscreen characters. Wonder why the producer-director don’t feel the same while inserting them forcibly?
Overall, it’s a simple and sweet movie that can be seen once on a TV channel while doing your other tasks simultaneously. But that cannot be considered as any appreciable merit of a film making it pretty clear.
Rating : 2 / 5

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11 Jun 2016 / Comments ( 4 )
sometimes i feel sad for deepak...
still i cherish those good old days and those movies where Ashutosh,Deepak,Mamic,Deven,kurush all started there career together along with amir n srk...

but in this bunch of talented actors...deepak got lost somewhere ... feel sad.
Bobby Sing

Deepak as an actor certainly had some great positive vibes visible and felt in his every big or small venture of those times.
But yes its really sad that he somewhere got in the changing scenario.

Thanks for writing in and Keep visiting,



I remember Gulshan kumar tried his best to bring him as solo in pehla nasha where the music was a hit but movie was flop and after that deepak couldnt rise again.

Bobby Sing

Hi Mustafa,
Deepak's quite a few good movies flopped in that time and hence he suffered.
Moreover when out of all the directorial ventures a TOMY DICK AND HARRY works the most then what a director is supposed to do.
So he is now probably thinking of its sequel.


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