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DOLLY KI DOLI - Weirdly fails to exploit its novel con-plot showing the viewers 'Baba Ji Ka Thullu' in the end. (Review By Bobby Sing)

25 Jan, 2015 | Movie Reviews / 2015 Releases / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / D

Clearing the confusion over its inspired status first, yes the early half of the film (or the initial 20 minutes) are exactly similar to the Punjabi film RONDE SAARE VYAH PICHHON aka RSVP released in 2013. But since both the writers deny seeing each other’s films and claim to have taken the idea from few real life instances featured in the daily newspapers, hence we are forced to consider this as possibly a rarest of rare exception of two unrelated minds writing and visualising exactly similar sequences in their individual films released at a gap of more than one year.
Next keeping in mind its fairly novel plot of a ‘Looteri Dulhan’ and a whole con-family involved it the cunning business, DOLLY KI DOLI does have an interesting premise to offer. But after making a fine, enjoyable beginning, what the writer and director do with the film post intermission (different from RSVP) is really sad and awful, completely ruining its winning potential altogether. For instance it straight away begins with an abrupt scene introducing the lead pair chatting casually followed by an item song by the producer (Malaika) herself and then displays several big loopholes in the con games being played by the ‘Looteri family’ with two young boys. Still few enjoyable performances, funny local lingo and double meaning dialogues thankfully steal the limelight and one doesn’t really care about the flaws in its initial 45-50 minutes to be honest.
However post intermission, the 100 minute film goes entirely off-track and starts moving in various weird directions involving betrayals, silly love angles, revenge and more. The writers come with such weird and forced ideas like the family fleeing fearing a police raid, but forgetting to take along their old age (fake) Dadi…….and then remembering about her while sitting in the train. Moreover here we have a young energetic inspector who is unable to find the con-girl but the other victim boy can find her so easily, reaching her new home too without any problem as such. Plus, I really couldn’t understand what help did the film get from a lackluster cameo of Saif Ali Khan doing nothing.
In other words, in its second hour DOLLY KI DOLI simply fails to encash on its fresh con-plot leading towards an illogical climax and only three people give you something to enjoy in its short duration namely, Rajkummar Rao (with his excellent Haryanvi accent), Varun Sharma (reminding you of his ‘Choocha’ act in FUKREY) and Archna Puran Singh (as a loud Punjabi mother looking for a better girl for her boy). Strangely Sonam Kapoor is simply there in the lead role just to smile or look good and both Pulkit Samrat and Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub are not able to deliver the expected due to their badly written roles. Brijendar Kala, Rajesh Sharma and Ishtiaq are entertaining in their small cameos, whereas debutant director Abhishek Dogra really could have delivered a much better enjoyable con-comedy with such a cast ensemble. The cinematography and background score remain average and so does its soundtrack having all mediocre unimpressive tracks (except “Mera Naina”) with sick lyrics such as “Aaj Phatte Tak Nachhna” (now I really don’t know what it means!) and “Launda Jawaan Banega Yahan Mere Passion Mein”…….great indeed!
To conclude, as the film ends another song starts playing along the end-credits with the words,‘Baba Ji Ka Thullu’. And one truly feels like having shown the signature sign while walking out of the theatre. In short, one might enjoy it partially while watching it (free of cost) during a channel telecast but sparing your precious time and money on a multiplex ticket is certainly not recommended.
Rating : 1.5 / 5

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25 Jan 2015 / Comments ( 6 )
Prakash Bhatia
Hi Bobbyji,
A very very poor film does not deserve a view even free.I wasted my time and money on a stupid film. A very poor screenplay and non actor main character.It is high time Sonam Kapoor quit acting and focus on some other field.She has no right to put career of other talented actors at stake.

Bobby Sing

Yes Prakash Bhatia Ji,
It was a quite poorly made film without any doubt.


A pretty weak movie which I saw forcely (due to my friend and fan of Sonam.). Then only scene which I saw funny when sonu enquires about dolly\'s family and a great madadgaar appear.
Performance wise Rajkumar Rao is as always awesome (no matter how silly the movie is), Varun Sharma is still in fukrey hangover (yet funny), Pulkit Samrat tries to copy Salman and fails badly (he should remain original as like fukrey). Sonam is plain as always (nothing more to say). Supporting cast was good enough but that\'s not enough.


Bobby Sing

Yes Zeeshan, Its indeed a pretty weak film and wastes an interesting cast too.

Keep Visiting and writing in,

adeem jan

Sadly, in this \'pure woman\' obsessed industry, even a conwoman is presented in the \'touch me not\' garb. By the writer\'s and director\'s logic, Dolly can break hearts, break trust of the men who fell in love with her and chose to marry her, but please ignore all that because she is a good woman.

Its just that she has had a failed relationship in the past and please adore her because she doesnt allow anyone to touch or kiss her! If a heartbreak in the past (every woman goes through that in one form or the other) justifies the protagonist turning a criminal, okay then. This premise could have worked wonders, if the director confidently showed the protagonist as the stone hearted, badass woman who cheated men for the pure thrill of it. That Dolly would have been far more convincing than this strange mish mash of a conwoman and Sati Savitri.

Bobby Sing

Dear Adeem Jan,
Thanks a lot for your enjoyable comment and I truly loved reading it.

Keep visiting and writing in.

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