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DOCTOR STRANGE (English/Hindi) - Begins like a classic but ends on the same routine note with some splendid, worth watching graphics in 3D. (Review by Bobby Sing)

20 Nov, 2016 | Movie Reviews / 2016 Releases

Doctor StrangeFrom the trailers it honestly looked like another ‘Marvel Fantasy’ introducing a new super human heavily relying on the amazingly designed graphics and fast paced action sequences. But surprisingly this time HE is different with something fresh in the offering (at least in the first hour of the film) focusing on the impressive and innovative process of transforming into a superhero.
Following the story of a famous and supremely talented neurosurgeon Doctor Stephen Strange, it’s a very Indian film in the first half as the doctor meets a deadly accident losing his hand movements and then is suggested to visit a mystical monastery kind of institution situated in NEPAL called KAMARTAJ practicing a mix of everything ranging of traditional medicine, ancient scriptures, secret books, philosophy of Zen, martial arts and out of body travel to occult science. The narration indeed keeps you hooked with many well-conceived sequences and insightful dialogues before sadly leading to a routine second hour.
However what truly saves the film from becoming another lackluster superhero project is its initial mystical angle, the fast pace screenplay and all brilliant, worth watching visuals for which a special mention needs to be made for the VFX and CGI department. Yes the stunning pop-up book like graphics with folding, sliding buildings and the kaleidoscopic visuals do remind you of INCEPTION and more at times. Yet it certainly remains one of most appealing and distinctive features of the film along with a thrilling background score and a superfine editing.
Also despite lacking the required support from the writers, the entire supporting cast leaves an impressive mark, especially Benedict Wong as the straight-faced strict librarian at Kamartaj bringing in the lighter moments. Benedict Cumberbatch is just perfect playing Doctore Strange both as a surgeon and the superhero. Tilda Swinton excels as the bald female master of the secret monastery, Chiwetel Ejiofor supports well as the fellow student/teacher, Rachel McAdams is fine as the assisting doctor and Mads Mikkelsen is just okay as the betraying student/villain.
In all DOCTOR STRANGE is no doubt one of the superior films made around the super humans showcasing some exceptional visuals. Directed by Scott Derrickson, it entertains you well irrespective of the narration going back to the repetitive formulaic plot in its final hour and is certainly a big screen experience as a must (preferably in Imax/3D), strictly not to be seen on any smaller screens for any reason whatsoever.
Having said that, I seriously wish they had stressed more on the spiritual/mystical element right till the end converting the film into a rare new-age classic talking about something extremely important as well as helpful to the present world fast giving away to all robotic living.
Rating : 3.5 / 5

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20 Nov 2016 / Comment ( 2 )
I think the only reason Marvels add mid credit and end credit scenes because they want us to read the name of all individuals, who are the part in making of their film, specially technical guys.
Bobby Sing

More than 95% of the viewers don't read them unless some controversy is there (all over the globe) even if there are scenes or songs shown along with them.
Particularly in India its not even considered to be important enough to give any attention..... SADLY!


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